In the Mix Vol III – OD

In the Mix with Your Local MIXTAPE

Today our stage is graced with none other than OD himself, mister Shane Odonnell long time CAC staple and current GM of Entourage in the 5on5 A league.

About a hundred years ago Americans didn’t want foreigners moving into their neighborhoods for fear that they would bring disease and filth. A hundred years later we have come so far.  Yet in comparison a hundred or so year later Matt Filosa has brough a scourge into CRFC. I call this scourge Saugonians. I am kidding of course,  I am a big fan of the sewer city and all of who it has brought to they gym(who have all gotten JOBS and moved out of Saugus but that’s a topic for another day.

OD, welcome. Can you start by telling the fans how you came to CRFC?  If my memory is clear it was the inaugural A2 season. Is this correct?

Yes back in 2005 at the tender young age of 35 with Jay Sar…and I promptly slipped on a wet spot…sprained my knee for the 1st time ever and was out for the rest of the inaugural season…and not quite right for the whole next season…  I quickly realized the speed of wall ball was not for a big slow guy like myself so I moved on up to the 5vs5 where they sweep off the courts before each game.

Tell us some of your favorite and least favorite CRFC memories.

We’ll start with the worst memory…Spring 2006 5vs5 finals…we were down two starters so Mike D is starting if you can believe it.   So after a physical back and forth game with under a minute to go we have willed ourselves to be up 3 against a clearly more talented line-up….Justice League (aka Big Nice) has GP, DMac, Google, O’Cal, Fizzle, and BRip.  So I’m standing at half court by O’Cal just looking at him and I say “We got ya”…” his reply…”You’re not going to win! You’re not going to win!”  So BRip fresh from hitting the “Ripley Rainbow” in the semis knocking out the other Saugus squad comes down and hits a 3 point bomb to push it to overtime where we didn’t win as O’Cal predicted. I have to admit…it still stings.

I’d say my best was dropping 51 on Mazzone but I can see him rolling his eyes saying “He’s still talking about that?”  So the best memories would have to be around the 3vs3s and LNO’s.  I think after the inaugural 3vs3 was where everyone started to hang out and got to know each other outside of hoops…  Since then I have made some lasting friendships and more than a few forgettable and unforgettable moments…BRips party (forgettable)…Winning the 3vs3 buzzed (Unforgettable)

What did the bottom of my sneakers look like when I jumped over you to score the last point of the inaugural 3on3 ?

Don’t know what your talking about…I have no recollection of that moment…are you sure it was moi?

I often go back and forth with the Wolverine as the greatest rebounder in CRFC history.  Where do you see yourself fitting into this mix?  The three of us only ever played the same league 1 time that I can remember and I averaged the most rebounds out of the 3 of us but this isn’t about me.

Mike since you like to do your homework…I did some for you…you are a career 9.6 rpg guy (1852 rebs in 192 games)…myself 10.4 rpg (943 rebs in 91 games) and that’s with only dipping below the A2 or 5vs5 level of play once (A1) so you be the judge…

Without complaining what could the league do to be better.(also w/o fear of retribution)

I want a New Jersey rule.  And I’m not talking about one that one that will make Fizzle cut some of that mop top so refs can see his number…  The rule should read something like “If you’ve played X seasons then you are entitled to a new uniform”…. Mines looking pretty ragged…

Who were some of the ballers you admired growing up?

Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell…to me it was really the Big 4…loved that guy… Never understood why he was traded to the Clips until my high school soccer coach let me know he used to “party” and Cedric actually sniffed his paycheck/career away…  Growing up I had a Celtic posters all over my side of the bedroom growing up while my brother had all the Star Wars crap on his side…

As for Saugus ballers I admired Mike D….not for hoops but for his fake ID and the dude always knew where the party and ladies were…That kid got more a$$ than a toilet seat before he began losing his hair… Little know fact about Mike D or “Big Head” as we called him was on a Rogaine regimen at around 20 years old. Back then it was prescribed and very expensive and you know he quit it the second he married Robin.

You have played a few A2 and A1 seasons, who was the best non 5v5 wallballer?

I’ll go with “favorite” and not best Wall Ballers as people associate best with scoring and I think there’s more to hoops than scoring.  My “favorites” are probably O’Cal and/or JROD…they know all the ins and outs of Wall Ball and how to win games on the smaller court.  O’Cal also has an uncanny ability to draft great squads no matter where his picks are in the draft and JROD just plays at a high energy level and does it all.

Lastly is Saugus considered technically to be a city, a town or a dump?

None of the above…It just the place where you wish you were from….

(Hooters excluded) and for the record I love teasing about Saugus but it really is a nice place that produced a lot of good ballers and great people so let me be clear that I am kidding.  We always put down things that are too cool for us to be a part of.