Luck of the Draw 2-v-2 Tournament at the CAC!

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Ok people – this is the last straw…

How about attending an event for what we were all brought here for in the first place? HOOPS!

Introducing the First Annual (hopefully) Big & Small ~ Luck of the Draw Tournament to benefit the Cam Neely Foundation.  I want to drive people to the Message Boards (click that link if you need a log in/password) for more details as I work out the kinks but last year – we ran a similar tournament – but 1v1 – and it was quite successful. If you have a login-password – here is the easy way to make sure I know you are in to WIN: Luck of the Draw 2011 Sign-Up.

The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 5 from 1 to 5pm.  I hope to have everything underway right from the start as we have to clear out at 5pm due to soccer league obligations.  Soccer hooligans, just great!

We had a “smalls” bracket” and a “bigs” bracket and while it was single-elimination – we had the big winner face the small winner.  Big John (never to be seen from again) Terminator defeated Adam Larkin in the finals as Larkin advanced taking down our wily veteran ROY (there is the obligatory Kahana reference).

CLAMPS took down Scott Mulholland and OD after Magic/Royce/Kerr beat each other up to advance and was only at the CAC to work out and just happened to be walking on the balcony while we were drafting slots for the big board.

SO this season – I figure we combine the bigs and smalls and have a 2v2 battle for supremacy.  Short notice so I do not think I will be able to print T-shirts but I will have a cash prize and you can buy your own darn t-shirt!! Last season we collected over $170 bucks for the Neely Foundation and the winners went home with a split of the same.  50-50.  Not sure what we will do this season as it depends on how quickly we can drum up interest in joining the fun.

The concept?  One bracket of “bigs” and one bucket of “smalls” (anyone under 6-feet tall) and then combine the two for a 2v2 team with a completely random draft.  I will be the sole provider (maybe with a little help from O’Cal and Five Hard Fouls) for seedings and rankings pre-tournament as well.

The games will be reffed by an offical (calling Bob the Ref…calling Bob the Ref….) so there will be no chicanery on my watch!!

But again – I will be opening the topic on the Message Boards for people to sign up (friends and non-CAC members/players are welcomed.  Josh Smith has kindly waived the CAC fees for non-member entry for the tournament and ANY AND ALL input is welcomed. I will keep a running tab of confirmed players on the Message Boards but I’m ultimately looking for a minimum of 32 teams and up to 64 – ala the NCAA brackets.


TOMORROW’S LINEUP!! I have confirmations from:

Terry Henderson
Royce Henry
Matt Roberts
Neil Crehan
Scott Kopecky (R)
Frank Malsbenden
Chris Kerr
Noah Spaulding
Dan O’Connell
Tommy Balcetis
James Bartelle
Mike “The Ghost” Fraher
Scott Mulholland
Nate Brigham
Brad Mulholland
John Thomson
Patrick Dauphin
Brian Gelow
Jono Edwards
Chris McMahon


Matt Kaplan
Rory Duyon
Chris O’Connell
Chris Iacoviello
Marc Frail
T.J. White
Dan MacGregor
Chanel Wright
Matt Monroe
Paul “Nibs” Nimblett
Mixtape Turin
Pete Diamantides
Matt Rollison
Mike Shapiro
Ebon Kim
Aron Kaufman
Nolan Ostrander
Jean Demoliere
Serge Gottschalk
Vladi Nechev
Todd Bresler


1. Billy Durbrow

2. Yours Truly – BFab

On the fly updates (this latest update is as of 3/4/2011 @ 1pm)?  Click this link for a live google doc being updated every time I get a name:

2011 Big & Small Luck of the Draw

Also – hit me on the Message Boards to join, get your friends involved, or email me at for more details.