TiCal’s Corner: Google

1. Where are you from Google?

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and went to college in St. Paul Minnesota at a small college called Macalester. I would guess that 2 people in the league have heard of Macalester (both of which are the two guys in the league who know me). The only ‘ah’ I can give you about Macalester is (1) Devean George of the Lakers played in our league and (2) Kofi Anon is an alumni.

(J-Rod, let me save you some time, Kofi Anon is the secretary general of the United Nations.)

2. You know i have to ask this even though it may seem stupid but are you a Police Academy (the movie) fan?

Yes and no. Police Academy 1 and 2 sucked However, Police Academy 3-6 were excellent� Steve Guttenburg simply gets better with time.

3. we know you can play ball, but can you play the field like officer mahoney in the police academy movies?

I’m just going to split the middle on this one and say “I can definitely play with my balls”.

4. take away J-Rod’s qoute “guard arm”, how many does he score on you?

With no Arm Guard J-Rod still gets his 20 An aggressive player like J-Rod will get their points one way or another.

See, my problem with the Arm Guard is not J-Rods use of it, but that he (and the ref) think its “my” foul when he clears me out. The output of the arm guard was not J-Rod points, but instead Google fouls.

Talking about the arm guard is kryptonite to me at this point.

5. If a tree falls in the woods and no ones around does it make a sound?

It completely depends on what kind of tree it is.. Elm tree � Yes� Bonsi Tree – No

6. Who do you feel is the all around best player you have played with or against since your arrival at CRFC (in league or pick up)?

I think the CRFC environment (ie. 4 on 4 and average size) makes guys like Feddie very dangerous. I used to play against Feddie at basketball city, and he was always good, but never dominant. Looking at his CRFC stat lines I think it�s safe to assume that he is now dominant.

7. after hearing about last monday nights game where there were ejections and all that other nonsense i would like to know one thing, are you a lover of a fighter?

My right hand would say I�m a lover� especially on Sundays and during Sharapova�s tennis matches.

But seriously, I didn�t see that game, but the �cheap shots� I read about sounded pretty dangerous. The CRFC gym is not (to put it mildly) safe. The out of bounds consist of walls and nets and the pads behind the baskets provide as much protection as a piece of saran wrap and a rubber band. If guys are undercutting and shoving people into the walls they should be immediately ejected�. Anything less will naturally result in a brawl as teams try to protect their own.

8. who is the best super hero of all time

Early trailers would indicate Catwoman

9. If Joey Diesel was being belligerent at a bar and you were the bouncer, how would you get him out?

Joey would be OK as long as the Arm Guard wasnt involved.

10. tell the CRFC faithful one thing that they dont already know about you.

I was born with six toes on my left foot. At an early age my parents had a doctor remove the extra bone and cartilage, but the surgery left my little toe ~3 times the size of a normal little toe. Knowing the kids would make fun of me, my mom called it my �super toe� and convinced me all my athletic ability was stored in my toe. If anyone ever made fun of my toe I would explain its underlying powers and challenge them to a race.

So, J-Rod might have the arm guard, but only I possess the super toe.