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Breaking News – Tical Fined and Suspended for Homophobic Slur, Loses Baby-Gap Sponsorship

This just in but yours truly has been fined and suspended for the use of a homophobic slur that took place at CAC. Just this past Monday, in the A(1) Draft League, I was called for, what most consider, a ticky-tack foul when I slammed an opposing player into the wall.  It was my 5th foul […]

Half the Pickle

Thou Shalt SHARE   Seriously, have I said this yet?!?! Online sign-ups are now open as the Spring ’10 season approaches!  Please use this link for more information and email CACBasketball@gmail.com if you have any questions and to sign up yourself or your squad! Oh right, I have, multiple times, we’re less than two month’s away, sign-up!! So let’s […]

What’s Wrong With You People?

What’s Wrong with You People? I know what you are thinking:  You People?  What a racist bastard.  Oh, great, I just uttered one of the most forbidden sayings in the English language.  I forgot that “You People” has become one of “those” phrases you cannot say in todayís society.  I canít wait for the emails to start rolling into the Commishís desk […]

Partying with Tibbs 101

Case Study Guest Blog by Scalabrine’s Girl Partying With Tibbs 101 Purpose and Reason: This study started back in the Fall of 2001. A sheltered boy of 17 years was released into the world and his first stop was college. There were boobs everywhere and a magic potion that made the faces that came with […]