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5v5 B West Fall 09 Preview

Welcome to the Fall 2009 5v5 B West Selection Show (thatís a mouthful)!! Much like all of my lifeís scrupulous decision making, I have comprised this preview based on a refined method of selection I like to call ìeenie-meanie-minie-mo.î You may have heard of it in one of your advanced applied economics courses?  I find that not only is it […]

Go Ask JBerr

Journalists realized that posing questions was not merely a practical working method for the reporter modestly gathering information with notebook and pencil in hand; it was a means of exerting power. The journalist is not merely the one who asks questions but the one who has a sacred right to ask, to ask anyone about […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Dear 5v5 B, If youíre reading this letter than you already know. Iíve been replaced. My lines. My write-ups. Everything. Iím at the Comfort Inn. Room 112. Please knock before entering, <3 JBerr. Itís not you, itís me (read Josh). While our intimate and surly tryst has brought nothing but pleasure and complete satisfaction to […]

Get Rubbed: 5v5 B East Awards

Welcome to JBerrís massage parlor, where egos are created, nurtured and encouraged to thrive, turning even the most modest of men into full-blown, narcissistic ego-maniacs.  [ìUuuuuuuh, caress me downî softly cues in the background]  I would first like to thank you all for an entertaining and highly enjoyable seasonóI hope the feelings are mutual, and […]


In light of today’s economy it’s never too safe to be perusing the Want Ads, brushing up your resume, and proving to your current colleagues that you’re not a lazy dbag and that despite the glaring evidence in your web browsing history you really don’t spend your entire day g-chatting, message board posting, blog reading, […]

To C League Thanks for Everything, JBerr

Itís been a pleasure moonlighting over @ the Kennedy School this season to cover the C League. Iíve shared so many fond memories with everyone over the past few months that I thought Iíd recall them here in appreciation and recognition of all the players.   Tick/Tock: Carrying the damn portable scoreboard to and fro got to be rather […]

C League “Awards Show”

For those who didn’t catch it on the message boards… Jillian was kind enough to break away from stalking former A League players over the age of 40 and grace us with some scintillating commentary. I pretty much drew up my version of the awards and then let Jillian pontificate, rant and rave, and decimate […]