TiCal’s Corner: Tim Brady

Tim has been apart of the CRFC family for years now, but only within the last couple has he taken the reigns over and become a formidable captain in the A1 league.  Right now, I got him in the Corner to talk about CRFC, drinking and some of lifeís mysteries.

Tim, thanks for taking time to sit down and talk with me.

My pleasure, OíCal.  I am humbled to join the likes of Diesel, Google, Shandor the Great and Ramon here in the Corner.  Itís really a dream come true.

Ok, you know the deal.  10 questions here we go.

Tim Brady takes the stand

1.  Like always Tim, please give us some background information about yourself.  Where you grew up, some b-ball highlights in your life, workÖetcÖ

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia called Fairless Hills.  My basketball career pinnacled when I played in a community youth league in high school.  This is the route that I had to go when after a solid season on the 8th grade varsity team, I was cut by my high schoolís freshmen team.  But I donít have a Jordan-esqe story here, where I come back next year, make varsity and wind up on the all-state team.

Not many do, but do you think that Jordan was lucky enough to ever play in a basketball league that kept stats, had write ups and interviews?

He, um, actually did.  It was called the NBA.

OhÖYeahÖWell, Iím sure he, ahÖOk, good point.  You were sayingÖ

Growing up I played both basketball and ice hockey and loved them both.  From the beginning of high school on, ice hockey became the sport I focused on.  I even went on to play in college at Saint Josephís University ñ a school known much more for Jameer Nelson and Delonte West than any ice hockey player.  But I digressÖ

Well I bet Jameer Nelson and Delonte West neverÖ.Never mind.

2.  I had Jim, Jack and Old Grand Dad ranked last in my pre-season rankings, ok here you go.  Lash back at me, I deserve it.

Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I read your preview to see where we ranked and it is also quite a coincidence that your team, the Window Shoppers is the pre-season favorite.  But you hold the power right? The pen is mightier than the sword. 

Sometimes, a man can get drunk with power.  Although my writing is divine, I am only human.

Anyways, I donít think you can count out any team with Ramon running the point.  Plus, you look at our roster, between Ramon, Dirty and Covert we have at least one member of each of the last 3 CRFC league Champions.  Itís a roster full of winners and we have a whole lot of playoff experience among us.  We could be a dangerous team come July.

You canít put a price tag on Championship experience.

3. Tell me about the funniest experience you have had while out drinking with someone from the gym.  Feel free to drop names and if you want, I can blur them out like they do in rap videos.

Iíve got a few.  One that comes to mind right away is one Sunday afternoon me, Rip, Walsh, Kevy Kev and Blowfish ñ yeah, thatís right there is a name from the past ñ were at the Sports Grille of Boston on Canal St. watching football.  Kevy Kev was drinking Corona with a splash of Grenadine ñ I never saw that before nor have I since ñ and Walsh was teaching us his expertise on being a high roller in Vegas. This was the day that he got his nickname ñ ìJohnny Vegasî.  After logging several hours at the SGOB, we head to the Warren Tavern.  When we get there Walsh institutes a rule that no one is allowed to drink beer anymore, it is all hard liquor from that point on.  I think all of us were blacked out within the hour.

One more quick one for you was the night Rip, Wolverine and I went to The Greatest Bar just a few days before Christmas.  We were on a mission that night and did as many shots each as Wolverineís career rebounding average.  All I know is the next day Wolverine was choking back the puke at the familyís annual Christmas Eve morning ice skating party.  Is that a visual for you or what?

I will stop there.  I have probably incriminated too many players as it is and I have not even gotten to any Mike Turin stories.

Iím sure the Chronicleís of Turin will come out when I get him in the Corner in a few weeks.

4.  Iím sure youíve heard about these theories about that the whole moon landing was staged.  What is your take on the whole situation?

Way to mix it up here, Sean.  Great question. 

I earn every cent of my four figure salary.

You have to wonder why in 1969 we landed on the moon, yet 35+ years later we have done very little further moon exploration or development.  Still, I believe that Neil Armstrong really did walk on the moon that day.  I know that there are a lot of government conspiracy theories out there ñ some I believe, like the JFK assassination, some I donít ñ like the fact that the government knew about 9/11 beforehand.  I definitely believe that we did send men to the moon.

Suddenly the conversation has turned so serious, can we get back to drinking stories?

Hey, I ask the questions around here.

Sorry, didnít mean to go over your helmet (Spaceballs)

No apologies necessary.

5.  Favorite CRFC team you have played on and why?

Good one.  Well, I was lucky enough to win championships with Ghettofabulous, which was Commishís first title and Passing Ruffians.  That was the first league that Cheese ever used the Passing Ruffians name.  Apparently he fell in love with the name because I am pretty sure we are never going to see another Cheese led team by any other name.  Thatís alright, my man pays his tribute to Monty Pythonís Search for the Holy Grail every season.

Great movie!

To answer your question, my favorite team was my second White Collar Crime team.  J-Rod, Turin, Danny OíDonnell, Kurt – not the Big Ticket the other one, and Kuma.  We had great team chemistry, we were a very good run and gun team.  We lost on a Saturday morning, the day after a league drinking night, in the semi-finals, 91-86, to Kevy Kev, Kurt- as in the Big Ticket – and Ramon.  Turin fouled out with 18 minutes to go in the second half and Danny threw out his back and had to sit out the entire second half.  Kevy Kevís team went on to win it all, but I think that was supposed to be our season.

Nothing good ever comes out of Saturday or Sunday morning CRFC league games.  But, thatís when I always found out who the true lushes were on my team when by halftime you could smell what they had consumed the night before.

6.  In an alcoholic rage, Mike Turin recently toilet papered my house and trashed my front lawn in response to the preseason rankings.  I want to know, for the record, did you have any part in his psychotic actions?

Mike and I go to the Warren Tavern every Monday night after league games and my team name is named after a shot.  Sometimes we get ourselves into trouble.  You should join us one Monday, OíCal and we can plot against someone else.

I guess Iíll let you guys make it up to me by buying me a few drinks.  How are the Sea Breezes there?

Haha, couldnít tell you.

7.  Favorite TV show of all time and why?

I will tell you that the best 2 hours of comedy that was ever on TV was in the late 80s and early 90s, NBC had on Thursday night starting at 8pm: The Cosby ShowFamily TiesCheers and Night Court.  You planned your week around that, not that I had a whole lot else going on when I was 12.

Vintage, I love it.

Another key line-up was when I was in college, 90210 and Melrose Place were on back to back on Wednesday nights.  This was a great excuse to get some Meister Brau and Booneís Farm and have a girl over to your dorm room mid-week.  Thank you, Fox.

It was the least Fox could do for everyone, seeing that now the only people that are getting any action are the reality TV junkies.

8. Iíve been hearing a lot of talk about how the B1 East league is more competitive than the A1 league now?  In your opinion, playing in both leagues for awhile now, is this true?

Without question the best teams in the last few B1 leagues could be competitive in A1 such as Little Nasty, Silky Johnson, Momenta and Data Nuggets.  But the best players in the A1 league, and believe me I am definitely not one of them, are still markedly better than the best players in the B1 league.  The few exceptions are guys like Google, Tibbs and Michael Manning, but then again 2 of those 3 are A1 players. I believe the A1 league is a slightly faster game than the B1 league.

Plus Manning could be more than adequate in the A1 league.  Definitely a late 1st round to early 2nd round pick.


9. MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice ñ whoís 2 months at the top would you want to re-live first hand?

Does it surprise you that both ìU Canít Touch Thisî and ìIce, Ice Babyî are in my IPod? 

Not at all.  I have problems letting go too.  I still have GI Joe Boxers that I canít part with.  Did I just admit that?

But to answer your question, Iíd have to go with Vanilla.  I think lines shaved into your eyebrow is a better look than those baggy at the thigh, tight at the ankle pants that Hammer used to wear.

Donít sleep on those pants.  The way fashion changes, those pants could make a comeback.

10. Tim, Iíve had a really crappy day.  Do me a favor and hit me with a great movie quote that will brighten up mine and everyone who reads this columns day.

From American Pie:

Oz: ìThese choir girls are an untapped resource.  All you have to do is ask them some questions and listen to what they have to say and s—.î

Stifler: ìI donít know, man.  That sounds like a lot of workî.

That made my day, Tim, funny stuff.  Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in both leagues this season.