Top 200 All Time Co-Ed Scorers (No. 80-41)

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By the end of tonight we’ll be down to eight teams left in the tournament, and by the time you’re done reading this, we’ll be down to the 40 leading scorers in the history of our co-ed leagues.  For the ladies out there, by the time this portion of the blog is done there will be as many of you left as there are teams vying for some fresh CAC Championship gear…for those of you who aren’t following my weird chain of thinking…that’s 8…8 ladies in the top 40.  Let’s just get on with it.

80 – Brian Gelow (Jagermeister, J-Shore – 21 gms) – 216 points – Tough as nails

79 – “BigRo” Roshawn Green (Toonsquad, Tornado – 24 gms) – 217 points – Good luck finding a more likable guy than this.  Talk about somebody who just loves life and loves basketball.  It was really unfortunate that his new job got in the way of him playing more games.  Hopefully he’s able to get back into the fray on one of the weeknights, because it sucks not having him around.

78 – Andrew “Staddy” DeStadler (G Got Game – 16 gms) – 222 points – Terrific athlete.  We’re Here For The Gang Bang knocked off G Got Game the other night and Staddy is a pain in the ass!!  I mean that as a compliment dude.  You are not fun to guard.

77 – Jay Acunzo (G Got Game – 13 gms) – 229 points

76 – Joe McConkey (DL Franchise – 29 gms) – 237 points – We were teammates in the Llama summer league and had more than a couple of differences in opinion.  Good athlete and a hard worker, but I couldn’t get him to understand that when we’re leading by 15 points with 6:00 left that the defensive side of the floor was more important than the offensive side of the floor. We were not on the same page.

75 – Will Diieso (WOMS – 9 gms) – 243 points – One of the best players to lace em up in this league, but his brief stay was marred by the Kneeland incident when he chucked a ball at Adam from point blank range in the waning moments of a blowout win.  I only saw the end of it, but it made for an entertaining evening.

74 – Terry Henderson (Shirt Before The Shirt – 12 gms) – 248 points – The Curse of Terry Henderson!!  This is why the J-Shore franchise hasn’t even had a sniff of the title game in the last three sessions!!  The best player ever to play on Tibbs co-ed team took off after one session, and the playoffs have been a mess for them ever since.  Terry dominated in the F10 title game…the second in a row that my Game…Blouses team lost.

T-72 – Christine Daniels (Toonsquad – 18 gms), Sydney Fasulo (KOPs, Preemies, Gangbang – 26 gms) – 252 points – Christine and Sydney are a pair of girls that will make a lot of guys look silly on the floor.  Christine won F-MVP this session in the West despite playing on a 3-6 team, and Syd has become one of the big reasons why We’re Here For The Gang Bang is 10-0.  Having a true female post player is an asset.  Having one with range up to about 18-20 feet is gravy.

71 – Kaitlin Lineghan (Toonsquad, Wheels – 26 gms) – 254 points – Her 29 points in round one is a female single game record for the co-ed tournament

70 – Ibrahim Toukan (Dance – 12 gms) – 255 points – Kind of big guy who plays WAY bigger than his size.  Enormous hands, great athlete, terrific guy

69 – Alleigh Marre (Monstars, Femms, JLAI, DL Plaid, TWSS – 54 gms) – 258 points – She loves a challenge!  The first all-female team in co-ed league history didn’t end up going quite as well as she wanted, but they did grab a win and contested for a few others…and for what it’s worth, I can almost guarantee that she loves dinosaurs and pugs more than you.

68 – Mike Rocco (WOMS – 13 gms) – 263 points – Averaged 20 and 20 for the WOMS last session!  Enormous guy with a small ego…good combination

67 – Jesse Cox (B&D, Wheels – 18 gms) – 239 points – AAAANNNNND ONE!!!!!!  Jesse has made a really fun league even more enjoyable for me.  Like any competitor he can get fired up in the heat of a battle, but in between whistles, I’ve had as many laughs both with and at Jesse as anybody in the league.   (he’s had plenty at my expense too) I’m glad he finally got on a couple of official rosters.

T-64 – Yasu Shirasaki (BOOM – 18 gms), Dave Claffey (DL Franchise – 45 gms), Gary Corbett (WU Dolphins – 9 gms) – 274 points – Gary is a beast…straight up.  I got a look at him for the first time as an illegal sub LAST session.  I gave him the nickname “Kate Goldstein”, because WUD had a girl on the roster named Kate Goldstein who had never showed up for a game, so naturally it must be her…well…”Kate Goldstein” is the best damn player in the league.  I’ve played against Yasu and I’ve watched him a ton…I pretty much always know what he’s going to do and he’s still able to do it.  He’s stronger and faster than you think.  Be ready to run if you have to guard him.  Dave Claffey a/k/a Papa Llama was always fun to play with.  Where he lacked in skill, he made up for it with hustle and a great attitude.  Knocked down a buzzer beating game winner in the Llama Summer League a couple of years ago.  Good memories for the Waltham War Pigeons.

T-62 – Kyle Kolbe (WU Dolphins – 29 gms), Adam Biehler (Genzyme – 16 gms) – 277 points –Biehler almost single handedly beat Game…Blouses in my first co-ed championship appearance.  The kid is like a freight train.  Corbett may be the ring leader on WUD, but without L-Mac, Sharkey and Kyle, that team doesn’t go.

61 – Eileen Devlin (DL Franchise – 42 gms) – 281 points

60 – Nicole Wolff (DL White, Seawards – 15 gm) – 287 points – Nicole never seems to make a bad decision.  I guess that’s what four years with Geno will do for you.  She filled in for our B2 4v4 men’s league team one night and scored 18 points.  She can play with anybody…regardless of gender, size or age.  She’s just freakin GOOD.

59 – Meg Driscoll (JLAI, Femmes, HYKHYW, TWSS – 38 gms) – 292 points – Meg is another one of the girls who has NO problem playing with the boys.  Dealing with her in the post is not fun

58 – Greg Barr (Preemies, Ball So Hard – 15 gms) – 294 points

T-56 – Van Tran (Genzyme, Danger Zone – 38 gms), Brian Enright (DL Franchise – 23 gms) – 302 points – I think it’s because I typically play with a lot of other bigs, but somehow Van and I always seem to get matched up on one another and I don’t know who hates it more.  I can’t stand chasing his quick little ass all around the court while he’s draining threes and driving to the bucket, and I know I’m kinda soft, but I can’t imagine he enjoys bodying my in the post since I’ve got about 80-90 pounds on him (just a guestimate, but I swear its not an exaggeration).  Great kid though.  Always down for post game beers

55 – Tim Canon (BP Tigers, BOOM – 22 gms) – 315 points – Terrific athlete and a shutdown defender.  When the threes are falling, he’s about as good as it gets in this league

54 – Brian Sharkey (WU Dolphins – 27 gms) – 323 points – Always sort of took a back seat to Gamroth because he didn’t score as many points, but Sharkey was every bit as valuable to the Dolphins.

53 – Dustin Williams (DL Franchise, MID – 26 gms) – 327 points ­– Ahhh D-Willy…the tycoon of travels…biggesrt Chicago fan in the league.  He was sure that D-Mac didn’t like him for the longest time, but it couldn’t have been further from the truth.  During time outs and in between games, D-Mac would always rave about Dustin’s hustle and work ethic, but he just couldn’t always get his feet to do what he wanted!  Still, a tough defender with plenty of athleticism who also knows how to play his role…he’ll make just about any team better

52 – Kelsey Simonds (JLAI, Femmes, TWSS – 31 gms) – 332 points  – Another Chieftain!  I mean Sky Chief…Skyhawk?…whatever the hell they call you guys now.  Happy belated birthday Kelsey (Monday)!  Still not talking to you for swatting me a couple of weeks ago.  After Sabra and Nicole, you could make a good case for her being the third best female in the co-ed ranks.

51 – Gael Frouin (PUK, Toonsquad – 21 gms) – 336 points – The all time leader in PR points per game at the co-ed level this guy seems to be in multiple places at once.  Often undersized, but never outworked.  Simply put…he’s a pain in the ass.  Gael, trust me…that’s a compliment.

50 – Carlos Ledee (KOPs, Preemies, Ball So Hard – 28 gms) – 337 points – Good luck finding a nicer guy than Carlos.  In the last 2v2 co-ed tournament, we played a Round Robin, and he had four games, where the smallest guy he got to guard was me…tough draw for a point guard, but he still battled his ass off and knocked down a ton of threes.  He’s tough as nails and a fun guy to be around.

49 – Mike Kearney (Dance – 18 gms) – 346 points – The W-2012 MVP of the West!  When Kearney is on top of his game, he can challenge Corbett for the title of best player in the league.  He’s exactly the type of guy that everybody wants for a teammate

48 – Bryan Arndt (Wheels – 29 gms) – 347 points – Total beast!

47 – Danielle “Sweet D” Angelillo (Rim Jobbers – 84 gms) – 349 points – By her own admission, she’s a total bitch on the court, but those who really know her, know that her “Sweet D” nickname is a perfect fit.  She does have a rough exterior that we got to know very well in our first season at the CAC.  After a hard foul she committed against Reddick, she asked him “Are you ok?”  Before he could answer she snapped, “I wouldn’t wanna mess up your pretty little face!!”  We got some good mileage out of the nickname “Pretty Face”.  Two years in a row when I’ve been working basketball games on or the day after Valentine’s Day, Danielle has brought me a Valentine goodie bag, because she knew my girlfriend lived three hours away.  Danielle, for all you do…thank you.  By the way, you’re are the start of the top 10 list for the highest scoring females in co-ed history.

46 – Kariuki Thande (BOOM, Gangbang, DL Green – 34 gms) – 359 points – Very few people can make life miserable for a point guard like Kari.  His trash talk and cockiness has made him one of the more polarizing figures in the league, but as somebody who’s had the chance to play with him, believe me when I say it…he’s a great guy to have as a teammate!!

45 – Bryan Moore (Child Please – 16 gms) – 368 points – The man with the most nimble hips in the league…don’t sleep on Moore when talking about the best of co-ed.  He and Rocco are the only two to average 20-20 for a whole season.  Rocco only played 4 or 5 games when he did it!  An ankle injury might keep Moore from having a big impact on the playoffs.  A truly tough hurdle for Child Please to get over

44 – Matty Austin (Blouses, HYKHYW, JLAI, W-Choc, Child Please – 75 gms) – 371 points – One of my original CAC teammates!  Matty is as competitive as they come.  Not a lot of people hate losing the way he does.  And nobody has a funnier “f*ck you” facial expression after swatting a shot.  He’s had two HUGE shooting games at the CAC as my teammate…and they were two of the very few games I missed while he and I were teammates…conspiracy?  Did I mention what a great flopper he is??  All jokes aside, terrific teammate and a great guy.

43 – Mark Claffey (DL White – 21 gms) – 373 points – A good player before last session, he took a HUGE step to help make DL White an elite team.  Obviously Nicole Wolff had something to do with that, but make no mistake…Mark reached a new level in last season’s tournament.  Maybe getting punched in the face by Lorenflipped a switch in him!!

42 – Heather Marino (WOMS, Swingers – 56 gms) – 379 points ­– A longtime teammate of mine, Marino was one of the most cerebral players I had the chance to play with.  Fantastic defensive player with good post moves.  As fun as it is to play ball with her, partying with her is even more fun!  Always an adventure.

41 – Bryan Gamroth (WU Dolphins – 19 gms) – 380 points – The CAC misses Gamer.  He lives down in NYC now, but he left his mark on the league in his two seasons.  Very good shooter, good defender and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.  He looked like he was about 15 years old, but the guy with the baby face could flat out play.  I also don’t think I’ve met a lot of people that just love the game of basketball the way he does.

Ready for the top 40?!?!  32 guys and 8 girls remain.  On Monday I’ll unveil numbers 40 through 21.  Enjoy the weekend!!