The Two Greatest Regular Season Coed Teams to Not Win a Title: The Head to Head Matchup

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The Dance Franchise vs. J-Shore Franchise

These two teams have had/had immense success in the regular season, compiling undefeated runs only to fall short in the playoffs. Dance went all the way to the finals to lose by 1 in Overtime and lost to the eventual champ DL White the season prior to that.  J-Shore didn’t get quite as close.  These two teams just couldn’t get hot when it counted despite running through teams.  The question still remains, who would’ve won the head to head matchup?

Now I’m not quite as nerdy as Rory, so I’m not going to go back and look at all the stats.  I’m also going to assume the teams were fully staffed and had all their best players there with no injury limitations(even if Tibbs might as well always be playing injured).

Here’s the matchups:

The Ladies:  Sarah and Britt vs. Loren and Gripp

For the sake of this matchup I’m just looking at the starters(mostly because I can’t remember the other girls names/am too lazy to go back and look it up.  I’m give the edge to J-Shore in this one.  Sarah and Britt are two very good players who do a lot of the little things and hit key shots.  Sarah can get hot from downtown and Britt is a very scrappy player who handles the ball well and creates turnovers.  But Loren and Caitlin can flat out shoot.  The Mad Bomber can go off and hit 10 threes before you even know it happened and Caitlin has a great inside-outside game with a jumper that rarely misses plus she would’ve had a size advantage over the Dance ladies.

Edge:  J-Shore

Perimeter Players:  Kearney and Reilly vs. RoY(I think he’s the only true perimeter guy from those days).

Again, I’m too lazy to look back but I’m just going to go with these players because they are definitely significant players for both teams.  Kearney and RoY are too of the best guards to step foot on a coed court of all-time.  RoY was #2 on the all-time PR list until they raised the game minimum and I’m sure Kearney will be near the top of that list in due time.  These guys can both shoot, handle the ball with the best of them, and are adept at finding teammates open looks.  Kearney is the better rebounder but Tommy is arguably the better passer.  I still give a slight edge to Kearney, he is bigger and has shown the ability to post up smaller players and score from the inside.  I think Tommy would’ve had a tough time on defense against him.  If you throw Marc into the mix with he and Kearney on the floor that means one of the J-Shore bigs has to come out and guard the perimeter which probably means a field day on the offensive glass for Dance.  Vice Versa, the post players of J-Shore could take advantage on the other end.  I would say this is a push, but the overall perimeter edge goes to a slight advantage for Dance

Edge:  Dance
Post Players:  Ibrahim, Hags, and Smith vs. Tibbs, Barrett, and Vigneau

Ibrahim is one of the most athletic players to play in the post in the Coed.  He had a field day with many teams down low by just being more explosive than the defense.  Hags and Smith attack the glass with the best of them and are good enough to alter/block shots by even the best of post players.  Tibbs is no slouch and finds ways to score from all over the floor and Barrett and Vigs are tough down low, always keeping other teams off the glass and scoring efficiently.  But I think if you look top to bottom Dance would outrebound and outscore Tibbs and Co.

Edge:  Dance

Team Defense:

Kearney is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, locking down many high powered guards.  But J-Shore plays great team defense and typically keeps teams well below their average points scored.  With the length of Hags and athleticism/size of Ibs/Smith I think I have to give the edge again to Dance.  They are tough down low and have very good perimeter defense.  Built similar to J-Shore defensively but more athletic.

Edge:  Dance


This is a tough one.  Both of these teams rebound the ball very well.  Barrett and Vigneau are huge and do a great job of cleaning up the glass.  Hags practically touches the rim when he stands below it so he gets a lot of boards that he shouldn’t and Ibrahim/Smith grab more offensive rebounds than should ever happen.  Tibbs cleans up the glass well too, he finds ways to fight through traffic to grab boards.  I would say that Caitlin and Loren are better rebounders than Sarah and Britt which turns this into a push in my opinion.  If there were 100 rebounds to have one team would grab 51 and the other 49.

Edge:  Push


So this is obviously a purely subjective category and if you asked 20 different people you would get 20 different opinions.  But you could probably say that about some of the other categories in this blog as well, however I feel they are all necessary topics.  Dance has shown the ability to hit key shots late in the game, protect the glass, play tough but smart D keeping themselves out of the bonus and individual foul trouble.  The only person who has issues with that is Hags, and he’s been getting better.  On the flip side Hags, Ibrahim, and Smith are all below average free throw shooters, meaning that late in games teams can use the “Hack-a-Shaq” philosophy on those guys to keep the ball out of Kearney’s hands.  Tibbs and Co also showed a knack to make their shots count late and to find ways to win close games and keep teams just far enough away to not allow them to mentally will their way back into games.  They have similar free throw woes down low, however their ladies don’t miss from the line and Tommy and Tibbs can both hit them with regularity.  This category is a tough one to choose, both teams have a go to guy to take over a game, both teams always found ways to win close matchups, I can’t really pick an edge here.  This one is dead even.

Edge: Push

In this scorekeeper’s humble opinion, the Dance franchise would win this matchup 7 out of 10 times if both teams are fully staffed.  They are deeper, their best player is better than J-Shore’s best player and J-Shore would have some matchup problems in the post and on the perimeter. I do think J-Shore would win a few games, and in those games they would win them on the backs of Loren and Mrs. Tibbs having big games.   Either way, I’d love to see this matchup happen.