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Nothing But Smiles with Reggie St. Germain

[show_avatar email=dustinwilliams11@gmail.com align=left user_link=authorpage show_name=true show_postcount=true avatar_size=100] It’s that time again, another intimate look into the life of a fellow CACer.  This time around we’re profiling a man who is most known for his smiling face and all around hustle.  Reggie’s played on a lot of different Coed and B teams, always bringing a different […]

Coed West Fall 2012 Preview

Coed CACers, D-Will here, your jolly coed scribe.  It’s a glorious time of the year, what time of the year is it you ask?  Well it’s time for the Fall CAC Season to kick-off.   I can’t even put into words my excitement, but I can tell you this.  I was starting to develop a bit […]

Hello From Stamford!

Miss me?…Don’t answer that Hey CAC Nation!  It’s been a while.  Checking in from down here in Stamford and I have to say that work is going well and I’m generally very happy with the way life is treating me…just not so much when it comes to basketball.   I did some research and found […]