The B1 5v5 West 2010 Summer Awards

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These got posted last week on the boards…just an add for the website for anyone who wants to read here or send that link along. ‘Til the next one, keep shooting.


It’s the regular season version. Tough to do for a few reasons because of attendance issues on my end, but better late than never, even in abridged version.

MVP: Ben Max, Big Tickets and Sean Osgood, Lotion In The Basket (yes, CO-MVPs!) Granted, this is a regular season award (as the playoffs would see Osgood winning a title and a Finals MVP), but these guys were both awesome as spark plugs on their team. They were both Top 5 in PPG, Top 5 in APG, Top 10 in RPG, and Top 10 in SPG. That just screams of well-rounded contributions for their teams. And the Tickets went 6-3, locking up the #2 seed; while the Basket grabbed 5 regular season wins and the pivotal #3 seed. These guys won and they won by producing and making their teammates better. Definition of MVP(s).

RoY: Neal Krause, Quick Release. The league’s scoring leader at 21.8 PPG just happened to be a newcomer as Krause got it done on the block and shooting from 3. If Kendin Carr’s knee doesn’t get injured, bigger things could have happened with the Quick Release. Alas, Krause was an absolute offensive juggernaut that couldn’t be stopped. Easy award to give.

DPOY: Mike Keohan, Rah & The Heartbreakers. Krause could have won this one as the author thinks RoY gets more publicity, but the DPOY signifies a mark of dominance. There were only two men in the league that averaged 2 steals and 2 blocks a game (Krause averaged a whopping 3.4 SPG as a 4, is this Chuck Barkley circa 1985?) in Krause and Mike Keohan. I chose Keohan because I believe in spreading the wealth, but to be fair, this guy has a sneaky good game that should be recognized. He also had the most boards for his team by a country mile and he had a huge playoff game leading his team with 18 points in a semi-final loss. Keohan nabs the DPOY with his efforts.

GM: Cheese. Easy in retrospect, but this was an upset pick from preseason predictions. Personally, I’m a fan of giving awards for the whole season because isn’t the main goal to win a championship in a team sport??? Cheese recruited Osgood to join the LITB core that was shocked last season as he wisely cut some washed-up personnel (ok, maybe not.) This team jelled late in the year and they were able to have guys step up different weeks to claw out wins. Shockingly, Koz didn’t get this one as we all know what happened in the West finals. Props to the championship GM, Cheese, for intelligently building a winner.

Here are the team awards (and with the proper classifications at positions!)
1st Team: 1: Ben Max. 2-3: Adam Polansky, Sean Osgood. 4-5: Billy Durbrow, Neal Krause
2nd Team: 1: Billy Fratelli. 2-3: James Spidle, Mike Keohan 4-5: Kwesi ‘Q’ Jones, Rob Scarpato

Thank you to everyone involved for a wonderful season!

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