Tical’s Corner – Rhiannon Lee

What does it take to step into the corner, try winning back-to-back championships as well as falling just one game short of a 3 peat and that is exactly what Rhiannon Lee, the captain of the Black Mambas has done.  Rhi has dazzled the Womenís league with her Jason Kidd-esque game and has her Mambas back on track to regain the Womenís League title this year.  She’s great to watch on the court and makes history as the first interviewer to use blue font.  My favorite color’s green, but I forgive her.  Rhiannon Lee, come on down!

Rhi, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to step into the Corner.

Your welcome, my agent told me you knew the conditions to which this interview was to be given. Just to reiterate – All questions directed at Rhiannon should be about basketball. At no point shall the interviewer ask personal questions about Rhiannonís private life. I know this may be excessive but my agent is trying to be protective of meÖ

Totally understand Rhi, in todayís age, you players have it toughÖ

1. Please, give us some background information on yourself?  Where youíre from, career/life highlights, etcÖ

I was born and raised on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. At the tender age of 18, I ventured east to Boston with the idea that I would become a grade A electromechanical engineer. Three years in, I had an epiphany that my life would not involve a) any aspect of or relation to electromechanical engineering, b) any drugs or alcohol previously approved by Lindsay Lohan, and c) sharing a suite with 11 other girls.
Fast forward some odd years to the present. Iím now being compared to Jason Kidd (in his prime?),

Of CourseÖ

I run a womenís basketball league that has blossomed over the past year Iíve run it, I am heading into my last year of school at UMass, and working my way up the biopharmaceutical ladder. My next venture is an underground Medford Poker Night.

You should definitely network through the CAC following because I know there are a ton of degenerate gamblers that would love the gritty urban scene of an underground Medford Poker Nite.

2.  Who do you like better, Tical the write-up person, or Tical the official?
How about Tical the statistician? My stats have more unneeded thickness than shoulder pads in the 80s.

Hey, my integrity as a CAC employee has never been questioned.  Modesty will get you no where at CAC.  Besides, if there are any questions I always round up to make sure there is at least something to like about me.  Itís a little trick I learned to stay employed at job which I am dangerously under qualified for and seriously inept at.

3.  Did Chamique Holdsclawís out of the blue retirement screw over her team 5 games into the season?

Actually what I would like to know is how does Lindsay Whalen feel having to wear a sweaty clear face mask every game this season until her broken nose heals, especially when she is getting married soonÖhow does one deal?

I just hope she has enough class to take the mask off before the priest says, ìyou may now kiss the bride.î

4.  Briefly describe the history and roles of each Mamba player.

Eliza ñ E always get the short stick labeled ìguard the fast onesî.
LC & Darcy ñ LC and Darcy have been our reliable forwards, guarding the tall ones, grabbing rebounds, & being alert of my sometimes crazy passes. The Mambas are losing Darcy next week to Cali. Boo hiss. E, LC & Darcy have been the core team since our inauguration days.
Kristen ñ replaced Lauren Kelly (bless her heart) last season as our go-to tall girl inside. Always positive and a ìgo gettaî, canít beat the sportsmanship.
Jenny ñ Since we didnít have a softball team this summer, I talked her into playing some basketball instead. I predict along with you almighty foreseer, she is an upgrade to take this team to the next level. Can shoot with her eyes close and has an engine that never stops. She played a couple games last season but hopefully will play even more this season.

5.  What is your favorite aspect of CAC basketball?

Getting the t-shirt that says ìI paid $125 and all I got was this lousy t-shirtî.

ÖAnd padded stats?

Kidding, I love the website (stats, write-ups, etc). Also the teams are great to play against, love the competition. I secretly like the padded insane asylum-feel to the court, it elevates my play another decibel.

The asylum-feel!  I love it, no one has ever made the comparison.  Rhi, you better copyright that.  I guess the asylum feel just adds another layer of mental toughness the good players have to exhibit.  Iíve seen a lot of weak players crumble under the claustrophobic conditions.  But just like in the joint, only the strong survive.

6.  Which non-Mamba player has impressed you most in your 4 seasons here?

Abby from Hoosier Daddy because she never ceases to amaze me with her trash talking/intimidation abilities. She has moved it off courts to the underground Poker nightÖtoo bad for her, it never worksÖ

Haha, I definitely see Abby as a great intimidator, but with cards you need to lie.  I donít see Abby as a good liar.  When I donít call a foul on her, she will announce to everyone on the court, ìwow, Tical I just smashed her!î

7.  Who is this countryís best shot at fixing most of our international problems in 08?  Would you support a Commish/Tical campaign?
I think I like the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert duo. They will show it like it is and put a funny spin to it. Not sure about the Commish/Tical duo, that smirk of yours after calling a foul raises some red flagsÖ

What?  You canít have fun at work?  I would smirk on the 3-second calls on Lauren bc the Camper NEVER left the paint and she would always think I was wrong.  I couldnít help but find it funny.  I love the job, maybe too much.

8.  Better 80ís jam ñ ìRed red wineî or ìSmooth Operatorî

Come On Eileen

A write in, I love it, except if youíre at a bar and that song comes on too many drunken fools try to sing that song for my liking.

9.  Better NCAA coach, Pat Summit or Geno Auriemma?  Better NCAA player? Diana Taurasi or Candice Parker

am indifferent about the WNCAA and was too mentally tired to sift through stats and choose a better one of the two. Though I think I’d have to choose Summit since she cleverly included her name in the title of one of her books. And I like Taurasi because she isn’t as cocky as Parker. I can’t stand Parker and her stare downs in WNBA games. Get over it.

Taurasi is who got me into the WNCAA.  The girl was phenomenal to watch and on a more serious note, Parkerís dunks are WEAK.

10.  For my last question Rhi, I sometimes like to ask for great gifts of poetic wisdom.  Rhi, give me some advice that will guide me to fortune and fame.

Drink in moderation, too much booze will make you regret things and have bad hangovers, too much coffee is a diuretic and too much water may kill you.

And too much fun never hurt anyone.  Good thing I donít drink alcohol, coffee or water so I covered all the bases.  Rhi, this was a pleasure and best of luck re-capturing the championship this season.