Summer 07 B2 Awards

Here are my awards for the season as voted upon by, well, me and me alone with no help from anyone, ever.  Therefore, please send all thank you cards and gifts to me and me alone. And if you have a serious problem with any of these awards and feel really angry about it, well, Adam helped me pick them and were probably responsible for whatever you are angry about, so please see them the next time you are at CRFC. Also, here is a short list of what we consider when making the awards in no particular order: talent, sportsmanship, games attended, team record, and general hygiene. Enjoy and let the controversy begin.




East: Brian Greenburg, Cha-Ching

As the Good King put it, Greenburg was always a star, but this season he took it to another gear. I still think he watched hours and hours of videotapes of my games (ok, well, maybe games when I was younger), as he is one of the most tenacious offensive rebounders I have seen (way better than Turin). Therefore, he deserves a nickname and thy nickname is now ìWeapon Xî, one of the Wolverineís alter ego (the X-Men Wolverineís alter ego, not mine). Great season for him capped off by a monster performance in an OT win over the Tribe. I know he likes the award, but he wants nothing less than a title for Cha-Ching this season and to get his name tattooed on the hallowed walls of CAC. Stay tuned.

Runner-Up: Matty Oí, Genzyme


West: Ken Abrahamsen, Pat Pidgeons, and Justin Amand, GHF

When I go to Kellyís, I can never decide between the hot dogs and the roast beef, so I get both. So why not give both of these guys the MVP b/c it was pretty much a dead heat all season long between these guys. Abrahamsen lead his team all season long to a perfect record. He did it all ñ scoring ,passing, rebounding, and leadership. Amand pretty much did the same exact thing for his squad as he stepped up his game big time form an already impressive past few seasons. I canít really make an argument for one and not the other, so I am choosing both. Just like at Kellyís.




East: Kevin Westersvelt, Average Joeís

Westersvelt paced the cubicles of Liberty Mutual and found two outstanding players to add to his already pretty decent squad (Lohmiller and Spaeth) to made them one of the big guns on the East. Great work by Kevin as he has come a long way since his Solid Gold days. Special Un-GM award handed out by the Good King Adam Kneeland goes to Ian ìThe Jetî Whitney and ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont. Anyone who puts both of these guys on the same team to torment and torture the referees deserves this un-award. Congrats.

Runner up: Whomever is in charge of Cha-Ching this season.


West: Chris Von Seggern, Pat Pidgeons

Sharpshooter Chris Von Seggern re-tooled the Fred Roberts squad into a dominating machine of teamwork and defense. A perfect 10-0 season that included a dominant performance over GDF will be useless however without a title in the West. Should be interesting as this team is loaded and its all Seggernís doing.

Runner up: Justin ìThe Glydeî Dreschler, Beacon Town Beavers




East: Jason Lohmiller, Average Joeís

A smooth, do it all kind of player that you definitely want on your squad. At times he seemed a bit passive on the floor, but that is the Mike Kmiec approach ñ donít dominate too much when you know you can, just wait and turn it on when your team needs it most. Great argument for co-award with Meyer, but slight edge to Lohmiller based on offensive skills alone. Playoffs will be interesting as they could match-up in the 2nd round game.

Runners Up: Geoffrey Meyer, Cleary Club and Keith Schofield, Genzyme


West: ì3 Cheeseî Raffi Affenyan, Secret Sauce

3 Cheese Raffi was unstoppable driving to the paint or shooting his rainbow three. And I know Serge doesnít like (understand?) his nickname, but I really like it, especially considering that he plays on the Sauce. Congrats to this Canadian on a great inaugural season at CAC.

Runners-Up: Thomas Guinthar, Jesselís Grille and Tim Read, Alnylium




East: Geoffrey Meyer, Cleary Club

Very well could have been rookie of the year as well as you wouldnít get too much resistance from me if you thought he should have won it. But he certainly was the defensive player of the year this season as he dominated the paint to the tune of 5.5 blocks per game, most of them emphatic ones at that. Oden would be proud. Throw in 2.5 steals a game and you have yourself the defensive player of the year.

Runner Up: Mike Kuzdeva, Cha-Ching


West: Myron McLaren, ALS-TDF

The quickest feet and hands in the West as Myron plays with the defensive intensity of a hot chick at 1:30AM at City Bar. A quiet assassin as you never know he is coming. Well earned.

Runner-Up: Ken Mullane, Six Pistols




East: Mike D, Mullets

My man Mike D from the hood has turned himself into a real threat out there behind the arc as well as on the boards. He is not just CACís most favorite player anymore as his game is something to be aware of every minute he is on the floor.

Runner Up: Jeff Dixon, Solid Gold


West: Tim Walling, B Squad

The Westís leading scorer this season was Tim Walling as he opened up his game and started shooting the ball with the confidence that he showed flashes of in his previous two seasons. Not sure the exact reason why he went form 9 to 21 points a game (addition of KJ, subtraction of Amand), but the difference was potent. Great season for Walling and a very easy choice here.

Runner-up: Matt Lattore, Beacon Town Beavers




East:  Gabe Porter, Drago

The point guard of the Drago squad can be described as quiet (most of the time, anyway) and puts up some pretty good numbers while running the show. Not sure if he will move his team West next season, but Porter and the rest of Drago are a pleasure to have in the league (except for that McNabb guy  – he wants to many calls!) Just kidding ñ hope the ankle is healed and see you guys in the Fall.

Runners Up: Mike OíKeefe, Tribe Called Monkey


West:  Christian Hartjes, Expos

Someone may check this kidís ID, but nobody will ever check his heart. All out hustle, a nice jumper, and a fearless drive to the hoop ñ all without ever complaining about a call or talking any smack to another player. Great 1st season by Hartjes at CAC and thanks for playing with us.

Runner-up: Torin Crissey, Six Pistols





ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty OíBrien, Genzyme

ìBroadwayî Joe Andrade, Tribe Called Monkey

ìWeapon Xî Brian Greenburg, Cha-Ching

Geoffrey Meyer, Cleary Club

Jason Lohmiller, Average Joeís



Paul Zermani, Mullets

Craig Averrett, Wolverine Haters

Micah Sherman, More Cowbell

Ken Cleary, Cleary Club

Keith Schofield, Genzyme



Mike Kuzdeva, Cha -Ching

Tom Duval, Solid Gold

Sean McNabb, Drago

Jared Gustafson, Serenity Now

Romaine Hunte, More Cowbell

*Adam Kneeland, Serenity Now (employee exemption)



ìEveryoneís Favorite Point Guardî Matty OíBrien, BALCO

Romaine Hunt, More Cowbell

ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont, Wolverine Haters

Dave Triano, Cha-Ching

Geoffrey Meyer, Cleary Club



Erin Johnson, Ladies First

Thomas Guinthar, Jessellís Grille

Justin Amand, GHF

Ben ìShaqî Heywood, ALS-TDF

Ken Abrahmson, Fred Roberts



Myron McLaren, ALS-TDF

Jess Colombo, Pat Pidgeons

ì3 Cheeseî Raffi Affenyan, Secret Sauce

Tim Read, Alnylium

Matt Lattore, Beacon Town Beavers



Tim Walling, B Squad

Christian Hartjes, Expos

Brad Kreider, Thing Magic

Caitlyn Vestial, Secret Sauce/Ladies First

Mark Coulter, Six Pistols



Myron McLaren, ALS

Jose Heredia, WFM

Ben ìShaqî Heywood, ALS

Justin Amand, B Squad

Derek Dally, Thing Magic