It’s a Mailbag II

Taking a Dip back into the Pool

I had a different blog topic ready to go for this week, but it’s one that took entirely too much thought and effort, so  I decided to let all of you make that effort for me!  That’s right, it’s another mailbag!  Again, these are emails, chats, voicemails and posts from all of you, really makes the day go by.  I’ll post my original blog topic at the end of the week, or whenever I get around to it.

My name is Tibbs, I’m a little bitch, i didn’t go to staff drinking night, cuz i don’t know why. Because it was free drinks, it makes no sense! AK47

Thought I’d get the latest batch of hate mail out of the way real early.  No more after this one, although there was plenty more, but this one was too humorous to pass up.  As usual the funniest voicemails come from those that are wasted, especially if you re-read the above statement in the same girly sing-song voice Kneeland used that night.

I know this goes without saying but if we win and you lose you owe me a 12pack. If you win and I lose I owe you a 12pack. It’s been so long since you’ve won that I’ve forgotten what beer you like. What do you want in case the heavens and moons don’t align properly? MixTape

Again with the beer Turin!  He’s dilusional if he thinks it’s really been that long since I’ve won a bet, maybe a couple weeks at the most.

So how long you gonna keep this blog up and running and updated…my vote is for two weeks till you get sick of it like everything else you’ve tried….i just know you too well… ~TibbsLite

Ok, so my sister hit the nail right on the head.  My outside venture into the blogosphere has stalled considerably in the last month, but I plan on getting that up and running again in the near future.  Really, I do.  Ok, so it’s tough enough imposing a deadline on myself for the weekly CRFC blogs (which I once again missed last week, hence this mailbag).  Somehow I’ll motivate myself to do something, right?

Hey guys…I bought the Little Nasty domain name in a drunken online spending binge one night. Anybody want it? JPro? It’s set to expire and I probably won’t renew. ~Manning

That’s right, not only does Little Nasty buy it’s own team jerseys and t-shirts, but one dedicated teammate bought the domain name.  What exactly, are we going to do with it seems to be the prevailing question at LN board meetings (in the men’s locker room), now that it has been re-uped for another year.  It now seems that the plan is to put up a complimentary website to CRFC that features the LN family, which is continually growing and expanding.  Links to come as soon as it develops into something substantial.

Tibbs, what’s up with you.. I heard your trying to block the A1 Transaction that involved me going to a certain team lol ~Da Bronco

This time it was Mone that was attempting to sandbag himself, jumping on Al’s team as a result of a couple roster no-shows.  Nice try Mone, but thankfully my sources tipped me off to the attempted transaction before papers could clear League Offices.

Tibbs, you are one of the biggest waste of talent I’ve seen in my 31 years…. UNDERACHIEVER!!!!!! You can bring your weak ass game to me anytime you like, one on one ~The Alias

The Alias failed to show at the pre-appointed time and place, so until that game of one-on-one happens, I refuse to comment further on this post.

Tibbs, Thanks for the B1 preview love. I am scarred as heck of North Shore with Chris O’Connell (or is it O’Donnell) and his A2 27 ppg average. I do think PK has as good a shot as anyone for MVP but be ready as our new guy Devon Burroughs could RUN AWAY with the RoY. You will love his game.-Good King

Not only do I love Devon’s game after seeing him play just once so far, but GP happened to be in attendance and had a great time heckling an apparent acquainance.  Good times were had by all.  Thank god Kneeland is now employeed, or else my inbox would be constantly full or random emails (that I admit I answer to in kind, because nothing gets me going like a good CRFC email).

Don’t bother Serge with rational arguments ~ Jrod

There is really nothing I can say here that isn’t already said.  I love it, it may just become my mantra for the rest of the season, and maybe, my life.

Eric: I’m looking for another hobby besides drinking, so %^($-ing hungover today. And the game is on tonight, so I’m %^($-ed again. Me: There are others? Eric: So people say, but %^($ those people 

Ok so the editors had to do a bit of work to clean up this chat between Clancy and myself after the Pats/San Diego playoff tilt and before the BCS “National Championship” game.  But seriously, who doesn’t love a good hangover that lasts until noon while sitting in your cube staring at a computer screen?  I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever had one (this morning) so I wouldn’t know what that feels like (right now).

Mixtape is allowed out of the house? I hope you have kegs, I heard his asking price was at least a 1/2 keg of Guinness – Serge on Turin being signed to a 20 day contract by Think Nasty and being paid only in beer.  He has since been traded to Little Nasty

Turin has been passed around more then…well no need to really go there.   After starting the season on the free agent wire, he’s finally found a home on the bench of some lucky A2 team, where anyone else on the sidelines should be able to get drunk just by standing next to him.  Really, I’m pretty upset that Think Nasty let him go.   Jrod & Serge Cribs “Any single ladies out there, I’m the Sergen General”

Yea, most of you have already seen this, but if you haven’t it’s an absolute must watch.  Especially when Serge makes his cameo.  Seriously, I wish I had a pickup line that good.  Well it’d be good for me anyway…

I can’t play tonight but be sure to email BRip and tell him your bringing 17 non members to play… lol.. DMac

Classic email from DMac that sums up everyone’s feelings about pickup.  But BRip has finally gotten his way, and for those that are unaware, pickup is now $20 for nonmember.  Unless of course you come with a member, then it’s back to the normal $10.  I don’t know if you play pickup 2 nights a week, you might as well just join the gym and you’d save money that way. No Commish didn’t just pad my paycheck with that last sentence.  At this point the new policy hasn’t done much to curb pickup numbers, so I say we push to build a second court, I heard Mazzone weilds a mean bow staff…

Lost in overtime huh???  Looks like you were missing something….something intangible that just wasn’t there. ~ Young Republican

Edwards loved the fact that we lost in OT last week, and that I couldn’t hit a layup to save my life.  But I hate him, so it’s all good.

Sweens: nice job on the (B1 East) preview you had my dying. Me: I figured it would go over a hell of a lot better than the A1. Sweens: the fact that Lappy really plays guitar made it even funnier

Gotta include some of the B1 East emails, which is back to being my favorite league to keep stats for now that competitive balance has been restored.  It should be a great league again this season, with a ton of quality teams.  One of which will hopefully bring the Stick back to the East, it’s been far too long fellas.  This chat seemed like a good intro to the email I received last week…

Big Showdown against Sweeney next week [2/7].  I am going to debut my Kelly Clarkson “Since You’ve Been Gone” performance with my guitar.  Should be devastating.  ~ Lappy

If Lappy fails to come through with this performance on Wednesday night, in primetime at 8PM for those interested, I’m going to be absolutely crushed.  I haven’t stopped hearing about it, and really, a little KC before a League game is just the thing to get the guys pumped.  I’m extatic.  Despite this game being so early in the season, guys from both teams have been talking non-stop about it.  Hopefully the game will live up to all the hype that’s being thrown around.

Hey dude, we’re gonna come to your house, we’re…you’re, you’re a bitch, you’re a bitch.  We’re gonna come, we’re gonna come and we’re gonna, we’re gonna pee on your front door.  Then we’re gonna take your cat..and then…this is gonna make your blog isn’t it?  We’re on the way to your house now, but we’re a little lost, so um I’m just calling to talk to you cuz I miss you.  And you know I kinda just wanted to hear the sound of your voicemail voice and uh i kinda just miss you being in my trunk… A Hammered Hitman

And I hang out with you guys why??