The Wolverine Trap: Ken Bascomb

Kenny “The Mayor” Bascomb

Kenny �The Mayor� Bascomb

This season’s 1st installment on the Wolverine Trap is the point guard for defending A2 champion Cambridge Medical Kenny “The Mayor” Bascomb. Kenny is one of the most complete players at CRFC who can shoot the long three, lead the fast break, and defend. He can also stir up some serious controversy with his constant chatter and flashy play on the court. Let’s all get to know this man a little bit better.

Wolverine: Thanks for being on this week’s Trap, Kenny.

Kenny: No problem, anytime!

Wolverine: As always, I will ask the easy questions first. Tell us a little about yourself, like where you are from, where you played your basketball prior to CRFC, when was the first time you grabbed another guys shirt to defend him, etc.?

Kenny: I am originally from Cambridge, but moved to Medford and played High School ball there. That’s where I learned the little tricks of the trade with the shirts etc. can’t tell you everything. Then I furthered my career at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Wolverine: Ok, let’s cut to the chase. In the opening week of the A2 league, you nailed a long three to cap a huge comeback to put your team ahead against the Commish’s very talented Showtime team. With 5 seconds to go, it appeared that you may have fouled CRFC legend Greg Poulos on his last second shot attempt. How would you describe what happened?

Kenny: Well, it was a good game and a close one at that. I was bound to hit a shot considering I hadn’t made one all night. From the second the ball left my hand I knew it was good, but was unsure of what the score was. I thought that we were still down by at least one but I was wrong and toughed out a good, but ugly win.

Wolverine: Interesting you don’t address the alleged foul. If your bride to be fled days before your wedding across the country and falsely claimed she was abducted, would you still marry her? If not, what would you do?

Kenny: Well it would depend on the circumstances. If the s*x was good and she could cook, hands down the wedding would still be on. No sir, just kidding, probably not because everything happens for a reason, so I would accept it as a blessing in disguise and wish her happy travels.

Wolverine: How do you assess Cambridge Medical’s chances of repeating this season with all of the new talent in this league, including 2 teams from my hometown of Saugus?

Kenny: We as a team are just taking it one game at a time and not looking too far into the future. But the talent is good and I believe that the two teams we have played so far we were evenly matched with and it wasn’t a blow out, but an evenly matched game, which sets this season to be a competitive one. I also expect every game to be a close one.

Wolverine: What are we on TNT? Cmon, where is the trash talk? How long have you been playing with the men of Cambridge Medical?

Kenny: I have been playing with this wonderful group of guys for approximately five, maybe six years now.

Wolverine: Is there a better athlete in this league than Jermaine Baynes?

Kenny: Hands down I would say NO! Jermain is my boy and sometimes he even amazes me.

Wolverine: If Congress ever gets to the NBA, which current or former players would you think are most likely to be investigated for performance enhancement drugs?

Kenny: I wouldn�t say anyone would be investigated because look back when Jordan was playing – the talent level was evenly matched and high. But now there is a number of good players, but since the Jordan era I don�t think that the league is as competitive with the exception of the playoffs.

Wolverine: Some players have accused you of being a �dirty defender,� grabbing shorts stepping on feet, etc. How do you respond to these accusations?

Kenny: The way I see it is those same players do certain things to slow the man they are defending down (me) and I don�t b*tch and moan about it. I just ask the ref to watch out for it and if all else fails rise to the occasion. When Jordan was getting grabbed and elbowed he didn�t complain but kept on playing. �Be a man, suck it up� he said.

Wolverine: I never heard him say that. OK, you are at a Hoop-it-Up tourney and your team has next game. You see four courts in front of you. Each court has a referee standing on it – Wolverine, Brian, Dave and the new guy from last week. Which court do you bring your team to play on and why?

Kenny: Dave�s court because for the most part he lets you play and still manages to call the game both ways or as he deems it fair.

Wolverine: Who has impressed you the most on the court thus far at CRFC?

Kenny: No one person really as an individual, but there are a few teams that any person would look at and think that it would be a walk in the park and it hasn�t been so far.

Wolverine: Here is a brand new feature in the Trap. If you could ask the Wolverine one question, what would it be? Keep in mind I have full edit rights.

Kenny: What the hell were you thinking when you put those spandex on to play pick-up with that Saturday?

Wolverine: They weren�t spandex � they were my high school shorts. And they still fit!!!!! An entertaining guy like you should have a nickname. Do you have any nicknames already?

Kenny: Well a name that my old high school coach and fellow league mate gave me in high school has seemed to stick somehow. They told me one day that I looked like a player named Boo Harvey so my friends that have played ball with me since high school call me Boo. And friends from college call me the Mayor, because I am such a politician when it comes to the refs.

Wolverine: OK, I like the Mayor better. Mayor it is. What is your connection to new A2 leaguer Brian Skerry, rumored (started by me) to be the best point guard in the gym?

Kenny: I owe a great deal to Brian, a/k/a Beaver. I played behind Brian for a couple of years and he basically taught me the tricks of the trade. And I picked up a few of my own along the way. But for the most part Brian has been a big influence in my career.

Wolverine: If you were to steal a large sum of rare bills from the house you were working in, would you voluntarily go on TV and tell everyone a story about how you �found� it under a barn?


Wolverine: Where would we most likely find you on any given Saturday night?

Kenny: At home cuddled up with wifey.

Wolverine: Wow, the soft side of Kenny. Very good. Will Antoine Walker be back with the Celtics next year?

Kenny: I don�t really know, but I hope so – they need his energy.

Wolverine: Eva Longoria, Eva Mendez, or Eve?

Kenny: Eve.

Wolverine: Thanks for being on the Wolverine Trap. It has been a pleasure. You are now a member of an elite company.

Kenny: Thanks