Time to Relax and Watch Some Playoff Baseball

It’s been a very hectic season for me as I have two 15 hour internship, work four part-time jobs for about 15 hours each week and also there is all the class week to boot. But the one real thing that relaxes me is sitting down and watching the MLB Postseason.

Yes, the Boston Red Sox are not going to be in the playoffs in the foreseeable future, but the playoffs are where many of the free agents earn their money. Plus, who doesn’t like to root for the underdog?

For instance, the team that is stunning the world right now is the Oakland Athletics. Sure, the Baltimore Orioles beat the Texas Rangers in a one-game Wild Card playoff, but Oakland was 13 games back in July and rallied to win the division with a three-game sweep of the Rangers in the last three games of the season. That is something remarkable that is really hard to accomplish.

The A’s are tied 2-2 going into tonight’s contest against the Detroit Tigers thanks to a ninth inning rally to score three runs to win 4-3 and force a Game 5.

Oakland reminds of the St. Louis Cardinals who rallied to get the Wild Card spot in 2011 and then won the World Series. All the A’s have to do now is continue playing good defense and hitting the home runs when it matters.

Their .404 slugging percentage during the regular was ninth in the American League. However, as a team, Oakland cranked 195 homers, which was sixth in the AL.

The pitching staff was not too shabby itself with a 3.48 ERA. The only team that pitched better than the A’s was Tampa Bay at 3.18.

The one concern that all Athletics’ fans has is the rate that the team strikes out. In 162 games in 2012, the A’s struck out 1387 times, which was the most in the majors. And in the playoffs, they have tallied 39 strikeouts in four games.

The A’s would be a very interesting story if they can make it all the way to the World Series, but they will need their offense to get it together fast and their pitchers to carry the load until the Championship is in sight.