Summer ’07 B2 Playoff Preview

I for one am excited about these playoffs (and the lighter reffing schedule in the upcoming weeks). During the season, rivalries have formed, teams have gelled, and refs have sharpened their skills (and taken as many side bets as possible). Here is the playoff situation as I see it from a Donoghy perspective. And no, I donít have the over in any of the 1st round match-ups. As always, nothing personal and good luck to all teams.



Dead Money

Mullets and Wolverine Haters

Much like the guys who roll into the Bellagio playing $30/60 Texas HoldíEm because they just watched the Fossil Man win the World Series on ESPN, these teams have to be considered dead money. Despite solid wins during the season from both teams, I really canít say I think they have a legit shot at the title this season. The Mullets have been lackluster all season long and with rumors of Z abandoning the team for the playoffs, this team has a slim to none chance of defending their title, and yep, slim just walked out of the building. Boris Paskalev is not walking through that door, gentleman! As for the Haters, great win over the Joeís the other night, but I canít see them getting their awful team name on that CAC banner. Just not enough fire power for them to take down the big guns.


Sucker Bets

More Cowbell, Serenity Now, Genzyme

These teams are rock solid, no question about it. They also have some of my favorite players on these teams, but betting on them to win is like betting on the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl every season. They have the talent to really draw you in, but if you really look at the match-ups, you realize they donít have a legit shot at the title. One caveat is Genzyme ñ Matty Oí always steps his game up during the playoffs and with him running the show, anything is possible. I am an idiot for even putting them in this category, but I only have $100 to put on one flyer. More Cowbell proved last season that they lack the intensity during the playoffs do be a true contender, although they do have the unstoppable force of Micah and stellar Romaine at the guard. Maybe this will give them some added incentive? As for my pre-season #1, well, the Good King thinks they have a legit shot to sneak to another title, but I have to disagree. Four rock solid players, but no true superstar. Theyíll have to make a Pistons-esque run to have any shot at the B2 title.


Taking A Flyer

Cleary Club

If you have an extra $100 to put on any team in this tourney to take a flyer on, itíd be Cleary Club. Defensive player of the year Geoffrey Meyer and All-Star Ken Cleary just may have the right combination of mountain due and mozzarella to get that Frogger record. Their record has been lackluster all season long, but they just might be peaking at the right time to make a run at the title. And they are the best defensive team in the league, and we all know defense and crooked refs win championships.


Paying the Vig

Cha-Ching and Average Joeís

Like betting on the Yankees against the Devil Rays with Mussina on the hill, youíll have to lay down at least $170 to win $100 on either of these teams, but in my estimation itís worth it. I hate to be a Favorite Freddy, but clearly Cha-Ching and the Average Joeís are odds on favorites to win it all. Cha-Ching has the MVP of the league in Weapon X Greenburg, who cannot be stopped on the glass. The Joeís have ROY Jason Lohmiller to go along with Spaeth and Korpalski which are a tough match-up for any team. Should be an interesting playoff run.



Dead Money

ALS-TDF, Alnylium, Jessellís Grille, Beacon Town Beavers

I love all these teams, but getting past the 1st round will be a monumental task for any of them. IN such a top heavy league as this one turned out to be, it will be very tough to put any kind of money on any of these teams.  They all have superstars (Shaq, Read, Guinther and Lattore/Dreschler combo), but not enough depth to compete with the top tier.


Sucker Bets


No team is really drawing me in here to bet on them.


Taking a Flyer

B Squad and Six Pistols

If you have an extra $100 to put on any team in this tourney to take a flyer on, itíd be B Squad and/or the Six Pistols. B Squad as always is an anomaly, but their 3 guard offense of KJ, Walling, and Stevie Franchise at times have looked brilliant. Ditto for the Six Pistols as Hebert, Mullane and Coulter have quietly played maybe the most fundamental basketball in the league all season long.


Paying the Vig

Patís Pidgeons and GHF

Youíll have to lay down at least $180 to win $100 on either team, but in my estimation itís worth it. Clearly these two teams have been the cream of the crop all season long, with the Pidgeons with the slight edge. Not only do both teams have the MVP of the league in Amand and Abrahamsen, they both have solid guard play and other weapons on their team to compliment their own stellar play. Anything less than a #1 vs #2 final would be a big surprise in this league.