P90X Trial Run ~ Week 1

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Well – a tough start to the first week of high-intensity training to say the least.

I wrote to you last week dictating what I was about to embark on – and while that has been slightly successful – the mounting challenges of trying to work out with a video while working and also playing daddy for three little nuggets have proven to be a major stumbling blocks.

I also wrote that while losing weight I would also rip apart and dissect the P90x myth or mystery behind the mask.  I didn’t want to wait too long to write again, but I did not get through the full week of the P90x formula.  Now – that was not without trying it was just timing never allowed it.  Honestly.  I am not mailing it in this time.  I have proven to lose weight before without P90x and can surely do it again.  But with ESPN now promoting Tony Horton and his mind numbing, money sucking videos and commercials – I figured it was high time to get to the bottom of the craze.

For the scale – I think I could have done better but I am down 8.5 pounds as of Sunday, January 9.  So 256 to 247.5.  Not a bad start at all.  So you would think P90x is working?  It is – but there are surely dome pitfalls to the craze. Yes – full week late with this so for a post-script update – down another 4 as of January 16 – so down to 243.5.  I think something is fishy with the scale I am using – so let’s check back next Sunday as that’s my next purchase.  SO in total with a questionable scale – down 12.5.  Winner.

Let’s start with their diet plan.  Pros and Cons – Cons First:

Everything on it makes a whole lot of sense.  If you have ever tried Weight Watchers – the premise is similar.  High protein, low-to-zero fat, high fiber – but the one P90x twist is the attempted elimination of all carbohydrates for a faster fat loss around the waist.  I am a big fan of pasta – and I am fine with whole wheat pastas which are extremely high in fiber.  Whole wheat pasta with some grilled chicken marinated in some fat free sauces/dressings were a staple to my weight loss when I was on WW four years back. But this plan does not include any pastas, breads, noodles, or rice to fill you up.  Other than a shrimp stir-fry with some Soba (high fiber) Chinese noodles – you will not find any of those items anywhere.

Secondly – the diet is very heavy on self-reliance.  There is nothing easy about it.  I say this because you need ample amounts of time to cook the various meals they are asking you to eat.  You don’t necessarily have to be a professional cook, but if you do not like to cook – this diet plan is NOT for you.  Everything is based on soups, salads, omelets, and even protein shakes (which they have a recipe but you can buy replacement meal shakes on your own).  They have recipes for all of them.  Other than an occasional fruit or peanut snack – you need to dedicate time to cook all of your meals from scratch or prepare a week’s worth of dinners – which for me, usually means eating higher portions because they are just readily available.

Third – and this is big for me in my situation – price.  You are not finished after spending $100+ for the workout routine.  The meals – like I said – take patience, time to cook, and the most important – money.  Peppers, onions, celery, parsley, dijon mustard, chicken, egg whites, mushrooms, steak, arugula and romaine lettuce are all items that when purchased in bulk are not cheap.  I guess I am slightly spoiled that Weight Watchers packages up panini sandwiches and meals but most importantly – Weight Watchers allows you to “count points” so you essentially can eat what you want but in moderation. If you are stick for time – a banana is two points.  But for P90x they have replacement meal shakes which can be quick with a glass of 10oz water, but nonetheless, not as quick as grabbing a banana or a Special K 90 calorie Strawberry bar.

My first bill for the first week of P90x?  $250.00 for food.  Now – granted, I am buying and cooking for five individuals, but not always.  The egg substitutes, omelets, and most dinners – are usually just for me and the wife.  The kids are still eating hot dogs and fries, but occasionally will sit in on turkey burgers or the shrimp stir-fry.  SO – $250 a week essentially on unemployment does NOT bode well for me to succeed long term on this diet plan.

Now – for the PROS:

The diet is a common sense, high protein kick that really does not have anything “tough” to eat.  Here are a list of the favorite things I have eaten along the way through P90x:

  • Mushroom Cheddar Omlet
  • Spinach and Feta “Scramble” (basically an omlet)
  • Chef Salad
  • Steak and Arugula Salad
  • Tuna Salad (which calls for mayo – but more on that later)
  • Homemade Vegetable Soup
  • Homemade Asparagus Soup (there are more soups – Gazpacho, a cold Cucumber Soup – but I like soup hot).

Those are just a few – and definitely the top seven meals through P90x.  They have other soups and certainly other meals but I have yet to find anything tough to swallow.  Cooking (while I listed it as a con in terms of time) is a hobby of mine so I didn’t mind cooking up all the soups or the omelets in the morning.  It is for those who are more susceptible to be “on the run” where cooking things for 60-90 minutes just does not work.

Honestly – the food is delicious and you would never know you are making “sacrifices” for losing weight if you stick to the portion sizes.

For food items – the things that really worked for me the last time around (again, with Weight Watchers Diet) were soups and tuna fish.  I am a huge fan of tuna fish but mayo is truly ENEMY #1.  Mayo and butter will derail you quicker than a Tibbs ill-advised three-pointer.  So if you HAVE TO mix tuna with something – dijon mustard is a recommendation but when you pair tuna with all the fixings (green onions, celery, carrotts) you truly do not need more than a few pieces of bread and a toaster oven to warm up the tuna with one slice of fat free cheese to hold it together.  Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese is half the fat and calories of all regular cheese.  Recommended HIGHLY.  All of a sudden you have a tuna melt for less than 300 calories even with the bread (if you stick to whole wheat or multigrain – high fiber breads).

Ok – enough of the food. How about the actual workout??

You think I was harboring on the time to cook?? WOW – not only are the videos intense but the time commitment maybe almost too much.  Next blog will focus on each individual workout as – like I said – I have skipped days due to work and family commitments but have not skimmed on the diet.  There are seven days (really six days with a rest or light cardio day) of workouts that I will detail here next time around.  While some were “easier” then others – I don’t see myself ever mastering any of this.