The Greatest Game Ever Played

I am not one for over, over, over, over-statements, but that was the BEST basketball game I had ever seen.  Down 21 against the BEST player in the NBA who happens to be the easiest player in the game to hate, I feel like anything is possible.  Iím going to start shaving….Iím going to start growing….Iím going to start dating! (okay we wonít push our luck)

Turnabout is fair play?  Shoe is on the other foot huh?  The Snake has become the Mongoose or the Mongoose has become the snake, whichever makes sense.  We just raped Kobe for a victory and didnít even toss him a towel after to clean himself up.  I love it.  I hope Doc buys his wife a $4million ring after this game.

I got texts from my friends cursing out the Cís.  At midway through the second quarter we are down 40-19.  To make matters worse we are getting shots of Justin Timberlake and even an interview with Will Smith as this game is going on.  Right then and there I will never forget that moment because that is when I replied to a text to from my friend Megan, who did not invite me to the Sox game for her birthday by the way.  I told her to suck a fat one for not inviting me to the game but more importantly I told her and the rest of the bandwagon jumping/pink hat toting queers at the Cask n Flagon that there was plenty of game left.

Lo and behold, the Lakers D makes the hacks at CAC look like Scottie Pippen and Bill Russell.  Was there anyone within 20 feet when Jesus Shuttlesworth blew by Vujacic for the game clinching bucket?  Iím surprised Kobe didnít rip Vujacicís testacles off right then and there.  Looks like Kobe has one less Valentine to send out next year to his ìbrothersî when Vujacic is back in Kazakhstan playing pick up with Borat and Bojan (any old schoolers remember our Croation Sensation).

(PS:  And speaking of former CRFC icon Bojan, he had one of the greatest lines ever, which goes hand in hand with watching the greatest game ever.  He had the same accent as Borat and told Mike Kaup once ìItís because of stupid Americans like you that the dumbest person from another country like me can come to this country and make more money than you.î )

And how is the Zen Master being out coached by Doc Rivers?  Can someone explain this to me?  Are we going to start seeing me out ref D-Mac?  Are we going to start seeing the Wolverine become a better rebounder than the MixTape?  Are we going to start seeing our pious JBerr start out whoring a combined tandem of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan?  I hope now people see that Phil, despite the whole wise facial hair/ glasses thing he has going on, cannot hold a candle to Red.

On the road, in the Finals, down 21 and we come back to win by 6.  It doesnít get ANY better than that and I was at the New Jersey game.

I expect a lot of chatter on the boards fellas and ladies.