TiCal’s Corner: Keith “The Preacher” Thompson

Over the past 2 years since he has joined the CRFC family, no one has been more vocal on the court than Keith ìPreacherî Thompson.  Every play, Keith is playing harder than everyone else all the while letting his thoughts be known to everyone in the gym.  Today, I get him to step into Americaís favorite corner to get him his much deserved 15 minutes of fameÖ



Keith, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me.


No problem the pleasure is all mine.


1. As always Keith, please give us some background information about yourself (Where you grew up, life/basketball highlights, etcÖ)


Well, grew up in upstate NY, Syracuse. My family is all from NYC and Philly but we landed in Upstate somehow. Iíve been playing ball since 6 or 7 yrs old. My first love was baseball though. I didnít like b-ball because I use to double dibble all the time. My early b-ball experiences came from playing against the likes of Roger Hooks my cousin and Dorsey Levens my big/little nephew formally of Green Bay Packers, Giants and Eagles. I was a little skinny dude and use to get manhandled on the court all the time. But playing with the big dudes in the neighborhood made me better and tougher. I played grade school ball with Rick Brunson (my man). He moved out to Boston in the 8th grade and played for Salem High School and became the man out here. Now heís in the league playing for some team getting a little burn and getting paid for it.


As for me I played b-ball and baseball all through high school. For the record we lost 6 games total in my 4 years. (Wow) I took 1 Ω years off after high school and that hurt my chances to play Div II ball. So I sent a few tapes out and landed in Rochester, NY at Monroe Community College. I red shirted my 1st year at M.C.C. and we went on to place 12th in the nation. Iím no stranger to winning. My second year, we were good once again and we went to the JUCO final 4 in Hutchinson, KS placed 3rd overall that year. My career continued at Binghamton Div III now Div I though. I was an honorable mention all American averaging 24 and 10 a game.

Overall Iíve had great experiences playing w/ some great players that played in Div I or the league. At the end of the day they will tell you the same thing itís all about the love for the game. Thatís where it all starts when you are little growing up trying to be like IE: M J, DOC J, or MAGIC.


And now its all about the write-ups and interviewsÖ


You know it!




2.  What did you originally think when I dubbed you the Preacher?


Hey I thought it was very cool. I didnít know where you got the concept from. I though you knew I went to church and was saved for 6 years. So it was kind of ironic because my future father in law is a preacher and my grandfather was a Bishop (still a preacher). So in essence I though it was funny.


It actually came from your constant ìpreachingî on the court.  I never heard a team mate continually picking up others, communicating on D, talkiní smack, etcÖall the while not get out of breath.  Hence, it was a lot like those preachers on TV that give those long, profound speeches.


3. Who is the best comedian of all time?  Richard Pryor, Dave Chapelle?


With out a doubt I would have to say Richard Pryor. He was truly the man that inspired some many to follow like: Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Aresenio Hall, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, DL Hughley, Bernie Mac and including Dave Chapelle plus many moreÖÖ.


4.  The first thing teachers tell you when you are in school is that there is no such thing as a stupid question.  Do you agree with this statement?


Yes and No.  I think teachers teach kids that because they want to them to learn to think critically and ask questions to find the answers.


And you know they are in the teacherís lounge at the end of the day laughing their asses off at the questions that the smelly kid who eats paint chips asks.


It wouldnít surprise me, but as humans we sometimes ask STUPID questions.


Not this human.  Check out my past interviews, nothing but gold.  Raw, unbridled gold, baby!  So basically youíre saying I am above humans then, right?


Now thatís a stupid question.


Dam, I feel so normal.  This is what the Wolverine must feel like when he interviews people.


5.  Who is the best basketball player in the gym that you have either played with or played against so far?


I would have to say 3 people. The toughest and best is Al smooth, then Brian Rip (so quick to guard) and thirdly some dude on Wolverineís team for the 5 on 5 league. I donít know his name but heís 6 ft 7 with an inside/outside game.


Iíve barely heard of this guyÖ (I shuffle through some papers on my desk until I pick a sheet up and read) Chris McMahon?  He sounds soft, but if you say heís got some game, Iíll take the Gospel of the Preacher as my word too.


6.  What is the best thing to ever happen to you in your life?


Taking that 1 Ω year break after high school. I worked full time long hard hours. It made me appreciate my education when I got to college. Going straight to college from high school I had 2 things in mind: Girls and basketball (immature).


I had the same thing two things in mind too, Keith.  Unfortunately, neither one had me in mind.


7.  Do you think President Clinton did all he could to prevent a terror attack?


I do and I feel that he had to come in and clean up the mess that the first Bush left the office in. We canít blame Clinton for the terror attacks. This thing goes back to George SR Bush sleeping w/ Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein years ago.


And I thought Clinton was the one sleeping around with everyoneÖ


8.  Whatís more important, the Preacher winning an MVP or Pimp Hand taking down the brick this season?


No doubt getting the BRICK. Iím a team player first.


Itís funny, when I was 17, I thought I was going to be able to build my first 20 room mansion out of CRFC bricks (3 bricks in first 6 seasons), but itís starting to look a lot like I wonít be able to build a four brick wall, let alone a house.


9.  What do you make of TO, Terrell Owens?  I havenít seen that much baggage since my last trip to LoganÖ


I think he has baggage and I think he has a lot of talent. I asked Dorsey Levens 3 weeks back about TO. He told me that he has an alter EGO.


TO?!?  No way he has an alter ego.  Heís as level as the Leaning Tower.


Haha, seriously, Dorsey told me he is very different when all the lights go down. I would have to mirror that statement and say TO has major issues but his talent is undeniable. We have to separate the TO from the field and TO off the field. Bottom line he just wants to win the big game that all.


10.  Ok, Keith, Iím a young, up and coming pimp that has been single for a couple months now.  The game has been good, but what is the best piece of advice you could give me to elevate my status with the ladies to immaculate?  Keep in mind that telling them I am Tical does not work on non-CRFC ladiesÖOr CRFC ladies for that matter.


Well coming from a true retired player that has hung up his jersey a few years ago, I would say you have to be original first and separate your self from the pack of the ordinary and boring. One thing that never fails is be real, truthful, and make them laugh. If you make them laugh thatís half the battle. She will at least listen to your presentation, delivery, or game. Women love men and real men start with this list and see where you are. You need to have 7 important things: 1. Job, 2. house/ OWN apartment not momís attic or basement, 3. Car, 4. 1 major Credit card, 5. nice wallet, 6. good smells, 7. nice watch.  The 7 things I listed are what real women look for in real men.


Just comparing that list from the 7 things the that the Wolverine gave me some years ago, letís just take a look: 1.  Alcohol.  2.  Chicks dig animal lovers.  3. Alcohol.  4. Work your abs.  5. Alcohol.  6. Even when you donít know what women are talking about, just act like they are.  If sheís telling you a story and sheís upset, you should be too that sheís upset.  Finally, 7. Alcohol always is the unsung wingman when you go out.


Well, I to each his own I guessÖThanks for the love and ink just remember- ìPersistence dominates or resistance and Keep your mind and be yourself or you might find your self by self and definitely no funî. We all make mistakes that why they put erasers on pencils. KT

Thatís deep manÖdeep end of the pool deep, but I love it!