In The Mix: The Beloved

Cuz Mixtape doesn’t have his own blog

Mixtape is on a roll! I want you all to sit back, relax, and enjoy the second installment of “In the Mix”.  You’ll notice that unlike O’Cal I went through and edit this entry for formatting and readability purposes.  Yes it was painful and time consuming, but I think you’re all better off for it.  I also wanted to chime in with my editor’s notes throughout the entry, but thought that’d just be abusing what little power I have.  On then, to In the Mix!


Mixtape:  Folks, I am both honored and delighted to have the future Misses Perrine in the mix. We all know her as Abby Greshik.  She’s one of the most fun and best players here at the gym in both pickup and in the leagues.  Now let’s dispense with the pleasantries and commence with the in-depth interview.

Beloved: First off, the other day I was waiting for the game before mine to end I was watching from the balcony. I observed you come up the stairs when a most perculiar thing happened. Instead of watching the game you took a right and went into that room that all the fans backs are always to.  I was wonderring what is in that room?  I have never dared to venture.

It must have to do with automobiles car-dio or something. Now, what Makes Abby tick?

My watch!

What is your basketball profile?(high school, college experience)

I was a frighteningly gung-ho basketball player in high school, after I managed to get used to my height–it took a while, trust me, but as the old coach used say, “[Sigh…]well…you can’t teach tall.” I played a little bit in a small college, but after two years, the coaches hipped to the fact that those “passes” were really airballs. That, coupled with a nagging injury, made me realize it was time to give it up.

Where did you grow up and how did such a fine nice rural lady become a beantown resident?

I grew up on a farm in North Dakota. I came here on a plane. It had 12 seats.  I wished Jared was on all other 11 of them

Are you currently seeing anybody?  We of course know this is a joke.  Abby is off the market and engaged to be married to One of C.A.C.’s fellow elite.

Yesssss!!!   He’s groovy

Although now you guys have a great relationship my understanding is that you first started dating Jared because you knew he often played on the same teams as me and wanted to see the guy that was a better rebounder than The Wolverine. Is this true or just a rumor?

The truth is that it seemed like a better idea to be friends than enemies with someone nicknamed “The Hitman.” His sweet ass was also a definite perk. Sorry, Mixtape.  Oh and you’re way better than Filosa! That’s a fact!

Just kidding of course.

I hear that you are also a very accomplished distance runner.  Although all are welcome here at C.A.C. you might be the only person in any league that’s good at something other than bball.  Is this an added stress?

I shamelessly give up C.A.C. for springtime running. It enables me to keep giving a running commentary on the weaknesses of the Wednesday night women’s 5v5 post players, without actually having to be humiliated when each subsequently destroys me on the court.

What is your favorite C.A.C. memory?

Meeting the Hitman, of course:) I like to think that, via “close-talking,” I managed to snipe the Hitman.

What made you first join C.A.C.?

Debra “Dirty D’s” Freeman, of early Hoosier Daddy fame, went to the same grad school as me–we met through a mutual friend, and started talking hoops. She started looking for teams, pulled a few of us together, and there it was. HD. Then the Remix. Then the Remastered. Hoosier Daddy is timeless.

Who is the biggest character at Cac and why?

The leader of the free C.A.C. world, the hound of the rebound, the Gran Turino himself, the hottest of the sizzle…The.  One. And Only. Mixtape.

Last but not least,  When are you going to play in another league? The more fun people the better!

It’s an under 35 mile/week mark before I bring back the hoops, so in the words of the immortal Will Smith, Summer, Summer, Summertime…

Thanks for having me, Mike you character