Post Week 3 Combined Coed Power Rankings

CACers(aka wannabe ballers),

Grubb and I have worked long and hard on your first of 3 Coed Combined Power Rankings.  And by working long and hard I mean I drunkenly typed out a few paragraphs and threw darts at a board on the wall to determine who was ranked where.  Since everyone knows that now maybe the Monstars will stop complaining about where they’re ranked since they know it’s all pure luck.

In all seriousness, we’re starting to see the puzzle that is CAC Coed unfold and reveal itself.  There might be some changes near the end of the season, there’s always that team or 2 that shocks the world(yes the world pays very close attention to CAC Basketball).  But for now the teams seem to fall into place in this order:

Coed Spring 2012 Combined Power Rankings #1

1. Wheels
D-Will:  Well I’m sure that some of you already think that we have no idea what we are talking about ranking Wheels over a team that has yet to lose a Coed game and is the reigning champ.  But this Wheels squad got a whole lot better over the brief offseason.  With The Minotaur’s return to his original squad and The Wolff jumping on board this team is scary good top to bottom, everyone of their guys and girls would be either the #1 or #2 option for most of the teams on this list, scary good.  Tristan can take over games, The Old Scholar, Roberts, and Coffey dominate the glass.  Nicole does everything well and makes her teammates better.  Oh I didn’t even mention Loren, Jesse, Sydney, or Justine yet, all all-star caliber players.  Look out, it’s championship or bust for this team.

2. Sexy
Grubb:  Last sessions champs are poised to make a lot of noise this time around.  Sexy has played 15 Co-Ed games thus far since their teams creation, and sports a perfect 15-0 record.  Terrel Newton, with his speed and ability to finish around the rim, may arguably be the most unstoppable player in all of co-ed.  Add to that the contributions from Pamela Robinson and Keith Baranowski, this team is stacked.  Everybody should have June 13th circled on their calendars, as Wheels and Sexy will meet to find out who is truly the “Beast of the East” (as well as all of Co-Ed).

3. Shots
Grubb:  Coming off a 119 point outburst, this team is looking to follow in the footsteps of Sexy by taking a rookie franchise and riding it to a championship.  They definitely have the tools to get it done.  Mo Collins may be the closest thing to Sexy’s Terrel Newton in Co-Ed.  His speed and ability to get his team going in transition is unmatched.  Shots is deep with ability too.  Kevin Jacobs and John Burns anchor the boards, while Jess Butler, Melis Dural, and Katherine Goodwin lead a three-headed monster of female production.  The only question I have with this team, is will playing in a weaker South division hurt them come tournament time?  Somebody needs to test this team!

D-Will:  Talk about another team that reloaded, they lost key pieces in Yasu and Kimi, but added Powell who already has a triple-double two games in, former champion Matt Roberts, and Stets and Syd of Premature Shooters fame.  This is another incredibly deep team, but the best thing about them is they play so unselfish and move the ball so well.  Ian has the ability to get hot from deep and they can score from the inside well and are a great rebounding team.  I don’t really see a weakness on this squad, they are in a tough division but should finish first in the West and get a top 3 or 4 seed overall.  Kari may be one of the most prepared captains in the league, always scouting the other teams.  They will not be out strategized(is that even a phrase) in any game.

5. Thunder Buddies
D-Will:  Thunder Buddies had a big statement win last week, they beat a very dangerous JLAI team short-handed.  Terry and Matt are both MVP candidates and LJ is a match-up nightmare for most team’s females. If anyone on this team is a bit off I feel like any other player has the ability to step up and take over, hence EJ having a monster game last week when LJ, Terry, and Harvey were missing.  I could see this team climbing up these rankings as they get more and more acclimated.

D-Will:  Jane Stockton sure does know how to put a team together, rounding out our first run of Coed West squads taking up the 4-6 spots.  Nate Dogg is one of the best all around players on both ends of the floor in the league, routinely slowing down the other teams best big man, grabbing every rebound in sight, and dishing out more assists than I have space for on my scoresheet.  Great outside shooters in Nibs and Forlizzi, Steph and Alleigh will knock them down too if you’re not careful.  Kelsey and Meg draw a lot of attention in the post and Matty A comes off the bench and contributes across the board but probably strongest on the defensive end.  Tough loss last week to Thunder Buddies, JLAI didn’t bring their best game but when they are at their best not many teams have a shot at beating them.

7. Pumped Up Kicks
Grubb:  This team was only a few seconds away from handing Sexy their first ever loss, as well as supplanting themselves in the top 5 of the power rankings.  Unfortunately for PUK it wasn’t meant to be and they fell short by 1 point.  Led by do-it-all Xavier Holland this team is dangerous.  It’s not always the prettiest games to watch, but PUK has consistently been near the top of the East for several seasons now and looked perched to once again finish near the top of a very tough division.

8.  Team Heroes
Grubb: Of all the teams rated outside the Top 7 in our initial Power Rankings this season, this is the one I expect to make the leap into the Top 7 in our future rankings.  Don’t let the fact that they play in the South fool you, this team is for real.  Led by a balanced attack (five players averaging double-figures) and anchored down low by Mike Rocco, this team is poised to keep working their way up the Power Rankings.  I am looking forward to the June 12 rematch between them and SHOTS to see where this team really rates.

9. CP
D-Will:  I think Reddick is vacationing on Monday and Wednesday nights somewhere in Nantucket, he’s only been around for Tuesday night reffing.  Despite that CP still has Bryan Moore, a man who makes me thankful I don’t play in the East, he’s a nightmare on the glass and can score with the best of them.  Grubb and Matty A each have big games in them from time to time and their ladies are solid, very smart players who score efficiently and do all the little things.  This team may struggle against teams that have multiple post players unless Reddick comes back, until then I don’t see them moving much higher in these rankings since the teams above them are loaded.

10. Sun Dance
D-Will:  How the mighty have fallen, this team was the #1 overall seed 2 straight seasons and now we have them at #10.  It’s partially due to the loss of Ibrahim but also because the other teams have gotten so much better.  Kearney is still one of the top 3 or 4 players in the league, but he’s been cold early on this season.  They’ve got a guy on their roster who is supposed to replace Ibrahim and be the same level of player but he won’t be around for awhile, once he starts playing with them this team could skyrocket up these rankings.  But for now, Sarah and the Dance franchise will stay right around here.

11. Western U.
D-Will:  Another team that has fallen off a bit, there challenge is mostly attendance.  Corbett has only made 1 game(dropped 51 points so he sure isn’t rusty) so they’ve been forced to play pretty short-handed thus far.  L-Mac, Sharkey, and Kolbe have all had good starts to the season but they need more depth, the tired legs have showed their effects late in games.  You could argue they belong a bit lower on this list with only 1 win, but once they get their full roster at games they will be a force.

12. Gunz N Butta
Grubb:  Put up 101 in their last outing behind the lights out shooting of Ramon Garcia.  The way I see it, this team will need Garcia to be on if they want to make a deep run into this season’s tournament.  Big man Julius Holbert is a major addition, and their ladies consistently contribute, but this teams success rides on their deep ball.

13. Monstars
D-Will:  TJ “Swecker for MVP”.  I know he says it a lot but it might be a bit of foreshadowing.  Swecker has been playing very well and adding Tommy Beaton has been big, he is an energy guy who creates a lot of offense as well as being disruptive on D.  Henny is a sneaky good player and is getting more involved in their offense.  Again, Reddick is on the roster but who knows if he’ll be around at all.  If he shows up this team becomes a much higher seed, making them much more dangerous offensively.

14. This is How We Do It
D-Will:  Leave it to Nibs the Balla to name his team after a Montell Jordan song, the kid’s got soul and swagger for days, just ask his fedora, suspenders, and bow tie.  He’s been cold this season so far for this squad, but they are a deep, talented team. It seems like there’s been some growing pains getting acclimated.  But with Carlos running the point, Slim Jim dominating the glass and scoring from inside and out and Canon/Nibs spreading the floor with the 3 ball this team will rack up some wins.  Don’t forget about Callie, she murdered my team last season in the South, I mean let’s be honest it was a team I was on so we weren’t very good but still, she can play.

15. WOMS
Grubb:  Wow, it feels weird to have WOMS rated this low.  After what seems like decades of dominance in the Co-Ed ranks, it appears as though the rest of the pack has caught onto WOMS balanced attack.  Mike Gore has proven himself to be a game changer, but his inconsistent attendance has left WOMS shorthanded down low.  In a stacked Eastern Division, it could be a long season for WOMS.

16. ToonSquad
D-Will:  The addition of Kervens adds another tenacious athlete to help push the temp with Gael.  Those guys each do a little of everything, and bring a lot of athleticism and hustle every game. Christina is one of the best female scorers we’ve seen in Coed and Shafir and Linehan can both score from the inside or outside.  This team is going to need Hayes to play bigger, he’s going to have to help clean up the glass against teams like Sun Dance and Thunder Buddies.  If his shot is falling as well, he could be the little extra edge they need to grab a few more W’s.

17. Team Fun

Grubb: I am not sure how a team with this roster can be 0-2.  There is no way Steph Baran and company will go through the season without putting up a fight.  The East is a tough division, but I fully expect this team to put it together and find themselves moving up the Power Rankings before too long.

18.  CACniss Everdeen

Grubb:  While this team will probably finish around .500 in a weak South division, I don’t expect them to be able to hang with stronger teams from the East and West.  Angel Torres is a formidable big man, but I expect this team to hover around the 18 mark all season.

19. ATRJ
D-Will: Sweet D’s squad looks to be in for a tough ride. They are looking up at a lot of very good teams in the West, the team that is the closest to them in talent is ToonSquad and they already lost by 22 to them.  Boozer and Chris are going to need to hit their 3’s consistently and they’ll need to find a way to make teams play that slower paced game they prefer.  They are one of Coed’s most tenured squads, I’m hoping that experience helps them more and more down the stretch of the season so they can find themselves grabbing a few W’s and being a tough draw in the tournament.

20. Sam Adams Basketball
Grubb: This team consistently shows up with 12 players ready to ball.  Unfortunately out of the 12, they haven’t been able to find a consistent threat outside of Justin Buck and Kaitlyn Hennigan.  In any other division, this team would be in danger of going 0-9 this season, but luckily for Sam Adams, they get to play Pita Predators twice this season.

21. Pita Predators
Grubb:  On the bright side, things can only go up from here!  The Predators have had a very tough start to the season.  After losing in Week 2 by 58, they found themselves getting blownout by 75 in their last outing.  Their effort has been their all season long, but unfortunately their lack of size and outside shooting is something that will continue to elude them all season.  It’s still early, but I expect this ranking to hold consistent all season.

Enjoy the read, get your arguments ready, dust off your keyboard courage so you can call us uninformed about your team, then forget about all those arguments and start working on your hoop game so you can make your statements on the court.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend, I’ll see my West brethren next Monday.