The Summer A1 Jort Report

Its summer time and the livin’ may easy outside the CAC walls, but inside, I am all about full fledged seriousness as I prove that winning with Tibbs is not impossible.  As an additional caveat, some of you may know, one of my very few flaws, as certain CAC players have pointed out (BFrat, Rip) is the fact that I still wear jorts once it tis the season.  Too make matters a little bit more saucy this summer, I have decided to call out A1 players each week by issuing this friendly wager:

If you beat my team, the next week, I will play in a pair of my lovely carpenter jorts.  If you lose, you dust your pair of jorts off that you probably buried in your closet 13 years ago, when they fell out of style apparently, and play your next game in them.

To accept, Monday morning, before you take on Air Jortan, go to the message boards and post “In Re: the A1 Jort Report” and accept my wager…if you are man enough to risk the subsequent thigh chaffing that will ensue the following week.


Summer of 09 belongs to Air Jortan and by the end of the season I fully expect to have the finals video include shots of all losers of said bet so donít be shy, man up and wager.


(Me standing over BFRAT)

(Jorts will not be worn in the playoffs so this bet expires the week before playoffs.  I would never want anyone of you to have to be sent home in your final game of the season in a pair of jorts.  That would go against all the free-sprit and love that jorts are notorious for bringing out in their wearers.)