Quick Hits: Random Thoughts On A Tuesday Night

Dutch FIeld Hockey Team, The Godfather & Bad Refs We Love Anyway

I don’t have much to say about any one particular topic…just a few things on my mind.  Hope you enjoy…and if you don’t…suck it.


…I love my country…but is it bad that I’d like to see Nigeria shock them just so we could end this talk about beating the original Dream Team once and for all?  I’m so sick of hearing guys from both teams bicker about who would win in this matchup that will never happen.  Larry Bird answered the question best when he said that this year’s team would probably win because he hasn’t touched a basketball in years.


…The Wheels of Steel are going to win the co-ed championship


…I went out to a trendy upscale clubby kind of bar with my girlfriend and a few other friends on Saturday night.  24 year old Rory loved those places…I don’t know if it’s age or relationship status, but 28 year old Rory would rather watch six straight hours of Say Yes To The Dress with “The Couch Monster”…Nate Dogg knows what I’m talkin about.  The drinks are too expensive, the music is atrocious, the guys all look like they spend more time waxing their eyebrows than the girls, and the girls for lack of a better set of words at 11:30 on a work night are stuck up a-holes.


…The Godfather was on AMC tonight.  My roommates were watching it when I got home from work and they were mortified to hear that I’d never seen the Godfather…or pretty much any other Italian mob classic.  I’m also more Italian than I am anything else, so it’s completely inexcusable.  It’s not so much that I haven’t wanted to see it…just never really got around to it, and my first time isn’t going to be on cable.


…CRAIG BRESLOW!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  World Series, here we come!!!!!!


…Playing pick up in Stamford is a lot different from Boston, and I don’t like a lot of the differences, but here’s one I do like…if you go to the bucket, call a foul AND make the basket, the basket doesn’t count.  Basically no And1s…at first I didn’t like it, but I realized that it really discourages guys from calling lots of ticky tack stuff.  If you still like your chances to make it in, shut up…and don’t try and call it late either.  That sh*t doesn’t fly


…I’ve beaten BFab 3 out of 4 times in Words With Friends…who wants some?  What’s that?  Nobody plays Words WIth Friends anymore?


…Speaking of questionable CAC officials, I wonder what ever happened to Bob The Ref


…My roommates have been glued to the TV watching women’s gymnastics for a solid two hours tonight…I don’t care how skinny or flexible they are…there is nothing sexy about a 15 year old gymnast who looks like she’s 12.  The Dutch field hockey team on the other hand


I guess that’s all I got for now.  If you’ve made it this far, pat yourselves on the back.


Hi Harvey!