View From the Balcony: The Worm

Slithering his way into my blog

This week I’m welcoming in Chris Sweeney, recently dubbed the Worm for his tenacious work on the o boards and ability to slither to the hoop. I’m not going to be mean and get you to try and throw Mike under the bus on every question like O’Cal tried to make Sweens do to me. I’m above that sort of thing.  Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me up on the Balcony, it gets lonely up here sometimes…

Chris, like every other interviewer, I start off with the softball question.  Who was Chris Sweeney before he became the Worm? What were the highlights of the Sweeney household growing up?
As you can probably imagine, growing up in the Sweeney household was very competitive.  Whether it is was bball, video games, ping pong, who ate the most slices of pizza, etc.  I def took my share of beatings, and typically it happened if i won in any of the competitions named above.

Being the youngest of three boys, I bet you got beat up anyway
Oh ya.  If one of them was having a bad day it got taken out on me.  But  ya, Its funny, growing up playing basketball I was known as a great shooter who couldn’t do much else on the court.  Actually made it to the elks state finals in a free throw competition.  I think my college years of tennis did some damage to my shoulder and ended those years of being able to shoot.

Dude, I’ve seen your Jumper, and I’m not buying.  Now Shaq should be giving you lessons at the charity stripe!!
Maybe I will try the one handed foul shot.  So anyways, I knew I had to make an extreme adjustment to my bball game, and that’s when The Worm was born.

So you know you’re my second favorite Sweeney right?  When Mike was interviewed by O’Cal I was crushed, I always thought he was saving himself for me.  Alas no.  I’m sure you guys all felt like that at one point or another growing up, so tell me, who really was the favorite Sweeney?
I’m working on trying to pass Mike on your favorite list.  We’ll see.  I guess being favorite in the Sweeney household all depended on how you were doing at the time.  When Mike’s team was state champs it was him, when Bryan was a middlesex all-star it was him, and when i played tennis in college it was me.  One of the advantages of being the favorite at the time was you didn’t have to shovel the driveway.  You wouldn’t want the athlete at the time to throw out his back and not be able to perform.  (that’s what she said)

Ok, I wasn’t going to do this, but I can’t resist.  Give us an embarassing story (preferably re: drinking or a girl) about each of your brothers.  Those of us that know them are expecting big things out of this one!!

Wow, I have not gotten a beaten from either brother in almost 8 years, this could do it.  Mike def had his share of nights where he drank too much (haven’t we all?).  I remember he woke up one morning and asked me why he was naked and there were no sheets on his bed. 
I love a good pee story…
For Bryan, I cant think of any drinking or girl stories but I do recall when he was around 7 he was swimming in my grandmother pool and really had to go the bathroom but didnt want to leave the pool.  So he decided to just go and pretty soon there was something floating in grandmas pool.  Needless to say he ruined the swimming for the rest of us that day.
Knew there was something fishy about him…

A few seasons back you thought O’Cal was out to get you and your team, then it was Bald Brian. I love it when you get so riled up on the court, then 5 minutes after the game you’re kickign yourself for being an @$$hat.  You guys seem fairly happy with PStone for now, but what’s the time frame for the Sweeneys until a ref wears out their welcome?

I figured this would come up.  In all honesty, it probably depends on our mood at time. I still wonder after every game why anyone would want to ref old mans basketball.  You get yelled at by 8 bums past their prime for an hour straight.  As far as PStone, he been doing great, very consistent this season, keeping the games under control.  No complaints from us……. yet

Any willingness to let us know how you REALLY feel about O’Cal? it’s OK, he doesn’t have any feelings that you can hurt anymore.  All the women in his life have already ripped them away from him.
Haha.  I don’t really know him that well. I gotta give him credit, I have had him as a ref since my infamous outburst and he did a great job.  However, reading some of his post I do feel bad for him when it comes to the girls, and would like to help him out with the ladies.  Unfortunately there are no crazy Sweeney sisters that I could hook him up with.

You can get to know him really well at a League Night Out.  Speaking of which, can we expect to see you at the next 3v3 / LNO combo?
Ive been wanting to make a LNO for some time now but they always seem to fall on nights I’m booked.  I’m a little nervous to go, not sure if O’cal is going to have a few and come after me.  But the risk of that vs the reward of seeing Kneeland getting absolutely blacked out is well worth it.  So count me in at the next one.

You brother, AK and I have all won Most Wasted Awards in the past, it’s something you’ve got to WANT.  And you heard it hear first, March 28th after the 3v3 tournament, LNO will be held at Tommy Doyles in Kendall Square, I expect to see you there!

Oh def.  Those are some tough competitors there but I will see what I can do.  If it gets me more press on the C.A.C. website I’ll get it done. 
You’re coming off scoring your career high in points. You’re averaging about 7 offensive boards a game, where do you take your play from here? How do you take it to the next level??
I wont be trying to match that performance.  Just try to come ready to play every game.  Bring some intensity to the court and get some boards to give our team some extra chances.  Ill leave the scoring up to Mike, Mario and Lappy.

Ha, you’re kidding about Lappy aren’t you? Oh, you’re not…ok…
Ha, I was trying to throw everyone on the team a shoutout.
Everyone knows that the Sweeneys are known as much for their extra curricular activities as they are for their basketball.  So tell us, what’s the typical weekend like for the Worm?
It depends what is going on that weekend.  During Celtics season i frequent a classy bar called Sullivan’s Tap (hence our old team name). Lots of times I meet up with the older bro and talk for hours about C.A.C. basketball while really annoying my fiance.
Woah Woah Woah, back up here a minute.  There’s going to be a Mrs. Worm? Congrats man! When did all this happen? How has she not been to more basketball games? Has Mike pissed her off that frequently.  I mean that’s easy to imagine when he starts drinking, but wow! By the way, thanks for the Sullivan’s Tap shirt! I always like to feel like I’m part of a team.
I’ve been engaged for over a year now.  It’s tough to imagine a woman that can stand me for that long.  She teaches aerobic classes at night time and usually has class at the time of my basketball games.  Plus some of the stories I have told her from the games make her not want to come.
Let’s get off the basketball topic for a minute
Give us your take on the whole Chris Brown / Rhianna scandal.  Was he mad that she’s one of the millions of people on earth that can actually sing?
I actually had to do a little research because I had not heard this news. Appears he might have been jealous that her songs are doing better than his.  Took his musical frustrations out on her.  I guess that could be same as if you compared her C.A.C. statistics to Caitlyns.  Watch out tibbs.

Why does everyone always have to bring up the fact that Gripp is better at basketball than me? Can’t we EVER leave it alone.  Leave me alone!!
AFraud – Accidental injector, Steroid absuer, or sex changer?
Def my favorite story of the weekend.  Find it great that out of 104 names they leaked his.  I would almost feel bad for him if he wasn’t such a d-bag.

And I’ll close with this one, which I’ve been asking all my recent interviewees, and I’ve started a poll.  Who do you want as your sideline reporter at C.A.C., Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson?

Not sure who either one is.  But after clicking on the link for that Thompson one I’m gonna go with her. 

Good choice, but how do you not know Erin Andrews! Man…Actually, you close us out , best piece of advice you’ve got for all the C.A.C.ers out there?
Get in good with Tibbs.  If you want some good press on the cac website you gotta pay your respects to the man!  Any alcoholic beverages will do the trick.

By giving out advice like that to the masses you’re moving up the list Chris! Thanks for taking the time to do this and we’ll see you at Wall Ball Arena!