The 2011 Spring A Draft 4v4 Awards

The 2011 Spring A Draft 4v4 Awards
Well, it was one hell of a ride this season in the CAC’s house league, the A1. The A1 has been around on Monday nights for over 10 years strong now and the A1 title is the most prestigious championship that you can win at the 4v4 ranks as only (mostly) the best players play here. A lot of fun was had on the short court this season as the regular season has concluded and the playoffs are starting up. It’s time to commemorate the on-the-court performances of some great players and some fantastic basketball teams.
Without further adieu, on with the show:

The 1st Team:
James Frazier, X-Men
Chris ‘Majic’ Macieczjak, I’ve Got Your Grapes
Scott Mulholland, The Immortals
Brett Armstrong, You Got Tibbs’D

The 2nd Team:
Brandon Dorey, The Rapture Revival
Adam Biehler, You Got Tibbs’D
Billy Durbrow, The Rapture Revival
Malcolm Greene, X-Men

The 3rd Team:
Matt Kaplan, The Immortals
Xavier Holland, Anaconda ‘Whooo’ Liquors
Mike Kusdeva, I’ve Got Your Grapes
Trevor Holt, Reach for 6

GM: Raj Singh, X-Men
Raj earned this award as there’s no competition here. He had the lowest pick in the 1st round, yet he unearthed a gem in Malcolm Greene, who was the league’s top newcomer. His next pick was Tim McCarthy, who’s probably a stretch for the 2nd round, but he’s been a valuable contributor as a great complement to Malcolm and a clutch shooter who’s hit BIG shots repeatedly. His best move was drafting some loser in the 3rd round, who only played in one game, so he got James Frazier as a fill-in. There’s a debate whether Frazier or Greene is the best player on their team, yet Frazier ended up being the ultimate puzzle piece as a bulldozer on the glass and a guy who could knock down open shots while not being selfish.
Add the phenomenal value picks of Gregg Dennis (15 PPG) and Adam House (20 PPG) in the last two rounds along with a captain who actually shows up for games and this choice is simply academic. Congrats to Raj for being the brains of a very well-run operation here.

The High Riser: Mike Kusedva, I’ve Got Your Grapes
Runner-Up: Chanel Wright, The Rapture Revival

This is an award designed to highlight growth and improvement from season-to-season. Sure, one can look at the statistics on the website to see the tangible numbers. But, impact has to be seen on a personal level as well as number-crunching and it’s been incredible to see the evolution of some guys’ games over the last few years. The guy who tops my list is Kuz.
In most games this season, he was The Maestro out on the court as he won the assist title in convincing fashion with a few double-digit assist games this year. Kuz pretty much averaged 16.5 ppg, 6.0 rpg, and 7 apg for the regular season and his team caught fire late in the year. There was also one game where Majic wasn’t there where Mike went for 30-plus points while his team landed a big win without their best player in tow. This guy makes his teammates better as he’s simply an asset on a winning team. This guy hasn’t hit his ceiling yet, which is the scary thing. It’s gonna be fun to see what Kuz does in the playoffs this season.

The Top Rook: Malcolm Greene, X-Men
Runner-Up(s): Xavier Holland & Nate Mendes, Anaconda ‘Whooo’ Liquors

A testament to Raj’s scouting reports, surely. Though Malcolm Greene is no slouch on his own. He’s a football player that’s built like a house yet with enough finesse to sport the building’s finest Eurostep. From Week 1, this guy has been fun to watch as he’s dominated spurts of games where his X-Men usually get a lift from him to give them a big lead. Defensively, he’s good but not great, but he’s a solid perimeter defender who will gobble up lots of rebounds. Offensively, he took over games with his drives to the basket and his propensity to make the outside jumper. The guy averaged 22 ppg and 9 rpg under the expectations of a 1st-round pick that may have been a stretch. Turns out, he was a great pick who lived up to the hype. Here’s another guy who can keep getting better over time if he keeps it up.

MVP: Chris ‘Majic’ Maciejczak, I’ve Got Your Grapes
Runner-Up: James Frazier, X-Men

This was the only tough award that I had to create in my head where I had trouble picking who deserved it between two awesome players. Still, the contributions of one man down the stretch cemented that this award had magic written all over it.
Majic beat out James Frazier for this award with play that transcended an entire team to great heights after struggling in the beginning. And yes, I measured overall play into this account as I just found it way too hard to ignore putting up 33 ppg and 10 rpg for a whole season, including a few incredible efforts that led to some big Ws down the stretch. However, there was no bigger factor in getting wins as a team than a couple of shooting outbursts from Majic. He had the most impact with his scoring, his rebounding on the defensive end, and his leadership as his team is the hot team entering the playoffs. Ending the season with a 33-8-5 and a 36-10-5 is a clear marker of dominance that no one else really approached in two big wins for his team. Also, Majic is DEFINITIVELY the best player in the history of the A1 as the all-time stats indicate that he is besting B-Dubs, AB, Dorey, S. Mulholland and others for the Best Player in CAC History title. Kudos to Majic for a well-deserved MVP award.

And that’s it for the regular season. I hope all of you enjoyed a great season on the basketball court and I hope all of you enjoy the end of summer along with some fantastic playoff action at the Cambridge Athletic Club! Make sure you sign up for next season before the deadline for another great run on Monday nights!!! Good luck to all in the playoffs!!!