League Night Out Top 10

The CRFC 6th Anniversary Party and League Night Out on Friday the 13th at Tonic is fast approaching. Not that you need any real convincing to attend, but because I donít have much to do, here are my top 10 reasons why you should attend this always entertaining event:


10. A chance to follow the longstanding CRFC tradition and buy your favorite CRFC staff member his favorite drink. For those of you who donít know, DMac = Corona w/a lime, Wolverine = Sapphire & Tonic, Serge = Red Bull & Vodka, OíCal = Jack and Coke, Tibbs = anything served in a shot glass. The Commish can afford his own drinks and this is the Good King’s 1st season, so he has to prove himself.

9. A chance to showcase your non-CRFC personality (and wardrobe) to the CRFC Nation. Somebody always emerges at these parties as totally different person than you had thought they were (a/k/a the Derek Brown effect). And somebody always wears a shirt with a CRFC logo.

8. A chance to practice boxing everyone out for a crack at that one order of small chicken fingers the Commish usually springs for. And now that the beast of the boards Mike Turin is on the ìunable to attend because I have been domesticatedî list, this should be a much easier task.

7.  A chance to join the likes of the Wolverine, Blowfish, Hartenstein, Tical, and Tibbs by competing for the coveted CRFC Most Wasted Award. Why are there so many staff members on this list, you ask? Please see item #10.

6. A chance to watch the party crashers come in around 11PM, join hands, form a small semicircle, and proceed to break dance their faces off until closing time.

5. A chance to be part of CRFC lore forever as JRod will be videotaping the whole thing and posting videos/pictures on our website. And no matter how many times you ask for it to be taken down, it will stay there forever, just waiting for someone to Google you (unintentional reference to TJ Mahoney).

4. A chance to brag about your CRFC stats to the lovely femininas that always happen to join in the fun. Just first make sure she isnít someoneís girlfriend/wife at CRFC. Not that that has ever happened.


3. A chance to hang out with a group of guys with, as Dave Stein so eloquently put it, have a very high nice guy to a$$hole ratio. Of course, this all flies right out the window when you add alcohol, smoking, unknown substances, Friday the 13th, and women to the CRFC equation.

2. A chance to get one last party night in before the real cold weather hits, when people start staying in to watch Friday night Celtics games with their cat, thinking of a topic for their next blog while eating an entire box of Cocoa Pebbles. Editorís Note: This blog is in no way meant to portray the lives of real people and should be viewed for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to the lives of real CRFC characters are purely coincidental.

1. Three words ñ free bagged spinach!!!!!!