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Holy Sh!t What a Debacle

Trivial Calamities, Stupid People and other of life’s foibles I’m fairly quick to anger.  Not, “I’m going to punch you in the face” or “I’m insulted, I must avenge my honor” type anger, but more of a “seething, wtf are people thinking, how can they be so f*(%ing stupid” anger that I mostly keep to […]

Another Quick Rant

Because it seems to be what I do best lately Listen I’ve got NFL on the brain.  I’ve got a couple fantasy drafts coming up (ok both are over a month away, but it’s been a long arduous off-season for a Pats fan that was walking up the ramp as Ray Rice broke off an […]

Kids Today

This is called a delaying tactic So I have a severe case of writers block so throw me a bone and stfu while I try to plow through it. I promise I’ll get right back to your write-ups and awards that I ‘owe’ you all shortly. A good rant usually helps right? http://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/24250080/detail.html Someone please […]

*Amended* The BS Report

The BS Report ñ Is it me or can you not believe anyone anymore?  Athletes, politicians, co-workers, (cough myself cough)…Sure, I could go off on a tangent about how awful it is to lie, but the more I thought about it, lying is just like making passes at your attractive cousin:  we all do it….Well, you know what […]