Wolverine the Obscure

Legend has it that when Joe Dimaggio first heard Paul Simonís Mrs. Robinson, he was a bit miffed by the lyrics indicating that he ‘has left and gone away.’ Apparently, he was right there living a fulfilling life all along (well, until he died in 1999).  Someone who has slept with Marilyn Monroe should not be […]

Tricked and Mistreated

So I picked up my morning newspaper (umm, the CAC website of course) and what do I read in the most recent and always entertaining TiCal’s Corner? Apparently, Mr. Tibbs Goes to Hollywood has been promoted and now evidently outranks me! I almost choked on my breakfast (which usually consists of ants, grubs and the occasional […]

Letter of Resignation

When I turned 34 about a month ago, I began to re-evaluate my life at CRFC for about the 240th time and wonder how much longer I could keep up this lifestyle. Seriously, how many more nicknames could I possibly think of? How many more times could I explain that it’s not a travel if you […]