TiCal’s Corner: Erin Magic Johnson

When you are the best player on a championship team, the spotlight, endorsements and interviews are just some of the perks that bestow todayís guest.  Dominating the Womenís forum, Magic has taken the league by storm with her skill and winning ways.  Clean the Corner, Check.  Light the scented ìMixTapeî candle, Check.  Spray some Febreeze because the Candle smells awful, Check.  Make sure mom made the good Kool-Aid, Check. Cue the Jodacee, Check.  We gots us a lady in the Corner people, time to punch in.


Erin, thanks for taking the time to step in the Corner…


Thanks Tical, but why are you sitting so close to me?


Um…I always sit this close to all my guests.  (Yawns ñ Outstretching arm)


(Magic reaches for her purseIf that arm gets any closer I will taze you in the man boob!


Oh, okay.  (Retreating with tail tucked between legs and adjusting my shirt because I shouldnít have moobs) Sorry, I was just stretching.  Billy was much more receptive last week.


Whatever.  Can we get this over with I feel like Iím back in high school and at any moment Iíll have to hide if my friendís parents get home.


You wouldnít have to hide….Youíd actually have to climb out the window because thereís not really anywhere to hide.  Maybe behind my life sized cardboard cutout of the Wolverine, but I havenít taken it out of the original wrapping and I donít let anyone near it.  If it loses any value Iíll never be able to get my $3.99 back on eBay.



Please give us some background info about yourself.  Where you grew up, bball and life highlights and lowlights.


I was born and raised on eastern Lawng Island, New York (Boo!) and went to Westhampton Beach High School.  Basketball began for me one fall when I was about 8 years old and was playing Youth Soccer.  I went into the gym to catch my ride home from my mom and I saw some boys playing basketball and I told her that I wanted to play that sport.  There were no girls, and I was too young to play, but I guess I learned my negotiating skills from my mother because that next weekend I was playing Saturday morning bball.  I donít think Iíve put the basketball down since that day.


In High School I ran Track & Field, played tennis, and played basketball.  There were a few highlights in High School, and I was lucky to have very successful teams in all 3 sports.  I was All-State for Track & Field, my tennis partner and I were two time All-State, and I was all-conference and All Long Island (Boo!) for basketball by the end of my career. 


I decided to go to Wellesley College in 2001 and there I played basketball all 4 years and graduated with a degree in Economics.  Highlights in College included making all-conference and being selected to play in the NEWBA Senior All-Star game.


 Iíd have to say that I have been very lucky and have had so many opportunities and great coaches and teams that there havenít been many lowlights.  Losing to Springfield my freshman year of college by 3 points and not making the NCAA tournament was a disappointment, but I guess as a freshman, I felt that I had years ahead of me to make up for it so I wasnít heart broken for too long.


A major lowlight my senior year of college was when my best friendís father died while coaching at the Clark Tournament- Coach Steve Romasco of Sutton High School.  He was an amazing mentor and friend of mine, and his death came as quite a shock to all of us.  A few days later we had our final game against Babson College which we lost and ended my college career.  A few weeks later I was given a second opportunity to play in a final game in my Wellesley uniform when I was selected to play in the NEWBA Senior All-Star game.  Catie and her family were there to cheer me on and Iím sure Coach Romasco was in attendance as well.    


More painful, breaking your nose or Sitting through an entire showing of Flavor of Love Season 1?


I guess I have to admit that I did catch a single episode of Flavor of Love one night and was glued to the TV, but a full season might rival the pain of breaking my nose that Saturday Morning.  It all happened rather quickly (itís crazy how fast a reverse b*tch slap can change your life, or at least your weekend plans)


Mannnnn! Do I hear ya on that one.  Seriously though, my first bitch slap changed my life.  I never told another girl she reminded me of a stripper I saw somewhere.  Worst First Communion Party EVER!  Women are so sensitive.


(Shaking her head) Classy.  That ranks up there with after my nose getting smashed, Josh called someone and told them we had an emergency, which initially made me feel more at ease, that is until I found out that he had called for a towel girl. 


We are the same mold of men, well at least when I become a man.


No, this story gets even better.  Then, as I sat out in the hallway, waiting for someone to take me to the emergency room, some of the boys were trying to persuade me to be the 8th so that they could run a final game of 4 v 4. 


Let me guess, you didnít play?  Living proof women are selfish.  Nose is a long way away from the heart Magic.


Please, Iíve seen you have to stop reffing games because your forehead hurt from carrying that beast you call an eyebrow.  (Reaching into her bag) Here.  (Tosses me tweezers)


(I look at this thing like the monkeys looked at the huge black stone in 2001: A Space Odyssey or for those not up on the classics: Derek Zoolander ìThe files are in the Computer???î)


Donít be afraid to use it.


(I begin to play it like the spoons, slapping it on my hands and knee)


I think itís broken.  (Magic rolls her eyes)


BFrat AKA the Toilet Seat, has been quoted as calling you the ìBESTî female at the CAC.  Exact quote was ìShe [you] taught Orville how to butter popcorn.  Do you agree?


This quote has caused me to obsessively check each window in the house to make sure heís not peeking in the windows.  My biggest weakness is popcorn and I eat a bowl of it every night.  How does he know this?  Billy, are you there?


Soul mate, plain or with butter.  Itís still a soul mate.


Riiiiight…But seriously, there are a ton of great female players at CAC which continues to make it an awesome league to play in.  Thereís Pack a Vestal who is a ridiculously good player and definitely has one of the biggest hearts in the league.  And I have to give a shout out to every player thatís been on our Ladies First team.  They are all true ballers who are such a blast to play with.  Iím still waiting for my opportunity to ally-oop to Kellie, but our day will come.   Terra Curtis started this dynasty and brought me on board, and weíre going to do our best to keep the torch burning. 


Ok stop please Iím getting chocked up with all this loving going around.


Probably the most loving this room has ever seen. 


Untrue, I keep hand crËme over there and the TV gets Cinemax. You do the math.


I really donít need to know that.  Can we please change the subject?


On a scale of 1 – 10, one being miniscule and 10 huge, how big of a loser is a guy if he plays Guitar Hero?


Dark hair, blue eyes, 6í3î and can hit a J- I wouldnít care if he used Dance Dance Nation as a way of keeping a good physique.


6î3!?!  I hate how all women who play basketball want a tall guy.  No woman wants my short gene in their pool.


Maybe they donít want your ìshortî gene in their pool because they wouldnít be able to feel it swimming.


This is for all the calls I missed in the past isnít it?




Who do you think would be the best fit for CACís Next Top Personality and why?


You know, there are so many choices.  Iíd like to start with whoeverís idea it was to have us park in an undersized parking lot a mile away from the club, or the person who built the dog/child protective cage at the entrance of the lobby.  But honestly, letís ask Fizzle, formerly of 2 Eís go Fizzle, and find out what makes him sizzle.


I donít think Fizzle even knows what makes him sizzle and even if he did know he wouldnít be able to explain it to us in 20,000 laymen words or less.  Fizzle just sizzles


When is it ok for a man to cry?


There are a lot of times when crying is accepted.  Like when the Patriots blow their perfect season or when Ladies First use to abuse the boys in the B League.  Those were the days.


Emasculation is more comical than sad.  Love seeing women serve men their testacles on the court.


Funniest movie of all time and why?


If Seinfeld was a movie, it would rank #1.   Iím a huge fan of funny movies ranging from Old School to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Pick your poison.


If you have Dark Hair, are 6î3 with blue eyes, drop a ìNee, Neeî on Erin and take her out for some popcorn…Sure the last date I took out and told her she could only have popcorn ended up going home with the bartender, but I donít blame her, the bartender had double Dís.


If you were Dr. Phil, what would you do or what advice would give to help the troubled celebrity yutes that seem to be so poor that they canít afford underwear when a cameraís around or are suffering from such inner ear infections they seem to always be falling down?


Shoot, I thought the no underwear look was in. 


Just in the Corner usually but I do my guests at least that much of a courtesy and toss some drawls on.  People hate the smell of low tide.

And I thought that smell was just the MixTape scented candle.  But, I would tell these celebrities to keep right on going or else I wouldnít have anything to read in my trashy magazines or watch while I am running on the treadmill.  I am fascinated with the Brittany Spears Saga and how pregnancy can be labeled as a celebrity fad. 


You need a license for a dog yet anyone can have a kid.  (Chanting and clapping along) Letís Go Pro- Choice!  People want gun-control, I want people control.


Who is the live-wire on your team?  We all know when you guys need a bucket, you can rise to answer the ìhero-lineî, but off the court, who is the go-to-gal for a MUST good time?


My go-to-gal is definitely the one and only, my ìfriend from the gymî Laura Jasinski- aka LJ.  LJís got a witty personality that keeps me laughing all night long.  I met her and played with her my junior year atWellesley and itís all been down hill since.


I totally believe that because LJ usually had the wittiest comments about my poor officiating.  I recall one Sunday when someone was shooting free throws she was standing next to me and commented, ìI love how you use that whistle as often as you probably use other things on your body.î  I of course thought she was talking about my legs because of all the running I did, but then I remembered I never make any calls and wondered how she knew me and my dating life so well.


Thatís my girl!


Magic, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and thank your welcome for getting you ladies a real official on Sundays!