Real B2E Awards

By Pinto

Fuck it…I’m here at the CAC til 7, so I’ll just make awards for the B2E. I did stats for 2-3 weeks, so I have a good idea for awards and what not.

MVP: Mike Strange, Warrior Country

Strange was the clear cut leader of a great team (Eventual Champs), posting roughly 23 PPG, 8 RPG, and 4 APG. I try not to take the best player on the best team, but at the same time, that’s what I would’ve done with either SJ, or the Bollas.

Also in consideration: Brad Mulholland, Manute Bollas Josh Barrett, Super JaMario

Offensive Player of the Season Award: Brad Mulholland, Manute Bollas

BMul led his team in scoring with about 22.5 PPG, shooting 46% from deep. He was a critical reason why the Bollas went undefeated in the regular season, even though he should’ve fouled out against Lob City.

Defensive Player of the Season Award: Justin Edward, Genzyme

Not only did he average a double-double, but he averaged about 3.5 BPG, as well as nearly 1.5 SPG. Without his contributions on defense, Genzyme would’ve had an abysmal season, considering all the talented big men in this league.

Kevin Love Award: Mark Katz, CTC

I called this the Kevin Love Award because he had GREAT stats…for a shitty team. (No offense) Katz averaged 26-11 on the season, and while his numbers are actually MVP-worthy, his team finished 3-6, only beating up on teams worse than them. Let’s called this award a consolation prize.

Stats Whore Award: Mike D’Alelio, Warrior Country

MDA is always going to give you above average perimeter shooting, great passing/court vision, and superb defense. He will also always give you a hard time every game about his numbers. Every time I do stats, he’s on his hands and knees begging for more assists. It’s worse than Kaplan.

Dwight Howard Award: Ryan Oullette, Cha-Ching

This award is for a player who plays great every game, but also hates his situation that he’s in. There’s no doubt Oullette was a little “checked-out” this season, given his team’s lack of help. Unlike Dwight, he definitely didn’t sign an extension for another season with this team.

LVP: Matt Kaplan, Manute Bollas

No other players were considered at this time.

All Complaints Team:

Mike McCauley, Lob City
Mike D’Alelio, Warrior Country
Rob Kutner, Lob City
Matt Kaplan, Manute Bollas
Eddie Frederique, Mass Destruction

All Stars:

Mike Strange
Josh Barrett
Brad Mulholland
Mark Katz
Chanel Wright
Ryan Oullette
Craig Belhumer
Nick Obrien
Mike Obrien
John Mulholland

That took 20 minutes Tom, and I did a fraction of the work you did. Yours truly will be at the CAC next season on Tuesday…GET YOUR POPCORN READY!!!

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