Rory Duyon: The Exit Interview

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The day we all hoped would never come has finally arrived.  CAC All-Time favorite and all-around good guy Mr. Rory Duyon is leaving us.  You may or may not know him personally, but either way you’re probably aware of his scorekeeping/basketball playing/message board posting legend.  He is a big reason why the Coed league has become what it is today and a former CAC Champion(Not too mention a damn good softball pitcher as well).

I had the very fortunate opportunity to have a chance to sit down with Mr. Duyon, also known as Ro-Deezy, and talk a little bit more about his life, his CAC experience, and his future.  Without further ado, I give you further insight into the life and tribulations of CAC legend, Rory Duyon:

D-Will:  Can you give us a little background on yourself?  Where’d you grow up, what’s the Duyon family like, what kind of hair products do you use to make yourself look so good, etc….?

Rory:  Wow, coming out with the heavy hitters right off the bat!!  I’m afraid some secrets must remain secrets, so I’m not going to tell you what hair products I use, but I will tell you that the greys you’ll see if you closely are in fact intentional and artifical.  It’s part of the sophisticated look.  I’m a terrible liar…whatever…I don’t care what color it is, as long as it’s all there.

Born and raised on the mean streets of Londonderry, NH.  I used to get beat up by my two younger sisters for years.  We didn’t talk for a long time as a result, but we’ve since reconciled.  My folks did a pretty good job raising me.  They kept me out of trouble by making sure I never set foot into the neighboring town, Derry…hometown of Nibs The Baller and Nate Dogg.  You wanna know why those two are some damn hard?  Take a stroll through Dirty Derry if you’re (wo)man enough.

D-Will:  You would think being beat up by two younger sisters and growing up in Londonderry would’ve made you a little tougher in the post, but that didn’t help I guess.

Most of us know you’re a sports enthusiast and stat nerd.  What was the moment in your life that caused you to become the fanatic you are?

Rory:  I probably would have been tougher in the post if I didn’t grow up idolizing Eric Montross.  I learned a lot of bad habits in his 3 hour long Celtics career

As for my sports fanaticism, i can’t really give you a moment, because it predates most of my memories.  I’m told that I could name the Red Sox starting 9 before I turned three…sort of…my dad would spot me a first name and I’d give him the last.  Shortly after I turned three, I apparently used to drag my eight and a half month pregnant mother out in the yard to play tackle football with me…if you know my sister Hayley, it explains a lot…and from pictures I know that I dressed up as Spike Owen for Halloween at age 4.  What can I say?  Sports are in my blood!

D-Will:  You should’ve grown up a Bulls fan, you would’ve watched Dennis Rodman maul people and ferociously grab rebounds.  But then you might also have a little less style and would’ve probably dyed your hair all sorts of different colors.

You and I are in the same boat, I had a bat in my hand the minute I could walk.  So the real question is, how did you make your foray into the C.A.C.?

Rory:  I heard about the CAC through Nibs and Nate Dogg, but it was the legendary former co-ed scribe J-Zuk who convinced me to join the staff before he high tailed it back to North Carolina for dental school.  He did the write ups in my first season as a player and I have to say they were pretty damn funny.  I never saw him play, but according to BFab, his game was even funnier.

D-Will:  Nibs and Nate Dogg, 2 legendary CACers.  I joined the league post J-Zuk, but I did read one of his write-ups where I got a mention because he met me at a party at the infamous L-$’s apartment.  I believe he called me a “Dizzy Llama Puppet”, so in all honesty I don’t find him that funny….. In all seriousness though he seemed like a good guy and it sounds like the two of you are similar, on and off the court.

What would you say were your top 3 favorite moments in the CAC?

Rory:  You must have been pretty drunk at said party.  You could cut of my legs at the knees and I’d still be half a foot taller than him.  I wouldn’t put it past him to say that though.  J-Zuk could bust balls with the best of them.

I’ve had a lot of good memories playing CAC ball, but nothing beats winning a championship.  That’s why we play and I’ve been lucky enough to win two of them.  A co-ed championship with the WOMS and a B2 4v4 title with the Wheels, both in the Spring of 2011.  Our semi final win over Warrior Country in B2 might be all time favorite game, because we were such heavy underdogs in that game.  Absolutely nobody gave us a chance in that game.  Winning one with the WOMS was amazing, but I think we won our four playoff games by an average of more than 20 points.

So what is that, one memory or two?  This obviously wasn’t on the court, but watching the B’s win the Stanley Cup at Sunset with half the co-ed league was pretty special…and lastly, the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a one liner from a write up was the time O’Cal compared me scoring 20 points in a B2 game to Steve Urkel transforming into Stefan Urquelle.

D-Will:  I mean, let’s be honest.  I’m pretty drunk at most parties, it’s kinda my thing.  I’m just bitter because I never had the opportunity to dole out some payback, I wish he was still around so he could get the Karma that he deserves from me.

Championships are always awesome, I’m sure I’ll never win one in the CAC because I don’t have the ability to transform into Stefan Urquelle, or hell even Steve Urkel for that matter.

Sunset is quite the spot, if you were to rank your top post-game “beverage stations” what would they be?

Rory:  There were two that stood above the rest.  It’s hard to top Sunset with the free pizzas that come with the beer towers.  Add in the touch tune jukebox and the puppy always running around the place and it made for some fun nights.  They also used to have karaoke back in our first couple of seasons.  If there is a bar that could match Sunset, it would be Tavern on the Hill.  $7 pitchers, and I could walk home from there if necessary.

When we used to play at Winter Hill on Monday’s, we’d usually be some of the only patrons in the bar after games.  One time we had a pretty good crowd there when some local girl (not affiliated with the CAC) apparently thought it was a good idea to mix prescription meds and tequila.  I didn’t see her head hit the floor, but from the sound it made, I thought it was one of the metal chairs.  Not only did the paramedics have to come help her, but she was kinda blocking our path to the bar.  Gotta love townie dive bars.

D-Will:  Mmmmmmmmm…Free pizza and beer towers.  Can’t go wrong there.  I personally like Sunset but have a soft spot for Tavern on the Hill as well, they make a mean Steak Tip Dinner, just ask Kari.  Plus they’ve got pop-a-shot.

Townie bars are the best, always an interesting crowd and you never know what you’re going to see.

Which do you enjoy playing in more, Coed or B2 4v4?

Rory:  They were both a ton of fun for me.  As long as I’m playing ball and surrounded by good teammates that play the game right, I’m going to enjoy myself.  I was lucky to have that in both leagues.  I guess the big thing separating the two was the social aspect that is more prevalent in co-ed when the game is all over.  Our B2 team was lucky to meet some quality dudes on a couple of the teams we played against, particularly on I Hate My Life…Haas, Trup, Hall, AJ, Joe and Polin…but not Rugga…huge douche…on the other side in co-ed it seems like you become friends off the court with most of the league.  I suppose scorekeeping helped, but the community environment made co-ed a lot of fun.  Still, both were fantastic.  I really wanted to play in B Draft, but never had the time.  That looks like a lot of fun.

D-Will:  The social aspect is the biggest reason I stuck around myself, it’s great to battle on the court then grab post-game beers with people, mostly the beers were sorrowful for me and celebratory for my opponents, but hey, beer is beer.

So why are you leaving us?  And what do we have to do to get you to stick around? I’m sure I could get a petition and some sort of charity fund if that’s what it takes.

Rory:  Well, I got a job lined up down in Stamford, Connecticut. That’s where my girlfriend, and most importantly of course, Matt Monroe, live…I hate to leave, but I’m excited to get there.  Thank God for the message boards.  You all definitely haven’t heard the last of me, and who knows?  In time, we haven’t ruled out moving back to Boston, but right now it just makes sense for me to be down there…but if I do make that return, you can bet I’ll be back at the CAC.  My return to the court will have the fanfare of MJ’s return and the success of Antoine’s return.

D-Will:  Well I mean, you could have used the analogy of MJ’s second return, probably would’ve fit pretty well.  I still remember seeing him miss a fast break dunk wearing a Wizards uniform during the 2002 All-Star Game, brought a tear to my eye.

I think I speak for everyone when I say you will be missed, you added a lot on and off the court for this league and we all wish you the best in your new job.  Just make sure to avoid any and all New York sports fans while you’re down there.  You’re going to see a lot of pinstripes, try to keep your cool around them.  I don’t want to hear one of those stories similar to the Giants fan at Dodger Stadium last year.

Rory:  Thanks D-Will, I’m gonna miss everybody I met playing and staffing up here.  You all know who you are.  Thanks for making the last two years so much fun for me.  In the words of Ron Burgandy…”go f*ck yourself, Cambridge”

Or Stay Classy, whichever you prefer.

D-Will:  No Rory, thank you for all the hard work you’ve putten into this league and just being an all-around good guy.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, I’m sure your fellow CACers will enjoy getting to know you a bit more.