League Night Out ! 10/15/10

Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square


By now you may have heard that we’ve scheduled out next League Night Out.  It’s only 2 weeks areound the corner on Friday October 15th!  As the league sponsor, Tommy Doyles in Harvard Square will be hosting us in the Crimson Lounge from 8-10 PM.  Come grab a drink with your teammates, opponents, staffers and guys/girls you don’t even know from other leagues.  Should be a great time, the Lounge opens up at 10 to everyone, but feel free to stick around and keep the party going!

Top 5 reasons to attend LNO

  1. This used to happen http://www.youtube.com/user/jrodthehitman#p/u/191/Lqm4X1rPO88 – who’s going to pick up the gaping hole that I’ve left in my wake.  I’m no longer in the MWA (that’s right, RETIRED), so who’s going to take my spot?!?! Every Carbomb in a 10 mile radius just shed a tear
  2. BFab missed the last hurray and promises a return to glory like no other. No he’s no spring chicken, so could be the next Junk in the Trunk victim.  You do NOT want to miss that.
  3. With JZuk’s harrassing of the Co-Ed females, last LNO actually felt like less of a sausage party than normal.  Can we make it two in a row?!
  4. The Staffers (mostly) work hard for you. They deserve a free drink, buy them one, just not me!
  5. Tommy Doyles is our sponsor! Come support the local businesses people!

So yea, October 15th, 8 PM, Tommy Doyles! Be There!

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