Sunday Morning League is back 2013 Pre-season rankings and lines

By DRuff

After a 6 month hiatus the Sunday Morning League is back.  Happy New Year!  I’m very excited for the season to start and say what you want about Tibbs he really came through for us this session.  The league has 8 teams and we even get pre-season games which will be played this Sunday 1/20 times, lines and match-ups can be viewed below.  I’m not sure if we will have a ref but stats will be kept and a write-up to follow.

Although I am fairly familiar with most of the teams in the league there are some new teams so my pre-season Power Rankings will most likely change after this week but let’s get to it.

8) KCCO: To me this looks like a Corporate Team.  I believe none of these guys have played in any CAC leagues maybe they play at the gym during lunch time.  If it’s who I think it is they’re in for a long season.  I’ll be nice because they could actually be a good.

7) Anger Management: Glad to see these guys thought of an actual team name because that Team Free Agents team hasn’t been good since I was on it just kidding well not really.  I’m sure they’ll win more games than there last showing at least I hope so.

6) Hungover: I usually have this team ranked higher but in looking at their roster it appears they lost a key contributor.  While they have the chemistry and core group to win the league and make an impact; this will be a tough go round this time especially considering they usually have attendance issues.

5) Sunday Morning Legends: I know there’s a team name that starts with Too Old but damn this team right here is ancient.  I seriously think the only reason Kap was asked to play is to bring down the average age of the team.  They are old but don’t let that fool you this team can ball like New England.  Missing two key players from their 2-point championship losing team last session will be tough to overcome but you never know.

4)  iTeam: Yes I am ranking a rookie team pretty high but if their roster holds true then this will be a tough team to beat.  I’m sure they’ve all played together before and I think they have a guy that had decent stats from the elite of elite leagues so we will see how good they are.

3) Too Old For This Shit: I can’t believe I am ranking this team this high but there’s no denying that if all their players show each week they can beat anyone, on paper  The thing is will all 5 of their players on their roster show?  Good thing for them I’ll have my 14 nephew at most games and he is really good so he can fill-in if needed.  Also even if only 4 show as long as Tibbs is the 5th guy out they’ll be just fine.

2) F.A.Y.:  I was seriously considering ranking my team # 1 especially since we just won the league but with only 2 players from that roster returning, it’ll be interesting to see how the young bucks and rookies play.

1) Team Bring It:  This team usually is ranked in this position but have only won the league once out of  eight sessions.  What makes matters worse for this team is they have lost a key player like lots of other teams but regardless this team is deep and will be a tough out.




9:20 AM     F.A.Y.          vs.     Team Bring It (TBI)        (+7)

My biggest concern with this game is who is covering it?  Tibbs? Kap? Sam?  Regardless this should be entertaining.  I’m sure Bobby’s team will be gunning for me but what he will soon realize and the rest of the league is that my team has been doing what Allen Iverson failed to do for so many years.  That’s right practicing well not all of us.  Bernard and I are still out of shape but I still like our team against an unmotivated probably hung-over Team Bring It team.  Final score 80-73 F.A.Y. rolls.

10:10 AM   Hungover       vs.  Sunday Morning Legends (SML)   (+15)

I’m not gonna lie, I’d be surprised if these two teams have enough guys to play let alone tries.  I expect a ton of threes shot in this game.  Although I actually think the Sunday Morning Legends are a better shooting team I’m taking youth over old age this week.  Final score 65-50 Hungover wins.

11:00 AM     Too Old for This Shit (TOFTS)      vs.   Anger Management   (+6)

I guess Tibbs isn’t covering my game since he scheduled his later.  Anyway this should be a nice an easy win for TOFS if everyone shows.  Anger Management will go into the season ummmm angry.  Final score 66-60 TOFTS wins

11:50 AM        iTeam       vs.   KCCO    (+30)

I expect this game to get ugly fast and for me to get home and enjoy some football.  I’d be shocked if this game was close based on my research but I’m entitled to be wrong if the Mayans were.  Final score 80-50 iTeam wins.

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