The Refs Are Back!!!!!

Celebration time fellas!

Time to lauch the confetti cannons and start watching the NFL games.

The debacles of the final two games of Week 3 made it clear that the replacement refs could not get the job done.

Now, the real referees will get a chance to take back control of the league and the players.

Players were taking advantage of the replacement refs from the Lingerie League and college footballs teams by trying to insert their opinions on every controversial play. The players would fight with their opponents (literally) and the refs lost control on numerous occasions.

Roger Goodell finally made the right decision to pony up the dough for the officials that make the NFL the best sport in America.

Players will now be held under check and the plays that decide games will be called correctly without 15-20 minutes of review after an iffy call.

Thank you Goodell for paying them the money to do the job correctly.

Hopefully, that time off will not lead to rust in these Week 4 matchups.

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  • The cheers will last for exactly one week, then we’ll be back to complaining about the officials in week 5. I’m ok with that, i’d rather complain about a few obvious plays then have a complaint on any given play

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