View From the Balcony: Garrett Tingle

Seriously, Get Down To Tommy Doyle’s after your Games!

My first guest this week is none other than the man behind the scenes in the CAC Basketball and Tommy Doyle’s partnership, Garrett Tingle.  The Animal has been roaming Wall Ball Arena as a lunch league regular for years now and finally stepped between the pads for his first official leagues this season.  Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?!?


So I’m banging these out during the Tuesday night B2 East action, do you feel special?
Well yes, I am cutting into your drinking time as well, so I’m honored.


Touche.  Before we get to all the plugs we’re going to throw out in this interview, let’s get a little background info on you. Where’d you come from, how’d you get here, you know the drill.

Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. 


Wow, I’m pretty sure I said before you start plugging away.  That didn’t take long, did it, just 125 words.  You’re a crafty vet.
Haha, ok we’ll save that for later.  I grew up in Cambridge, been coming to the CAC for 7 years, and playing ball for about 5.


Now, you’re a lunch pickup regular who had never played in the leagues before this season. What’s the difference, and which do you like more?
Hard to say.  When pick up is packed with good ballers, and it’s win and stay on, it is a ton of fun.  Leagues are great as well, definitely trying to play more nights.  Anyone looking for someone to foul out by half time, miss a couple layups and 3 pointers? 617-XXX-XXXX.


(Side Note: Yes, Garrett actually DID put his cell number on there under the thinly veiled guise of trying to attract ‘a team’ but we all know he was really throwing his number out there for the Women’s League.  Sadly, none of the Women read this blog (they’re locked in O’Cal’s Basement) so his loss.)

I know you don’t really check out the boards and you’re a pretty mellow guy, but who are some of your favorite CACers that keep you entertained on and off the court?
I’d say the lunch crew.  We’ve been guarding each other for 5 years, it’s like “The Sandlot” for christ sake.  Serge, Raj, Cheese, Damien, David, Matt, O’Call,  Kenny, Paul etc.  The Genzyme crew, B Fab, Lawson, Matt etc.


I’ll pretend that I’m not insulted because you didn’t mention me.  How pissed at me do you get when I’m jacking 3s on a 3v1 fast break at lunch pup?!
Not pissed at all, it helps my rebound totals.


Chasing down all those long rebounds as got to be tiring, but I never hear you complain, come on, tell me how you really feel.
It’s my cardio workout, so I should be thanking you really.


Going back to the ‘rest’ of the lunch pick-up guys, how do you feel about the Lunch Draft League?!  You look right at home with all the familiar faces, but what do you DO afterwards? We’re thinking of putting together a contingent to go to TDs afterwards, can we still get $12 pitchers!?!
I’ve found that drinking before the game helps.  But if you need to get your fix afterwards, yes we will still offer the $12 pitchers!


Let’s get to the entire point of this interview, shall we?! You’re the Manager of the Harvard Sq Doyle’s, correct? What was the motivation for making sure the Leagues had a place to inebriate themselves every night?
About time, let the shameless plugging begin.  I’m just trying to do a public service.  Keep all the ballers off the streets and off heavy drugs.


I’m going to pass that excuse on to O’Cal the next time he gets picked up with a hooker.  My mom was just trying to keep him off the street!!
He’s really a good boy.


So what else can the C.A.C. Staff do (you know, besides an interview like this!) to make sure this partnership continues to grow and Josh’s wildest fantasy comes through, all our jerseys are paid for with a big ol’ TD logo on the back?
Just need to organize a league night out at TD’s, every night, for a year.  Plus the TD’s logo at Center Court, or maybe my face?


I want to run through the jungle the wind in my hair and the sand at my feet, is that too much to ask too?

Alright, all you’ve got to do is inspire the masses and you’re off the hook. Fire us up!
Founded by the German’s, they called it…San Diago, which of course is German for “A Whale’s Vagina.”

Play ball


Love it, short and to the point, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule! Don’t forget CACers, head to TOMMY DOYLE’S after your games for the great deals they offer you just because you play in the C.A.C. Leagues!