Re-Return of the Mailbag (VIII)

Sponsored by, who else, Tommy Doyles!

And away we go again!! I get lots of good material to start the season off, it’s just a matter of sorting through it all and getting to it in a timely fashion.  I mean, we’re only heading week 4 (week 3 for the Sunday & Monday leagues) so I’m not doing to badly. At least you’re getting something out of me other than just the previews and awards this season. Who knows I might post any of the 3 half-assed rants that I started in the off season before realizing, crap, there is NO off season anymore! Anyway, O’Cal andJBerr, now they’re picking up my slack with the original blog material, should be enough to keep you entertained throughout the season. As if the write-ups, lines, and banter on the message boards ( weren’t enough  If only the Wolverine and BFab would follow suit!!

As always, these are actual emails from all you mother C.A.C.ers

Two emails in one mailbag!  Im the Tibb’s version of Sportsguys’ Sly Cool – who I’m positive only gets posted because of his name.

Let’s make sure the streak continues and start the mailbag off right, with someone excited that they were in the last one! And Twice!! Drama has gotten noticed as ‘pulling a Pele’ and requesting to be called only by his CAC moniker. And you know what, I’m ok with that, I am. I’ve even had other guys ask about changing their player profiles, mostly MACHO, but you know, it’s been happening.

Here is the plan for TSpin’s birthday party.  Were going to get a reserved room at McFadden’s from 7-10.  By renting the room TSpin gets a VIP wristband to drink for free for the night.  Everyone else doesn’t have to pay a cover or wait in line if they get there before 10.  There will be some food there but the earlier you get there the better chance the food will still be around.  
~Pauly G
Everyone knew this was going to end badly when they saw “Drink for free” right?!? I certainly got there in time for free food (the lengths I will go) but what’s the deal with no reduced drinks Paul?! I show up to support Spinney’s fall into debauchery (dancing on a table, taking his shirt off, twice, before getting kicked out) and I still have to pay $7 for a half-sized vodka cranberry (for Gripp of course, and yes I PAID)?! That’s bs man, bs!!

Raise Your Hand If you’re Overwhelmed!
Haha, it wasn’t “that” bad. Keeping score manually made things a little difficult, and I’m pretty sure Glumac was four seconds away from suicide, but we maintained. It’ll go a lot smoother next week.
Anyway, ill be working on the write-ups when I get out of work tonight. I’ll see you Wednesday.

Thanks for the honesty Matty. As most of you have probably noticed, we have a LOT of new staff this season.  Five new permanent refs and eight, yes EIGHT new stat keepers.  RoY, Glumac, MattyBells, DocSpauld, Steve, Lindsay, CUBA and Bangs. The first couple weeks have gone off a lot better than expected, all things considered.  I mean that’s a lot of new staffers to yell at about getting their write-ups posted! O’Cal’s giving them all tips (that’s what she said) and tricks of the trade but go easy on them early, they’re all learning. By week 6, give’em as much hell as you give me!!
I’ve still got to yell at myself more than anyone for write-ups still. Case in point, it’s Friday, I’ve been working on this today. Yea, all of Week 3s write-ups will be posted by 5, but I’m sure you would have rathered them at 12 and this later, huh?! Too bad, deal with it, I’m on my game.
But as always, if you’ve got any complaints, comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc etc etc, shoot me an email at

Look into switching up the CAC cotton t-shits with dry-fit material.  They are great to work out it and very comfortable.  Slowly replacing cotton Ts for me which get to heavy once I start to sweat.  Maybe not a cost effective maneuver right now but something to consider.
~Milk Man

Look at AK throwing out idea. I liked it better when he was unemployed and willing to be on staff, ah well, those were the days when I didn’t have to rely on Serge so much.
Everyone loves a little underarmour right? Maybe Tommy Doyle’s can spring for those too!  You know how they might, if you go and drink their beer and eat their food!!

You missed my steal on that pass into the post, reached back and grabbed the bounce pass.  The 2 new guys on my team are still amazed that you can keep all the stats and do the score book and sometimes even do write-ups during the game.  Do you get paid for 3 jobs, you must be getting like 45 dollars an hour?  I don’t actually care about the steal cuz i know everyone misses stats sometimes and you’ve probably given me extra stuff before too, i just haven’t given you shit for a while so felt like emailing.
You know what Bobby, you made me feel a whole lot better about myself, so I’ll make sure next game you get that steal you missed.  And you’re right, on every double block you and Double Clutch have ever had sandwiching a dude, I’ve given you both credit. We’re almost even.
By the way, I’m going to make sure Josh sees this email and let him know that’s what you think I’m worth!

She gave my points to “the other white guy” who looks like me, lol… but she’s white! She’s suppose to tell the difference!!
~A 5v5er

This could have been grouped with the one above.  See I like it when the new guys get involved, especially the ones that play in the A 5v5 league.  Most of those guys are just too good at basketball to actually care about their stats and email me.  But this guy did it the right way. He tossed out a couple jokes, poked fun at himself, and told me he was going to Tommy Doyle’s later on down the chain.  That’s the way to get into any mailbag.

Just in light of people bitching about stats and subjectivity of stats, interesting read/watch. (quality is terrible, NBA pulled the HQ version)

Couldn’t have planned that any better, but wait, I did!  Being a new staffer and riddling me with emails is a great way to get into the mailbag (right frail!?) so it’s only fitting I get at least one in here from Noah.  But what are you talkin’ ’bout Willis, you mean stats are completely subjective and vary depending on the scorekeeper?! No way!  As an avid deadspin reader I’d already caught the article, but the link is still active and it’s a great read, albeit somewhat lengthy. Hey if you can get through the sports guys never ending drivel, you should be able to make it through a well thought out arrangement by an investigatory journalist (orange mocha frappachinos anyone?)

Hey Tibbs,
Hoping we can switch at least one game…

I didn’t even bother to put a ‘from’ on this email since I get at least two a day that start out with almost those exact words. Whether it’s meetings, religious holidays, don’t feel like waiting until 9:40, don’t feel like getting there at 6, you’d be surprised at the eloquent ways people try to get me to change their game time.  Most of the time it doesn’t work, but sometimes, just sometimes, it does. And sure, that might make it seem like I’m ‘playing favorites’ or ‘inconsistent’

To save you google trouble –
Chris Emma – Suffolk Rams
Sam Kaplan – Yale University
Ryan Tiffany – idk
John Murphy – Suffolk Rams 2005 All conference avg. 21.9 ppg
Brian Small – finished ninth in scoring at Suffolk with 1,383 career points
Mike Smiley – Holy Cross
Matt Smith – 6’6 SG from Northeastern
Josh Morelock – Suffolk Rams
~ Too Much Time on My hands
Yes Frail, I know you have too much time on your hands, (and as much as you won’t admit it, are way, way too into our ‘recreational’ basketball leagues) but thanks for doing a little digging for me.  The Huskies are off to a great start in the B1 5v5 East, but as everyone that’s play at C.A.C. knows, once the playoffs start, through past results out the window!!

It�s my standard negotiated rate�and consider yourself way ahead of the favor game, starting with the 75 players from Saugus that keep paying you $125 over and over again that I have never received a dime of commission for�not to mention their entertainment value!
Tibbs: $125? Man you really are out of the loop!!
Well, at least I didn�t say $30 (the original league fee rate)�

Yikes, this is what it’s come to for the nearly extinct Wolverine.  Regulated to just one night a week reffing (and still getting b!tched at, now just by C 5v5ers), the once every 4 months blog posts (which still kill, by the way, find time for more!) and the delusion that prices haven’t gone up in the last 2 years, not to mention the last 9.  Have you heard that the Winter ’10 season will mark the 10 year anniversary of C.A.C. Basketball?!  Look for O’Cal’s homage to the Original Greats with his Hall of Fame Posting in January, and who knows, for such a momentous landmark, we might have the scoreboard fixed by then! 

Hey Tibbs,
Have you heard about C.A.C.’s newest league sponsor, Tommy Doyles?!? If you head to TDs in Kendall Square after your basketball game, you can get $12 pitchers of Coors Lite, as well as these great meal deals

Monday – $0.25 Wings
Tuesday – 2 For 1 Burgers
Wednesday – Half Priced Appetizers
Thursday – Half Priced Appetizers

Also, starting 9/27/09, we’re introducing “Tommy Points”!  After each C.A.C. basketball game, the stat-keepers will hand out one Tommy Point card for a player they deem worthy of going above and beyond the call of duty.  If that player goes to Tommy Doyle’s that night (either Kendall or Harvard) their first drink (draft beer or well drink) is on the house!
Just thought you might like to know
~Junk in the Trunk

You didn’t think I’d make it through without pushing for Tommy Doyle’s again did you?! And yes, I really sent that email to myself to justify putting it in the mailbag…

I had 16 points!! That gets me in the top 10 of the player rater dammit!

Really, we’re back to this already? You calm down Catt, it was only week 1.  Two weeks later and your team is still undefeated.  Look for a Tri-mester review on the boards on Monday for the Women’s League!

that�s what napoleon said, it�s only one little country,
that�s what john candy said, it�s only one cupcake,
that�s what manny said it�s only one female fertility drug,
that�s what jenna jameson said, it�s only one movie�..
and they were all effed, or effing somebody else, you get the idea. a monster i tell you. Josh would schedule games at my house if i had two peachbaskets.
~I’m the Manning
Someone was not happy about the idea of a Lunch draft league. And it didn’t get off the ground this season, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to try again in the Winter.
Man there’s a lot of grumbling in this mailbag.  This is from a guy that hasn’t even played in a league game in like 2 seasons and only plays lunch pick-up twice a month. What happened to you Manning?! You used to be a staple of the pick-up runs and at least played in one league per season.  Now you’re MIA over the threat of a lunch pickup league that would take away just one run a week?! Get back out in the public eye!

Hello Jason, sorry was out of town for a few weeks. Definitely interested in playing still. Kaif Thompson is a good friend of my brother and spoke highly of the league. Was under the impression I would get put into a draft, with the hopes of Kaif possibly taking me with a later draft pick if he was a captain this season. If the draft is still an option.

Late Draft pick my @$$.  Someone pulled the wool over our eyes!! Luis has stepped into the A1 and been a force absolutely no one can slow down through the first few weeks.  So much for the all-rookie team being a mess, they’re one of the few teams sitting at 2-0 and poised to make a serious run through the league.  That’s why you never trust guys that say ‘I should be a late round pick’ (Tommy) or ‘I should be an early pick’ they don’t know any better, but we should by now!  I think O’Cal set this up after being bitter about losing his captaincy.


Not even really an email, just a status update, but I couldn’t get through a mailbag without mentioning THend.  Don’t look at me like that Lidge!

Mr. Tibbetts
Soooo Jason Tibbetts… apparently you run the men’s b-ball league I just joined!!
Its George Reichardt from Quaboag and I almost crapped myself when I saw the name of the director in the e-mail my captain forwarded to me!
Sooooo what up!?  I am on Vandalay Industries, outta the North Shore, made up of a lot of the kids I went to college with at Salem State and some kids fromMedford.
Wait til I tell the rest of my team that you and I have been playing ball since 6th grade on the Warren Magic! Anyway, just wanted to drop a line and say whats up.

~A Blast From the Past
I couldn’t make this email up if I tried.  Ok maybe I could have, but yea, I went to High School with George and yes, our town basketball team name was the Warren Magic.  We wore all black.  I specifically wore black sweatpants, with my black t-shirt, as the whitest kid in the county.  Why am I telling you all this when you could just hit up George for that kind of information? That and what the son of a preacher was really like in high school (a nerd who didn’t drink, yikes).  I need to quit while I still have some secrets left!
But that’s the great thing about the C.A.C. leagues, it’s not just about the stats and wins and the losses, even though those are great.  It’s about bringing new people together from all walks of life, and sometimes you never know who else you’ll run into!

Until next time keep padding that player rater…