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4v4 All Star Game Recaps

Because you all want to know your stats I was surprised and delighted at how well All-Star week turned out at C.A.C.  So I provided everyone with their stats and a blurb about the game.  Yea, that’s more write-ups, for me, but you all can’t get enough, so I better keep delivering.  I mentioned it […]

Women’s 4v4 Awards Winter 09

As Voted on by the Players! So I put the decision making process in the hands of the players this season and I’m glad I did.  The return of ballots could have been a little better, but it was over 50%, it’s a good start! It’s also obvious that those of you that did return […]

View From the Balcony: Sweet Lu

Where Neither of Us feel the pressure to hit a Lay-up In today’s View from the Balcony we’ve got one of the Ladies who has become a staple of both the 4v4 and 5v5 Women’s Leagues, Luana Botelho.  How’d she get the honor of answering my inane questions you ask? Well you shouldn’t, you should […]

Women’s 4v4 Awards Fall 08

With 10 Drops of Playoff Knowledge Heading into this season’s playoffs, I’m obviously going to give you highly anticipated awards, but instead of a playoff preview, persay, I’m going to be change it up just a bit.  You’ll be getting 10 Drops of Knowledge, things you should know about the teams that are going to […]

Women’s 4v4 Summer 08 Awards

Summertime – in the City This is the last season before we switch over to the widely publicized Draft League for the Ladies.  As such, it’s the last season for the GBears and Icebox to try and win that elusive first championship as a team.  Which one will be able to drink from the Pump […]

Women’s 4v4 Awards Winter 08

Guest Blogger: BWad BWad’s first season covering the Women’s 4v4 Sunday night league was a huge success.  He had some big shoes to fill (only figuratively) taking over for O’Cal, but he made the ladies laugh and always had his write-ups up on time.  Great work BWad, and now here are his awards… MVP: Caitlin […]