LIVE BLOG! Red Sox vs Orioles, game 162!!

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Playoffs start tonight!

7:02 – Well, here we go.  Game # 162, Red Sox vs Orioles, and the Rays are hosting the Yankees.  A Red Sox win gives them their first back to back wins in the month of September.  Combine that with a Rays loss and the Sox are in the post season.  The Red Sox haven’t missed the playoffs in back to back seasons since 2001 & 2002.

7:04 – I like what Tito is doing with the lineup tonight.  Apparently Salty probably could go, but why on Earth would you bench Lavarnway after last night’s two home run performance?  Saltalamacchia has had a miserable September so it’s really a no brainer.  LETS GO!!!

7:06 – Alright!  Bob McDonald for the National Anthem!!  No idea who the f*ck this guy is

7:08 – JD Drew is hitting 6th tonight…worst case scenario – tonight is the end of the JD Drew era…I can always find a silver lining

7:10 – First pitch to Ellsbury is a generous strike…we’re underway

7:13 – Uneventful through two batters.  David Ortiz is getting some boos from the Camden Faithful.  Lots of Kevin Gregg fans in the house tonight

7:14 – Simon looks sharp early for the Orioles…not what Sox fans want to see.

7:15 – Just stop it with the Amica Pitch Zone and it has lasted about five years longer than it should have.  It’s about as accurate as a Tibbs fadeaway.  Papi draws a walk.

7:17 – Gonzo hits flare that towards the middle that couldn’t have broken a wet tissue paper.  Seems like it’s been a while since his last meaningful hit

7:18 – Enough with the Ortiz-Gonzo Dunkin Donuts commercial!!  Who writes this crap??

Papi:  I’m a huge fan

Gonzo:  Thanks Papi

Papi:  Not yooou, carmel

Gonzo:  C’mon maaaan

That’s the best you can do??  Reeeeeeally??  I know some of the local businesses don’t have the budget that Doritos and Budweiser are working with, but seriously…Prime, Sullvan Tire, and countless other local businesses, for the love of God step your game up.

7:21 – Lester strikes out Robert Andino for the first out of the game for the Orioles.  On the surface a struggling Lester on three days rest scares the crap out of me, but his last start he threw fewer than 60 pitches and he’s 14-0 lifetime against the O’s

7:22 – Yankees lead 1-0!  Nice!

7:22 – JD Hardy double…No!

7:24 – I feel like Nick Markakis was so underrated for so long that he has somehow become overrated.  And right on queue he strikes out looking

7:25 – 0-0 End of 1.  Another commercial that needs to go.  The Southwest Airlines guy flagging the bag cart and threatening to throw him off the tarmac.

7:27 – Dellin Betances is making his first big league start for the Yankees.  23 year old, 6’8”, 260 lbs and he throws HARD.  Manny Banuelos is the big Yankees pitching prospect, but apparently he is 1A.

7:29 – Orioles fans are trying to drown out “Let’s Go Red Sox” chants with a chorus of boos.  They don’t call it Fenway South for nothing!!  Remember in 2003 when Sidney Ponson blasted Orioles fans for being outnumbered when the Red Sox came to town?  Hell, remember Sidney Ponson?  If I set an over/under on his current weight, wherever his is these days, would 325 seem ridiculous?  No, right??

7:31 – Am I hearing things or did two guys just try and start a “Lets Go Rays” chant?  Welcome to Baltimore where we cheer for other teams to beat you since ours rarely does!!

7:32 – 0-0 going to the bottom of the 2nd

7:36 – Dellin Betances really doesn’t know how to throw strikes.  In his big league career, he has throw to 9 batters and walked 6 of them.  Rays have 1st and 2nd, one out.

7:38 – It’s official…Kevin Youkilis is done for the season as the Sox place him on the 60 day DL.  How badly do you think Jacoby Ellsbury wants to put a box of tampons in Youk’s locker?

7:40 – Betances struck out Joyce and Damon…Yanks take a 1-0 lead to the second

7:41 – 5-4-3, nice turn by Pedroia to end the second inning…you know it’s bad when i find it encouraging that they aren’t losing to the Orioles after two innings.  Where has this Jon Lester been all month?

7:47 – Yankees are threatening again in the second…man it sucks rooting for them

7:48 – Sox got something going here and it’s starting to feel like a home crowd.  This feels good

7:49 – Pedroia up the middle!!  Aviles comes around to score and the Red Sox score first for what feels like the first time in an eternity.  Suddenly it’s the Rays feeling the pressure

Sidenote: Does anybody else hate it when people call Dustin Pedroia “Pedey or PD”?  I love Pedroia as much as anybody.  He’s one of my absolute favorite players, but Pedey is Pedro.  Guy’s been gone for 7 years…best pitcher I’ve ever seen, helped break the curse and we’re giving his nickname away?  If some other Larry someday leads the Celtics to a few champions would you ever call him “Larry Legend”?  HELL NO!!!  Come up with another name for Pedroia…he can’t have Pedey.

7:52 – check swing DP by Papi, Ells to 3rd, Gonzo getting the walk…by the way, Mark Texeira has the bases loaded with two out.

7:54 – GRAND SLAM TEIXEIRA!!  5-0 Yankees!!  I’ve really grown to despise him, being my girlfriend’s favorite player and all, but suddenly he doesn’t seem so bad.  I wonder how many Sox fans are at The Trop cheering for New York.  Thank God I don’t have to listen to that game.  John Sterling would take away the little ability I have to enjoy a Teixeira home run…a “Tex Message” as that douchebag calls it.

7:57 – To the bottom of the third, 1-0 Sox…Dear Southwest…PLEASE STOP

8:01 – This Orioles lineup reminds me of a less talented version of the Tigers in the early to mid 90s…Cecil Fielder, Rob Deer, Mickey Tettleton = Mark Reynolds, Chris Davis, Matt Weiters…swing hard, miss often.

8:06 – Guh…JJ Hardy goes DEEP.  He’s underrated…not Nick Markakis so underrated that he’s overrated…still can’t even figure out if that makes sense…2-1 Orioles

8:09 – I can’t take anymore Southwest/Dunkin Donut commercials…perfect time for a bathroom break…TO THE 4TH!!!

8:16 – What’s up with the kid in the front row in the Orioles hat wearing eye black?

8:20 – Sox tie it on a balk!

8:31 – Ohhh boy, I’m back.  Got a call from the girlfriend.  Long distance relationships…that;’s a whole different blog.  (Love you, Baby!!)  Minus one mistake Lester has been cruising and the Sox are back at the plate in the 5th.  Yankees still lead 5-0 and they are on their 7th pitcher…okay, their 3rd pitcher, but it’s only the top of the 4th inning.

8:33 – Close up of Mike Aviles.  He looks like he could be on the Jersey Shore

8:35 – PEDROIA GOES YARD!!  Sox lead it 3-2.  I know they haven’t won anything yet, but I want to see the Sox dugout get a little excited!!  They don’t look like a team that is potentially 15 outs from the playoffs.  Oh, by the way, Teixeira homered again.  6-0 New York.  Time to watch the Tigers and Rangers scores yet?

8:38 – Only David Ortiz gets a single on that.  Flyball off the scoreboard, but hey, we’ll take it.  Buck Showalter is going to the pen.  Does anybody want this win more than the Orioles manager?

8:40 – Ok, I know I’m harping on these bad commercials and Prime Dealers is one of the commercials I mentioned earlier, but that commercial where Pap is pitching to some schmuck who I assume is in the Prime front office…they are clearly using the bullpen.  Who the hells takes BP in a bullpen?  “What pitch was that, Pap?”  “Heh…underhand”.  Shutup.

8:42 – Troy Patton pitching for the Orioles now.  He is actually the nephew of actor Will Patton…you may know him for his work in Armageddon or Coach Yost in Remember The Titans…and some other stuff

8:43 – Just Kidding

8:43 – Infield single for Gonzo…Ortiz at second, Lavarnway coming up.  Is there a slower trio of base runners in professional baseball?  Feel free to search the indy leagues too…I don’t think you’ll top these three.

8:47 – They just showed Simon in the dugout without his cap on.  He needs to make a decision…does he want a mohawk or a jheri curl

8:51 – JD Drew just miserably misplayed a wall ball double to lead off the inning.  Just got the following text from a buddy who is listening to the game on the radio.

Dale Arnold:  I think JD Drew is the best defensive outfielder since Dwight Evans

Joe Castiglione:  I would have to disagree with that

8:53 – Dustin Pedroia better win the gold glove.

8:53 – Andruw Jones’ 300 pound twin brother just homered to give the Yankees a 7-0 lead over the Rays in the 5th…funny, his name is Andruw too.

8:57 – BIG PLAY by Scutaro and Lavarnway to get Mark Reynolds at the plate.  This team looks strangely sharp tonight.  Where has this been all month.

9:00 – David Ortiz singing Good Morning America makes me laugh…that is all

9:04 – Sox go down easy in the top of the 6th.  Bats can’t quit now boys…not with a one run lead

9:05 – They’ve been showing this Seinfeld live at Foxwoods commercial a lot.  In 2011, is he still funny?  The show was terrific, but are his standups any good?  The clips from the commercial aren’t particularly funny…but I suppose most funny stand ups aren’t FCC friendly anyway.  I bet you can find funnier for much cheaper at local smaller places.  Ok, I’m done

9:08 – Lester can’t seem to get JJ Hardy out.  A lead off walk and the tying run is aboard.  12 outs away…

9:11 – 80 pitches and Lester is coming apart…could that be the 3 days rest coming back to haunt him?

9:12 – Albers is warming in pen…sooo game 163 tomorrow in Tampa at 4:05

9:13 – MARCO SCUTARO AND DUSTIN PEDROIA ARE PLAYING OUT OF THEIR MINDS DEFENSIVELY!!!  Huge double play going up the middle.  The Sox haven’t been making these plays during the swoon.  It certainly eases the load on the pitchers

9:15 – My buddy Steve just pointed out that the “Let’s Go O’s” chants sound a lot like “Let’s Go Home”…you know, for that that’s worth

9:16 – 3rd walk of the inning by Lester.  By the way, I love that Adam Jones walk up song is “California Love”

9:17 – Still 7-0 Yankees in the 6th inning.  The Rays have ONE hit off of Dellin Betances,  George Kontos, Aaron Laffey and Phil Hughes.

9:19 – BIG strike out by Lester to end the 6th.  9 more outs!!  The Rays are TOAST

9:24 – Rain is falling in Baltimore…please no rain delay.  Not now…

9:25 – Aceves is up in the pen!!  DIdn’t he pitch 3.2 innings last night?  After Papelbon, right now he is the best pitcher on the team

9:27 – Is David Ortiz reading this?  Is he trying to prove me wrong?  Papi, it’s ok to be slow.  Coming to terms with it can be difficult, but I’ve done it, you can too.  That’s an AWFUL time to get throw out at second.  Pedroia goes first to third on the Ortiz single.  Now there are two outs, Gonzo gets the intentional walk and Buck goes back to the bullpen.

9:31 – Lavarnway grounds out to end the inning.  A couple of things…first of all, it looks like the NL will have a one game playoff tomorrow.  Atlanta is hanging onto a 3-2 lead over Philly in the 8th and the Cardinals are trouncing the Astros.  I HATE SOUTHWEST AIRLINES!!  That wasn’t the second thing.  My buddy Steve, who is playing sollitaire on my living room floor right now just asked a very interesting question…what do the Red Sox do if they win?  Do they celebrate after blowing a 9 game wild card lead in 24 days and backing into the playoffs?  I hope we get to find out.

9:33 – 7th inning stretch…rain delay…dammit.  I’m gonna take a break from the blogging, but when the game resumes, so will I.  Sox lead 3-2 with 9 outs to go and Aceves ready to pitch.  Yankees lead the Rays 7-0, top 7

11:00 – Wow…what an awful house and a half.  The Yankees blew a 7-0 lead and are now in extra innings and Alfredo Aceves has hit two batters in the 7th inning.  This could not be going worse.  Hey, why stop now?  Throw at everybody with a bat until there are no Orioles left.  THis could be difficult with roster expansion

11:02 – It’s official.  Yankees will play the Tigers in the ALDS.  Wild card winner heads to Texas.  The Red Sox will not beat CJ WIlson

11:03 – Lavarnway out for another conference with Aceves.  Undoubtedly discussing whether to put the next pitch in Andino’s ear or in the middle of the back

11:05 – Austin Romine COULD put the Yankees back in front with a hit…he’s not going to do it, is he?

11:06 – Nope

11:08 – Aceves strikes out Andino…more impressively he’s thrown five straight pitches in a row without hitting anybody

11:09 – Out of the jam…6 outs away FROM…probably forcing a one game playoff in Tampa tomorrow…ugh

11:15 – Remember JD Drew’s 14 million dollar grand slam in the 2007 ALCS?  A 10 million dollar two run shot would be great right now from Carl Crawford…save another 10 million for a real playoff game.  Time to start earning that dough!!

11:17 – Crawford a gap douple and Scutaro thrown out at home!!!  Damn, Scoots has played a great game, but he was running like Vlad Guerrero around third…I know he had to wait for the ball to get through but it just looked like he was laboring!  Bottom of the 8th we go.  Sox still lead 3-2

11:19 – Whoops, the back button was on the wrong channel from a previous flub.  I suppose if I just watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman I can pretend the Red Sox season isn’t about to go down the drain.  Nobody will have a problem with that right?  Maybe just Jacques Cesaire

11:21 – Scott Proctor got out of the 10th inning.  Yankees and Rays are still tied and headed to the 11th

11:23 – Vlad JUST got under that one.  Four outs away from at the very least doing what they have to do to play another game whether it be tomorrow in Tampa or Friday in Arlington

11:25 – To the 9th!  3-2 Sox!!

11:25 – $120 in bag fees?!  Kill me now.

11:29 – Markakis out with a pelvis contusion?  How the hell did that happen?

11:31 – First time I’ve ever in my life seen a managers argument get an umpire to overturn a call.  Should have got it right the first time because Ellsbury beat the throw, but whatever.  Kudos to the umps for making sure they got it right

11:32 – My roommate just texted me with a reminder of the A-Rod/Arroyo karate chop.  Was that overturned or was a definitive call never really made?

11:35 – Phillies are three outs from ending the Braves season.  At least if the Sox go down in flames they won’t be the only team to choke away a sizeable lead

11:37 – Ortiz and Gonzalez have a chance to break this bad boy open.  Man could they use a little breathing room.  Rays have the winning run on first with nobody out

11:41 – Heads up play by Wieters getting the force at 2nd base.  Runners on the corners, one down for Gonzo.  Gathright running for Ortiz

11:42 – Adrian Gonzalez gets his THIRD intentional walk of the night.  Hey Rookie, you gonna do something about this?

11:43 – 6-4-3…Lavarnway will learn quickly how easy it is to go from hero to goat in the city of Boston.  What have you done for us lately?!

11:43 – Heading to the 12th at the Trop!  By the grace of God, Scott Proctor hasn’t blown it yet!

11:46 – Pap threw 28 pitches last night.  I hate to be pessimistic, but I’m just not seeing a 1-2-3 inning

11:51 – Pap gets Jones with the splitter!!  Two more outs!!!  Yankees leadoff man is on in the 12th.  Drama, drama!!!

11:53 – Awesome shot of David Ortiz blowing a snot rocket.  Nicely done, NESN.

11:54 – I think allll the Orioles left after the rain delay.  This is basically a home game.  Mark Reynolds goes down swinging.  There was at least a 50% chance that was going to happen

11:55 – I knew it wouldn’t be a 1-2-3 inning.  Chris Davis is awful too.  Buck has to punch run here…and he does.  Kyle Hudson into the game.

11:57 – Reimold at the plate.  First base is open, but the last thing Papelbon wants to do is put the winning run aboard, 2-0

11:58 – Pap one strike away.  Brett Gardner is waiting for a 3-1 pitch with runners one 1st and 2nd.  So much time to type between Pap pitches!

12:00 – Rays get out of the top of the 12th unscathed and the Orioles tie it up just in time for midnight.  As much as it sucks, it’s pretty appropriate

12:01 –  Line drive to left, Crawford slides and came a few inches short.  So symbollic.  Orioles win.  Over to ESPN we go.  7-7, bottom of the 12th.  One out for the Rays and nobody on base.  If they Rays score a run, they are playoff bound

12:05 – I don’t even think I want to watch this Red Sox team play another game.  I don’t want to watch John Lackey and his stupid dumb face

12:06 – Good for you Evan Longoria, walk off.  Rays win.  THe single most frustrating and disappointing Red Sox team of my life has 5 months to think about what they’ve done.  Can we start a fund?  I think there are enough Red Sox fans out there that if we get everyone to pitch in five dollars with a signed petition we can get the Red Sox brass to get rid of John Lackey.  Do anything with him.  I don’t care.

12:09 – I hope Tito is back next season.  I don’t think this is his fault.  Theo may be another issue.  Look at this outrageous payroll and look at who was going to the mound and coming to the plate in must win games in September.  Jed Lowrie hitting cleanup, Kyle Weiland starting games.  I could go on and on, but I’m tired and I’m angry.  I don’t know how I made it through the night without a beer.  Bruins start in 8 days.  2011 Red Sox, go f*ck yourselves.


Good night everybody…thanks for reading