TiCal’s Corner: Tara Kelly

With the Womenís league half way over, my MVP has to Tara Kelly, who continues to fill in for teams in desperate need of that coveted 4th player. At times, Tara is not only helping her own team (Hustle & Flow) to victory, but also, being instrumental to the success of the league, in the sense that every week, each team gets their moneyís worth and plays a game. Today, I get her to talk about some CRFC hoops, life long aspirations and her A1, 5 on 5 and B2 heart throb boyfriend (Jay Sartori).

Tara thanks for taking the time to step into the Corner.


Ok, Tara Kelly, representing the Womenís League, rock on girl:

1. Tara, I always like to give the viewing audience some insight into your background. Where you grew up, lifetime achievements and suchÖ

Well, I grew up in Peabody but I went to Pingree for high school where I was a Cross Country captain, played basketball and lacrosse.

Wow, a tri-sporter.

Yeah, I was a big deal. Then I ran Cross Country for Holy Cross for a year before blowing out my knee in a pick up lacrosse game. No worries though, 7 years and 2 knee surgeries later Iím good to go again. So I am thinking of this as my sophomore year.

Haha, whatever helps you get through it all. I keep telling myself that Iím a freshman in college so I can continually get hammered on the weekends. I look the part and sometimes I definitely act like one.

No way, Sean. You, immature?

I know, hard to believe huh?

2. Describe the team relationship and chemistry that Hustle & Flow has. How did everyone meet and what are their roles in order to capture the league title this season?

Clearly height is overrated in this sport. We tried really hard to maintain a 5í6î and shorter team but Nikki snuck in and ruined it. Despite being an 80% vertically challenged team, weíve got heart (and a little bit of skill). Weíve got Nikki whoís great on the low post hitting the boards and putting shots up, Tara O who can shoot from anywhere on the court, Robynís speed and defense, and Caryn driving to the hoop! Weíre starting to work pretty well together.

Yeah, when you guys have your full squad youíre tough to beat. But I think your toughest opponent is the CRFC wall that Caryn keeps running into at full speed.

3. When Tara Kelly was growing up, was it her dream to end up in a basketball league where she would be interviewed or did you think that youíd never be so lucky? (But seriously, growing up, where did you picture yourself when you got older)

I am just so honored to have achieved such fame. Does this mean that you are going to want to retire my jersey in the rafters when the day comes?

I donít know about that, since weíve had the leagues for almost 6 years and there have been over 100 interviews and no jerseys retired yet. Iíll say you might have to cough up some dough to the Commish if you want that treatment.

I think Iím all set. Ok, letís see here, where did I picture myself when I got older? Am I older already??…oh man, Sean donít you know anything about women, do you???.

I know, I stepped right into that one. My mother always warned me about women and their age, but like most men, I have selective hearing and memory. Youíre not older, but letís just say some person just like you who had the same aspirations.

Well, youíre right, most guys do have that problem, but to answer your question, I have just always wanted to play sports and coach which is exactly what I do. Unfortunately work takes up a lot of my day but I still manage to fit in basketball, lacrosse, softball, and some road races. And I coach lacrosse as well.

4. What is a greater crime against humanity, another world war or a Kevin Federline album?

Is that a trick question? I just canít decideÖ

I didnít mean to scare you with the threat of either one of those. Letís just move on and never speak of it again.


5. Who is the greatest sports star of all time in your mind?

Jordan, Bird, and the Ultra-Marathon man (Dean Karnazes). Have you ever heard about him?

Isnít he Ron Jeremyís cousin?

No, Sean, heís the guy who has run a 350 mile raceÖthatís 3-day of non-stop running. I didnít think that was humanly possible.

Ok, heís got some skills considering how I couldnít drive 350 miles in three days let alone run it.

6. When will we see a woman president? I mean, some guys think that a woman wouldnít be able to handle this country, but if George W Bush can run this country, Iím pretty sure there are women out there who could hold it down. Maybe Condoleeza or Hilary?

Being that it took this long for CRFC to get around to starting a womenís basketball league I donít think equal rightís are on the forefront of everyoneís mind.

Ouch. Keep the gloves up, Tara. Trust me, the Commish doesnít discriminate against anyone who has money thatís green.

But to be honest, man or woman, I couldnít care less as long as they know what they are doing.

Thatís why Iím so comfortable with Bush is in power. Itís great to see such an intellectual who knows what heís doing at all times, rather than someone who just does whatís best for a few people to make some money.

7. Iím sorry to put this out there, because Iím sure you want your privacy, but your man, Jay Sartori is a phenomenal basketball player and continues to win game after game in his numerous leagues. Since many people, including myself, will never know the feeling, whatís it like being with a born winner?

He is pretty phenomenal at basketball and an all around phenomenal guy! I could go on but Iím sure no one wants to hear it

Yeah, I guess youíre right. No one wants to hear about someone elseís happiness. What if anything, has he taught you, or that youíve picked up by watching him play? I know that you havenít learned his patented half court shot yet, but youíve had to pick something up.

Before this league I hadnít played a basketball game in about 8 years but I shoot around with Jay and watch him play all the time. Pretty much all Iíve picked up from him is how to be a pain in the ass on the court though. Iím just kidding, he shows me stuff all the time. So why no questions about how Iíve helped his game? J

Because this interview has to be PG by orders of the Commish. Moving onÖ

8. Ok Tara, I donít mean to toot my own horn here, but Iím kinda known as a romantic on the streets. Plus, if Jay is reading this, maybe I can score him some points, if that day comes for you two. From a womanís point of view, and these are the three most romantic places that I can think of, where is the most special place to propose to that special lady:

After a couple tours Alcatraz, the guy would say to his girlfriend, ìPrison doesnít seem all that bad, why donít we give marriage a tryî or you are at The McDonaldís drive thru and when the food comes, he leans over and tells her that ìsheís the number 1 happy meal his heartî and pops the ring out or my personal favorite and my plans for when the time comes, putting the proposal up on the CRFC scoreboard at halftime of the championship game?

Come on Sean, whatís more romantic than wall to wall basketball?

My sentiments exactly, but a woman that is told that she is the happy meal of a manís life has to feel special.

9. Is it ok for a man to cry? Keep in mind that one of my favorite movie quotes is, ìJust because I rock, doesnít mean Iím made of stone.î

Go ahead Sean, you can cry to me. Let it out.

I donít need to, at least until I get rejected by American Idol for the fourth time, but itís good to know that there are women out there that are sensitive to menís feelings everywhere. Weíre people too.

10. Tara, this has been great stuff, for my last inquiry I want you leave me with the funniest drinking story that you can share, hopefully incriminating fellow teammates or Jay if you could. I love stuff like that, throw ëem right under the bus

Hmmm, well. When alcohol is involved somehow I always manage to be the one who gets embarrassed so I think Iíll just keep that one to myself. Robyn can vouch for that for meÖjust donít ask her for the stories!

You disappoint me, Tara, I thought I was going to hear tires screeching over someone who were going to throw under the bus, but since you did so well, I will let you off the hook. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me and good luck to you and Hustle and Flow this season in you quest for a title.