Leaving on a Jet Plane

Vegas Baby! Vegas!!

Unfortunately I know exactly when Iíll be back again (7 AM Sunday), but I can’t leave you guys without a few hastily written words.  Seriously, this might end up being the least amount of time I’ve ever taken to write an entry for you people, so no mocking me about spelling or grammar mistakes (have you seen O’Cal’s write-ups?).   I’m sure there are many, many other things you guys can find to pick on me for. Hell, have you seen my hair lately?? Actually you haven’t, and BFrat will be sad to learn that it looks like the cabbage patch has been invaded by a horde of mutant rabbits.  That’s right! The Big Bird

Dome (you suck ‘Sizzle’ no extra commenter names for you) has been trimmed to a respectable Beatles ’60s ‘Do.


While I’m in Vegas, you guys are going to be in some really good hands.  O’Cal will be covering games tonight, while BFab and BWad (along with Serge) will be holding down the B1 North/West for me tomorrow night.  All of these guys (minus Serge) are much more talented scribes than I am, and will keep you highly amused with their witty prose and that certain ‘je ne sais qua’ that inhabits their story telling.


I’m going to do my best to log, and remember, what will be my cherry popping trip to Sin City.  The Born Gamer, at the very least, will be happy to hear my experiences.  Who knows, The Shepard will probably end up getting both of us arrested.  I love that my phone has internet access, and may even blog all about my bad beats at the poker table.  Everyone loves reading about those right?  Right?!?!


Basically I’m just rambling at this point, as my vodka drinks have kicked in.  I needed a little soothing medicine to help the plane ride fly bye.  Six hours is way too long.  Honestly, I’m as excited as I am nervous, and fully plan on sleeping for about 8 hours the entire trip.  I’ve really got nothing else to say, other than the Turin has as much chance of winning the GM of the Year A1 Award as the Hitman has of winning the same MVP.