View From the Balcony: Extreme Speed

Nate Mendes!

This week, I’ve got one of CAC’s newest, and most vocal, players in Nate Mendes. I’m going to force him to say something of value.

And will probably Fail.

So Nate, welcome to my blog! Let’s start off with the usual softball questions – who are you, how’d you get here, and why should we care?

 I’m a young man that’s somewhat living his basketball dream. I got introduced to this organization from the a germ named Arren Perkins. He came over one day just bragging about his stats and how he’s online, saying google him, he’s a celebrity.

Google’s Arren Perkins, CAC Basketball stats are the 5th result!

After he broke down the CAC system I was excited, too bad i had to wait for the season to be over. Since I’m shy I never wanted to play in high school and I knew already I wont make it in the NBA so this is that best place to go in the state of Mass.

How hard was it, as a new player at CAC, to accurately describe your game to all these strangers?

As a new player i had to sit and think what can make me stand out. questions i asked myself, “do i say i like to run? If my team sucks I’m never going to pass?” At one point at my height i could dunk (TRUE STORY).  Well i choose to just say i like to shoot the 3 and drive and run up and down the court like a mosquito dodging rain drops.

There’s no way you ever dunked, do you have video evidence of this? Can AP back up your claim?

I have video on a 9 ft rim but nothing more. At the time AP was not around he was on a double Dutch team for his school

Looks like everyone is filming themselves these days. I’m excited for what Matty Bells gave us in his latest YouTube video. I hope he pumps out a lot more of these going forward.

Give us the CAC Hollywood True Story: NATE DUNKED

What can I say when my knees where perfect and I was few years younger, yes I have dunked before. Never during a game, but it has happened. At a park or two.

I still find that IMPOSSIBLE to believe.  You know, because of the description of yourself, your CAC nickname is Extreme Speed. So you kind of gave it to yourself. Do you like it, do you hate it?

Well I wouldn’t say I gave it to myself, but as we can see, I think a good amount of players may think it goes well, especially on game days when I’m not lazy or have a point to prove. I don’t mind the nickname I’m used to creating a player in NBA video games before they had last names installed in the game already. So i always had a nickname to that caliber.

WTF is going on in this picture?


Not sure if everyone knows but Malcolm takes yoga. Lets talk about this picture. This is out of an And 1 Mixtape, “The Best And 1 in CAC Basketball”. Look as Malcolm knees me in my arm pit, and seconds before that, kicks Arren in mid air into the wall for a easy lay in and And 1! Me and Arren was called for a double foul lol.  Oh look in the mirror you can see Xavier, ‘STAT’ looks like he’s holding his neck because of a karate chop that Malcolm also gave at half court after that play I’m sure the game was over.

Let’s play a little word association, shall we? I’ll list off some words/phrases and you just type the first thing that pops into your head.

1 – Matty Bell’s Homemade CAC Videos – reminds me of Mr. Rogers neighborhood
2 – Watch the Throne – the Miami heat of cac. a rocky start but trying to do what the heat failed to do in the finals
3 – Turnovers – the STAT and Kap COMPETITION
4 – Jesse Corwin – verbally emotional basketball player funny
5 – Green Kicks – Mr. Noah helps my day go by on the boards he is A-Show
6 – NBA 2K12 – a game that I will play every day I get most of my moves from video games that’s how I learned how to play basketball really
7 – Nate’s MVP chances – if I step up my game and some one reminds me to play my best before the game or yell at me I think I can pull it off this season I have a few stats that I need to fix and will.

You’ve played in a lot of different leagues in such a short amount of time, which one is your favorite and why?

Lunch league was early for me, B2 East I’m not sure if its great to play with your friends all the time,

Ha! Give us a little shout about out that team you put in – you ever going to try to do something like that again?

I have nothing to say about my team I just think every team needs to have a metal to have fun it’s just a game. When that metal is formed sure ill do it anytime.

Going back, A Draft tons of talent on each team so i found myself getting really lazy on the side or in the game sometimes enjoying the show. B draft is my favorite. All the teams are pretty equal the inside community is warm and tons of fun. i think B is more of a challenge. A draft all most every week is a all star game its fun don’t get me wrong but ill stick with B as a more drama filled world

How much do you miss the lunch league?

The lunch league it the start of Nate “Extreme Speed” Mendes. This is how I got adjusted to the Wall Ball and the system of playing with a ref or calls. I call that training camp. I also got a chance to play and see how a few great players worked the system and I took the tips and tricks and still learning.

How do you react to A) having a bunch of fans rooting against you from the balcony B) having KAP rooting against you from the balcony C) Having Matty Bells say mean things about you in the writeups?

A) I love fans yelling and screaming for my pain but sorry to tell them thats my gain. it gives a power that i wish i could have every night on the floor feels great i play my best in that environment.
B) KAP says what he has to say in the message boards and i thank him for that it helps also, but on the balcony he pretty mute.
C) Matty never says mean things only when a team im on is ready to face his. other then that we shall see some trash talking or crying for Thursday’s game as we face up once again

Have you seen those naked ScarJo pics yet (i posted a link, but they’re NSFW)? If you could pick any celeb’s phone to hack in hope of mining gold like that, who would you choose?

Thanks I enjoyed that. Now about a celeb or a few i would hack here’s a list.

1. Jessica Alba
2. Cameron Diaz
3. Megan Fox
4. Lala Anthony
5. Stacey Dash
6. Olivia Wilde
7. Zoe Saldana
8. Minka Kelly
9. Eva Mendes
lol the list goes on and on

I’m not going to lie, I had to google a few of those names, and I’m glad I did! Leave us with some extremely wise words Nate!


Nate Mendes everybody! You can find him at Wall Ball (often) and all over the message boards.