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O’Cal’s Worst Games

Guest Post by Tommy Kahana   Hi All, RoY here and just like all of you, the RoY household is disheveled that our beloved O’Cal is leaving us. Actually I’m not sure who’s more upset me or MrsRoY but we’ll leave that for another day. Moving on….with O’Cals impending departure, it got me reminiscing about […]

Quick Hits – RoY-VP

Cuz you don’t get enough of him in general I need to post more, you know you all like my ramblings, but I’m also lazy, so there’s that.  Why not make most of you all do the work?  In lieu of more long, drawn out interviews, I’m going to be posting some ‘Quick Hits’ with […]

A1 Regular Season Awards

As another chapter in the most storied league of CRFC has come to an almost close, it is time to dish out the regular season awards that all of you have been e-mailing me directly about.  This was by far, the best A1 league we have had in a long time and that can be attributed […]

TiCal’s Corner: Tom Kahana

With the first week of A1 in the books, one of the premier stars to emerge is the head and wristband toting Tom Kahana, but what separates him from the rest of the pack, as usual, is his character.  I can not stress it enough, but in this Mickey Mouse league of washed up athletes, my […]