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Another Top 10 List – The Best Sporting Events In The World

Sorry…Wrestlemania just missed the cut If you’ve read “Pretty Enough For Radio over the past year and a half you know that I enjoy lists and I enjoy sports…well, it’s time for another one.  With the Olympics in full swing I started to think of my favorite sporting events and I’ve compiled a top 10 […]

Papelbon Is Gone, But Life Goes On

Originally Posted 2011-11-16 The solution is closer than you think We saw this before with Johnny Damon and Pedro Martinez.  Eccentric and dominant Red Sox players reaching free agency and walking.  Friday it happened for the third time in the post-curse era when Jonathan Papelbon reached a four year deal today with the Phillies worth $50 million. It’s funny how […]

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Nomar

A Take Down of FHF Or rather, let me remind you of a few things that Five Hard Fouls left out of his latest blog post. I’m sorry I just have to take umbrage with that alphabet soup that was posted last night. I don’t necessarily disagree with what the author is trying to say, […]

Overcoming Adversity

Yeah, weíre down 3-1.  Tell me something I donít know dickhead.  You think this is the first time weíve had to overcome adversity.  2004, the Disco/Techno eras, and the episode of Saved By the Bell where Zack and Slater fought:  all examples of when faced with unfortunate events, we as a people ended up winning somehow in the end. […]