TiCal’s Corner: Billy Durbrow

First it was Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller, then it was Larry Bird and Sue Bird (donít quote me on that one) and now at CAC, we got the lethal brother/sister bball combo of Billy and Callie Durbrow. Bdubs is one of the newest members of the CAC staff and is tearing up the A1 and 5 on 5 leagues. He was baptized at JBerr’s Bday party last week and after drinking with some of the staff, he still voluntarily wants to keep working with us.  I guess there is a first time for everything.  Today, Iím just psyched that I get a Billy in the Corner that is good at basketball and one that I wont have to hose down the seats after he gets up.

Billy, thanks for taking the time to step into the Corner and may I be the first staffer to welcome you into the fam:


Glad to be here thanks for having me, I apologize for taking so long to respond, you can blame your boys from the geek squad for taking their time fixing my comp


First of all they are not my boys ok!


Whoa, did I strike a nerve?


I was 23, a curious virgin, just discovered spank.com, and I wanted to find out why it was called a ìhard drive.î  They didnít have to ridicule me and post my story on their website when they made my house call.  All they had to do was tell me how to get it out with as little chaffage as possible.  Thatís it.


(awkward silence)


Ok, well why donít we just hop right into it.  Again, this is about you and not my quest to lose the V card.


1. Please give us some background info on yourself (where you grew up, what brought you to CAC, some basketball/life high/lowlights:


Grew up in Vermont, played at a small D3 school up thereÖwasnít a whole lot to do besides go to practice and get drunk so thatís what we did. Going to class was never a high priority so I was forced to take a year long hiatus between my freshman and sophomore year but I got my shit together and finally graduated.


Itís all good.  You know who else had to take a year long hiatus?  Yup, Ronnie Artest and he is straight balliní for the Rockets so far.


Truth.  So I got out of VT, moved to Manchester NH for about a week but that didnít work out. I felt like uncle Joey from full house, I was living in a basement and the owner of the house had 3 young daughters so I had to get the hell out of there. So I ended up down here and my sister introduced me to the CAC.

Some lows in my bball life would have to be losing the d1 championship my senior year and not being able to dunk on people anymore mainly because of drinking too much and not working out but cause of that free gym membership from Josh I might be able to turn that low back into a high.


Oh to be young, have goals and never been caught defiling a computer.  It must be good to be you.


You know itÖ


2. Im going right into the hard nosed questions that everyone wants me to ask: Billy, who do you think has had the harder fall from grace, Steve Segal or Jean Claude Van Dam and why?


Donít really follow either one of them so no comment


No love for Under Siege or Sudden Death????!!!  Oh, wow.  I think Segal looks like heís back on the crispy crËme diet or they have like 100 cameras on him adding that ìthe camera adds 10lbsî myth.


3. Election Day – Who ya got: some old white dude with the milf VP, or the articulate black dude with the old white dude as VP?


I do like the milf but I like the black dudes game better, you seen the highlights of him playing? Iíd take him over you in an A1 draft.


I would stick his ass.  I saw that highlight too and that dude guarding him was shaving points.  Obama probably had pictures of him.


Yeah, probably doing something nasty to a computer tooÖ


Hey man, cmon, we are CAC staff.  SAME TEAM!


Haha, ok man youíre right (the two pound it out)


4. Who is more competitive, you or older sis Callie?


I donít know man, we both def areÖshe used to kick my ass when I was younger but that hasnít happened in awhile


Yeah I donít even acknowledge I have a little sister after she got facial hair before me.  Iíll take that grudge to the grave.


5. We have recently discussed that you are a more than eligible bachelor. (and no I was not hitting on Billy)  Are you interested in a lil love connection, CAC style, where we set you up with 3 ladies from the womenís league and have JRod follow you around on your date? We will have eliminations, contests, competitions, anything that a Flavor of Love like reality show would have.


Great idea!Ödef into the reality shows I watch em all the timeÖ. and you can be my assistant, you know like the guy that stops the girls from bitch slapping each other, gets me drinks and hands out the necklaces to the girls staying during elimination time and then walks the losers out the doorÖyou in?


Absolutely.  But you know Iím chicken hawking all the losers.  If Iíve only learned one thing about women is that their standards are at their utmost lowest after a breakup or any other sort of rejection. Toss in some beer goggles and my Wolverine cologne and Iím in like a dirty shirt.


6. Are the Pats finished this season?


They might sneak into the playoffs but I doubt anything after that.


7. What is wrong with the Cincinnati Bengals?


Damn man whatís with all the sports prediction questionsÖ.Anyways I donít think anyone cares about the Bengals Iím just glad I didnít take Palmer in any of my fantasy leagues.


If you could, would you give Vince Young a big hug every time he gets booed?


I used to like the guy but now I think heís a pussy


8. What leagues will you be covering this season and in those leagues who is the most entertaining/best player to watch?


Covering the Charlestown 5-5 leagues on thurs and whenever else Josh texts me looking for helpÖthe most entertaining player would have to be that dude you said looked and acted like Rasheed Wallace from the Millrats, that was a good call. Lot of good players in that league, The Upper Crust is fun to watch, Sugar Chicken has some good players, my teammate Royce always goes hard every night so Iím glad I joined the CAC fam cause itís a good time working these games.


9. Does anyone sleepwalk behind the whistle better than me?


Yea Iíll give that to you but my man big Mike Harris is def the most entertaining ref


10. What has been the best/worst aspects of CAC that you have experienced. What/who do you like/find entertaining? What can we expect Bdubs to bring to CAC?


Its been all good so far, cant think of anything bad to sayÖThe whole thing is entertaining with the website/write-ups and everything else, all you guys are hilariousÖ.have to make it out to your next end of the season party.

Just going to continue doing what Iíve been doing so far and get a couple of those championships.


I like your style Bdubs, thanks for taking the time to step into the Corner.  We will be in touch about the CAC reality show because I am in the mood for low self esteem and girls with absolutely NO SHAME


Haha, talk to my people and letís get it done!