TiCal’s Corner: Joey Diesel

Thats right. These are the words straight from Diesel’s mouth. Joey has been apart of the CRFC basketball program since its onset. If i am the Stuart Scott of the write-ups, Joey has to be the Chris Berman, since he was the person originally responsible for doing the write-ups and interviews, until i took over for him. Gentlemen I give you Joey Diesel…

1. So where have you been? There has been a lot of talk about your lack of attendance on and off the court? Clear the air once and for all.

Nothing really interesting to report here young buck. Joey is working his tail off lately and just hasn’t been able to play much. I’m working overnights and I am back in school so the combination is tough for me to balance right now. I mean I can barely go out and poke the locals, never mind play basketball!

2. Ok Joey your my boy, but the spray tan thing??? Whats up c’mon be honest, whats the story behind that?

Just trying to help out a friend that’s all. You see the whole idea was to use my popularity to advertise the whole “Star Tanning” thing. Unfortunately it hurt my reputation somewhat, but it’s cool.

3. Where and what/who were you doing when the red sox won the world series?

Why what did you hear? I’m not on any surveillance tapes or anything am I? I was home the whole time-I think. Oh no actually I was out umm night-foggy, all I know is that I was somewhere drunk. I’m sure that I behaved though.

4. A. Who would be your 5 players that you would pick to represent the all-time CRFC TEAM at a tournament in Boston.

The Mic himself, Chris McMahon. The Wolverine. Mr. Congeniality, Greg Poulos. Hmm. Shandor the great (the kid is just a force-I like his game). And you gotta put a guard and who better than Rip?

B. Who are the top 5 talents that you have ever seen at CRFC?

Tough question. I see no reason why I can’t just go with the 5 that I just named.

C. Who are your top 5 characters of all time at the CRFC?

Good one. Rob Donovan was a friggin nutcake. I mean the guy worked as a chef. Had a full family at home and was a couple of asprin tablets short of a full medicine cabnet if you know what I’m saying. Mike Kaup would be 2nd on my list. This kid was a raging bull. Who can forget when he chucked the ball of off Mike Roache and as cool as can be, Roache turns around and hits a long 3-pointer. Funny stuff. Then you have Andy. I forget his last name, Josh would know it. This kid played football at Michigan and shrank down some to play basketball at C.R.F.C. And for some reason he hated Poulos. He was a strange animal. Sean, you coached him right? Then you have the man known as Gee. Tony Sears’ cousin. He talked more shit than anyone. I’m not sure if he got along with anybody. Not even Tony, at least not on the court. And last but not least is Ron Vogl. He was always in Ronnie’s world when on the court. He played for me one season. We were in a playoff game and Ron took an elbow to the forehead. First of all he was pissed that I took him out. Then I tell him that he needs stitches, no doubt. Well this kid goes to the front desk, throws a band aid over the gash and tells me that he is ready to play. This kid is bleeding on me for god sake, upset because I wouldn’t sub him in. Funny!

5. What are your feelings about the Wolverine Trap and Tical’s corner. Are you flattered/disapointed because and do they hold up to Diesel Talk standards?

Well I think that both of you are doing a solid job entertaining the players. Diesel Talk paved the way. Kind of like Run Dmc. And now you and Matty are holding it down. Although I think that one of you two should interview Stevie. I’m sure that you would get some quality answers from him.

6. Why havent you had a LEGAL drink with me since i have turned 21. As i recall you were out with some 30-40 something year old chick on the birthday celebration at Tequila Rain…well was she worth it and are u still with her?

No I’m not with her and yeah it was worth it.

7. Will you ever make a full comeback to CRFC basketball?

Sure will. Don’t count out JoeyD. I’m training hard and even though I haven’t shot a ball in months, my conditioning level is at an all-time high.

8. A. What is the all time greatest movie that you have ever viewed?

Jesus man. There are so many. I would have to go with Pulp Fiction.

b. Funniest?

Okay I can’t give you the (1) funniest however, I will give you my (5) funniest movies. First one and not necessarily in this order, is Airplane. Followed by Dumb and Dumber. Something about Mary. Caddy Shack. Then you have to throw in an Adam Sandler movie. I’m going to go with Water Boy. Actually sorry Sean but I can’t leave out Major League. Okay so I gave you 6.

c. Most inspirational?

Keep in mind that I have been sitting here for 10 minutes, trying to answer this question. Most inspirational is tough. Braveheart. I will whip somebody’s ass after watching that movie. Quality movie.

9. Who did you want to win this last election and why?

Oh without a doubt I wanted Kerry. Bush is not the answer for this country. First it is Iraq and next it will be Iran. We’ve lost the respect of most of the world and it sucks. We need to slowly pull out of Iraq and ask the U.N. to help us fix our mistake. And don’t even get me started on the “pro-choice” issue. If Bush is against abortion and gay marriage fine. But my opinion is that if a couple is happy then why not? And as far as abortion goes, if you are against abortion fine, but where are the funds going towards educating the young adults who are struggling with this issue. Money towards educating young women or money towards foster homes and foster parents. What about the families that really need welfare? I’m not saying that Kerry was our savior, but like the saying goes if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Well guess what? It’s broke!

10. Joey its been 6yrs and counting since i have had the pleasure of knowing you so tell me something that i have no idea about you?

This is me Sean. What you see is what you get. To take a lyric from the rapper Common. “I love my music, I love my momma, I love myself, I love you and you love me and this is—-I’m out”!!!!