Over-30 Draft Schedule

Monday May 8th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMLeaving on a Jet plane  82vs.Port Huron Statement  64CAC
7:50 PMCountry of Old Men  59vs.Priorities People  68CAC
8:40 PMMystery Men Unite  104vs.The Young Guns  80CAC

Monday May 15th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMLeaving on a Jet plane  76vs.Country of Old Men  69CAC
7:50 PMPriorities People  2vs.Uncle Drew  5CAC
8:40 PMThe Young Guns  65vs.Port Huron Statement  69CAC

Monday May 22nd
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMPort Huron Statement  60vs.Mystery Men Unite  54CAC
7:50 PMUncle Drew  42vs.Country of Old Men  98CAC
8:40 PMPriorities People  61vs.Leaving on a Jet plane  58CAC

Monday June 5th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMPort Huron Statement  102vs.Uncle Drew  48CAC
7:50 PMMystery Men Unite  67vs.Leaving on a Jet plane  80CAC
8:40 PMThe Young Guns  49vs.Priorities People  58CAC

Monday June 12th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMUncle Drew  3vs.Mystery Men Unite  5CAC
7:50 PMCountry of Old Men  52vs.Port Huron Statement  68CAC
8:40 PMLeaving on a Jet plane  61vs.The Young Guns  74CAC

Monday June 19th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMCountry of Old Men  83vs.The Young Guns  62CAC
7:50 PMPriorities People  60vs.Mystery Men Unite  64CAC
8:40 PMUncle Drew  60vs.Leaving on a Jet plane  90CAC

Monday June 26th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMPort Huron Statement  62vs.Priorities People  73CAC
7:50 PMMystery Men Unite  75vs.Country of Old Men  90CAC
8:40 PMThe Young Guns  71vs.Uncle Drew  67CAC

Monday July 10th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:30 PMLeaving on a Jet plane  53vs.Port Huron Statement  63CAC
7:20 PMCountry of Old Men  68vs.Priorities People  66CAC
8:10 PMMystery Men Unite  79vs.The Young Guns  82CAC
9:00 PMMystery Men Unite  72vs.Uncle Drew  71CAC

Monday July 17th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:30 PMPriorities People  67vs.Leaving on a Jet plane  70CAC
7:20 PMPort Huron Statement  80vs.Mystery Men Unite  61CAC
8:10 PMUncle Drew  57vs.Country of Old Men  71CAC
9:00 PMUncle Drew  62vs.The Young Guns  64CAC

Monday July 24th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:30 PMThe Young Guns  50vs.Port Huron Statement  89CAC
7:20 PMPriorities People  5vs.Uncle Drew  2CAC
8:10 PMPriorities People  60vs.Mystery Men Unite  52CAC
9:00 PMLeaving on a Jet plane  77vs.Country of Old Men  73CAC


Monday July 31st
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:20 PMPort Huron Statement  55vs.Country of Old Men  66CAC
8:10 PMLeaving on a Jet plane  65vs.Priorities People  49CAC

Monday August 7th
TimeHome AwayLoc
8:20 PMCountry of Old Men  59vs.Leaving on a Jet plane  56CAC