In the Mix

Mike Turin: 
Well for the inaugural ìIn the Mixî© we have the guy that all a1 players want to be drafted by and all captains wish was available to draft. 
The ultimate team player, the perennial definitive point guard, the man seen buying anti-aging cream from Arnie Koh whether you know him as The Ticallion Stallion, 
Ocal or just plain old Sean(his government name) today we ask the interviewer the questions.
 OCal: Ok Mike, your bet has been covered with that knob slobbing of an Intro.  It truly is painful to be on the losing side of our A1 bets when our teams 
go head to head as 2 of my blogs have been dedicated to your Wís.
 The MixTape:  Having reffed and/or played in just about every league, who are your most admired/fun to watch? Excluding yours truly of course?

Great question although I did write my last thesis on ìthe Gravitational Pull of the MixTape ñ How to rebound better than any Wolverineî so 
I could talk about you for hours on end.  So other than you:
 1. Your Boy Jared Hite Em Up ñ He hates me as a ref and I donít blame him, but my man is the BEST defensive players in the game and is probably 
the best ìteamî player out there.  Canít go wrong with pinning shots and two handed flushes.

2. With Brian Skerry still on the IR, my new fav PG to watch is Crotch Rot, Michael Crotty from Bad Man Soup.  He got the complete package and 
would have been number one on this list if he hadnít thought I was Tibbs for the first 8 weeks of the season.

3.  MJ Dinh ñ Watch him play and he makes plays.  Makes quick outlets, running double clutch floaters, and has an ankle breaking cross.  NEVER bitches either.     

The Turinator:  There's a picture of you outside the court from about ten or so years ago. What was it like to get a gold brick at such a young age?

Haha, this former CRFC Towel Boy contributed absolutely nothing to get that Brick.  The kid Kevin OíNeil on our squad was just DIRTY with the rock.  
I gave him the ball and got the F out his way.  Back in the day the gym was like a Frat House: Close knit group of guys who were always ready for low-brow 
action and would pull pranks on me like taking dumps in the towel bins so I could find the logs when I washed them or call DSS on me when I had a playoff game.  
Those were some great times.  A Young and appreciated Wolverine, the Commish in his prime and the Diesel just being around made for some great material tossed around the gym.
Michael:  What are you looking for in the future luckiest woman alive(Mrs. Ocal)?

Low Standards, Even Lower (or shall I say smaller, even ìbite sizedî) Expectations, and a beer flavored cooch.

Actually she already exists, her name is Chelsea Handler and if I ever see her and have my potato sack with me she will get a taste of my SACK.

Slurrin Turin:  Who is the best pure shooter in the gym?

1. Tosti 2. D-Mac 3.the MixTape in any non 1 on 1 game 

Shroud of Turin:  What kind of mansion are you going to buy with all of the money you make from this glamorous position you hold and where will this villa be located?  Will it be in Saugus or Chelsea?

Jesus Mike, why donít I just slit my wrists right now if my future lies within two of Massachusettsí biggest ìshoulda been abortionî towns.

Original 3 on 3 Champ:  Last but not least if flies are called flies how come people aren't called walks?

Just another one of lifeís mysteries Mike, like how does Maggie Gyllenhal keep getting work?  She is more homely than a Grizzlyís dick.


Michael Jefferey Jordan Turin:  Oh Yeah, what’s it like to be the last person on AOL in the entire world? Even Machos crazy self abandoned NERZERO!


Haha, Turin havenít you noticed I have no clue or no style whatsoever.  An AOL email is just the tip of the iceberg.  I wear Jorts out in public,

I play basketball with sweat-stains on my shirt yellower than your teeth, and I still use the missionary position for some ungodly reason. 

Talk about being lamer than sobriety, chastity, and France all combined in one.   But this has been great Mike.  You are a natural.  I hope this will be only the

first of what will become many ìIn the Mixîíes.