‘Super Draft League’ Proposal

So I know most of you read the message boards, but there are a number of players who don’t, or may not let their opinion be heard in a forum like that, so I wanted to make sure everyone had access to this information about a new proposed ‘Super Draft League’. You can find the discussion thread here, many questions are asked and most are answered, the smart ones anyway.

A Committee has been formed that is exploring the feasibility of CAC’s first ever ‘Super League’ for the Spring 2011 season. We’re talking about playing in the same league, with the same teammates, two nights a week! It’s a pretty exciting concept that rewards the CAC die-hards, or players that want to play on multiple nights, but not with different teams. Let me give you the details, then you tell me what you think, ok?

Here are the main points

– 8-10 Teams
– Games Played on Wednesday night and Friday night at C.A.C.
– 2 Preseason games (1 week)
– 20 game regular season (10 weeks)
– Top 4 teams make the playoffs. The rest of the league plays a single-elimination play-in tournament for the other playoff spot(s)
– Best of 3 Finals (Sun/Wed/Sun set-up)
– Something YouTube related (Game of the Week taped or live streaming) each week

Now of course you’re wondering about the cost of a league like this right? Well I’ve convinced the big boss man (hi Josh!) to cut the players in the league a solid deal.

– $275 for non-gym members for the season
– $150 for C.A.C. gym members

And of course, you want to know how the league teams will be determined right? That’s where we’re still ironing out the most details, but here are our early thoughts.

– Draft League (obviously)
– Top players given the option to draft their teams for the first time ever
– Tweaks to traditional draft models may need to be made depending on the wide range of captains (sorted by APR)

So there you have it, the parameters of our first ever “Super League”!

I would like feedback from as many people as possible, so send me an email to CACBasketball@gmail.com even if you absolutely hate this idea. But be more eloquent than “Your idea sucks Tibbs!” send me constructive feedback. Make suggestions, tell me what you do and don’t like and recommend changes. This is still in the planning stages and we haven’t solidified every detail so I welcome the input!