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Quick Hits: Meghan Gerrity

yes THAT Gerrity I have a very special guest to bring back the “Quick Hits” segment of my blog. She’s a CAC Basketball rookie and just played her first game last week, finishing with 6 points and 17 boards in her CAC debut. Now, as most of you know, players usually have to be around […]

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Nomar

A Take Down of FHF Or rather, let me remind you of a few things that Five Hard Fouls left out of his latest blog post. I’m sorry I just have to take umbrage with that alphabet soup that was posted last night. I don’t necessarily disagree with what the author is trying to say, […]

TiCal’s Corner: Five Hard Fouls

Ticalís Corner ñ Mike Gerrity  AKA PurplePretendo Mike and I are like the Capulets and Montagues.  No we are not star crossed lovers(…his loss…), but as it turns out we grew up at the same exact time and went to bitter rival high schools, only to become boys, brought together by CAC basketball.  Yes, we […]