Spring 2010: Women’s 5v5 League Champs: CAC Me If You Can

    Clock Strikes Midnight on CACerella
    CAC Me if You Can 43 CACWoWW 42

    Ladies - It's that time of the season.  Check out the Fall 2010 Info and the 3v3 Info for August 14th/15th! Also, you saw my Women's 5v5 Awards, right?!

    Yes, I know, the tip time of 9:45 PM is brutal, just as much, if not more so, for me. 

    From the 'preview' of this game, found in the awards!

    "Unless Fenn goes absolutely BANANAS in this one, and Becky is shooting 100%, I fear it will be a long night for the WoWWers. "

    Well, BOTH of those things pretty much happened AND CAC Me was completely overwhelmed, whether by the late tip time, the pressure of being huge favorites, or simply by looking at BFab's stunning 15 bill weight loss in this night alone, we may never know.

    Longest run on sentence EVER.

    Anyway, this game started off as a sign of things to come, WoWW 'jumped' out to a 6-2 lead 7 minutes into this game.  Maybe it was the lack of warm up time.  I don't know, something was off for CAC Me.

    They fixed it, for the only time in this game, over the next 4 minutes. 13 quick points gave them a double digit lead and the swagger to seemingly cruise to the win, as expected by the gigantic line (again, read the awards people!).

    CACWoWW was having none of that!  Fenn did go B-A-N-A-N-A-S, the crowd support was behind WoWW and they dug in on defense.  CAC Me only scored 4 points in the second 'quarter' of this game.  And it's not like thy can blame the ref, they went to the free throw line 12 times (hit 8) but only hit 5 shots.  Yes, we had a 17-19 score at the end of the first half of a playoff game.

    You were NOT keeping me awake ladies.

    KMc, aka The Harpy, aka The MVP, was scoreless in the first 22.  Her wrist injury from last week clearly had a negative impact on her game and she wasn't swatting everything into the wall like she normally does. Jill Downer wasn't on the all-defensive team for nothing people! She was doing great work locking down the paint against the Harpy, Lyons, and Daisy Dukes.  Just great work all around.

    But KMc is the MVP for a reason. She snapped out of it in a big way in the second half.  Hell someone had to eventually score for this squad! Loren was worried about getting to work, Tory was, i don't know, worried about Scal's future in Boston or elsewhere, and the team was out of sync (yes still).

    but WoWW didn't just fade way.  Fenn was s till hitting shots (3 3s in the 2nd), Downer hit her free throws and Becky started to be money from mid range.  With Kim finding the hot hand, they stuck close.  So close, in face that Fenn's 3, with 3 minuttes left, gave WoWW a 37-35 lead.  Katie was the only one scoring for CAC Me

    Back and forth we went.  A Britt steal (and 2 free throws, she'd hit her first 5 before going 1-3 down the stretch, shhhh), freebies by Jill to tie it at 39, then a Becky break away to give WoWW a 2 point lead with a minute left.

    Then let's fastforward past all the missed free throws.  There were a bunch.  But again, CAC Me ended up shooting 22 on the night, more than Koz EVER called for any of you!  Somehow CACWoWW was up a point.  They just had to hold on for the final 10 seconds and they'd improbably advance to the Finals.  No one saw this coming. The crowd was PUMPED up, everyone had been cheering all game, just great support by the WoWW(ettes?!)

    Alas, it was 10 seconds too long. The MVP had the ball in her hands and wasn't giving it up.  A silky smooth KG-esque long jumper gave her team the winning margin as time ticked away. 

    Just a hell of a fight and near colossal upset by CACWoWW and definitely one of the best women's games I've been a part of (from the sidelines, you all would torch me).  Great effort by WoWW, we hope to see you next season!

    If CAC Me doesn't bring better offense next week (8:30 PM @ Winter Hill) they'll be in trouble against TENacious.

    Scores, Box Scores & Write-Ups

    Regular Season: Week 7

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    Women's 5v5 S10 Basketball League

    Commentary by JZuk not DJ Scribbles...

    Victorious Secret 5  Challenge: Fresh Meat II 2

    Pink Ninja Assassins 45  CACWoWW 28

    WoWW - Only 3 Second Half Points?|!

    Ladies, I'd like to take a minute to remind you that Tommy Doyle's in Kendal Sq has $10 pitchers throughout the week 

    By the way, Tibbs stepping in for the Playboy this week, and wouldn't you know it, stats are up and the write-ups are coming on the same night. See Billy, that's really how you impress the Ladies. They don't care that you're better looking than I am, have better hops or can dunk. I do what's best for them, post their sh!t and laugh at their jokes.  Can't beat that, amirite?!

    And yes, I am blatantly ignoring the fact that at least one player for each team asked me 'Where's Billy' like I'm chopped liver. Didn't matter that I recognized a ton of faces or that you've all seen me behind the scoreboard in the 4v4. Nope, apparently it does matter that you're all those things listed above and I'm not.

    Anyway, let's get on with business. A tight, hard fought battle that was controlled by CACWoWW for the first 20 minutes turned disastrous for the visiting (blue) CACWoWWers.  They led by 6 at the break behind a solid defensive effort and 8 quick points from Ms. Caitlin Fenn.  Now it's no wonder she left the confines of Wall Ball Arena after that LNO debacle. She was sick of all the guys hitting on her on Tuesday nights (I'm looking at you Koziol).  Better to come to Winter Hill where the crowds are smaller but the court is definitely bigger.

    She was helped out in the first frame thanks to solid rebounding and hustle from Kim, Jill and Becky on the inside.  Undersized (Fenn and Becky know how that goes) they never stopped fighting hard for second chance opportunities.

    But the Pink Ninjas really turned up the intensity in the second half. Missy Jackman was a defensive whirlwind in the second frame, coming up with 4 steals as well as pouring in a pair of long balls.  She and Mary really set the tone in the back court for PNA and made things happen.

    Down low, Jess Morgan, part machine (braces) all woman (Big Red Machine anyone?! No, not a fan of the 70s baseball references? Moving on) had her way in the second frame.  Rebounds, outlets, blocks, buckets, everything was clicking. Dayo cleaned up all the messes taht were left behind and PNA's 20 second half points were more than enough to complete their comeback.

    Back to the title of this write-up by the way, and it's not a typo.  Bo had WoWW's first bucket 12 mintues into the second frame, and Jill added a free throw shortly after, and that was it. Nothing else. Nada.Zip.Zilch.  Fenn was held scoreless the last 30 minutes of the game. Just a shocking, shocking turn around after a smooth and successful first half.  You know who else finishes poorly? Durbrow, and I'm not talking about Callie.

    Huge comeback win for PNA, and if they can find a way to play a little D like that against CAC Me If You Can, who knows, things might get interesting in the 5v5 Spring 2010 Women's Playoffs!

    PS - If Bo and Tracy want their stats online, send me an email Fenn!

    Pink Ninja Assassins
    Amy Relihan251131000NA 100%
    Callie Durbrow2201100200% 100%
    Dayo Gore444021000NA 00NA
    Jessica Hurt41421004250% 00NA
    Jessica Morgan138443306350% 00NA
    Mary Pitek1020110000NA 5240%
    Melissa Jackman1011550000NA 6233%

    Brie Mendozza031300000NA 00NA
    Caitlin Fenn854210000NA 100%
    Jill Downer42200106467% 00NA
    Kimberly Wolfram35112002150% 300%
    Rebecca Pelletier440100000NA 00NA

    Dirty Dawgs 55  CAC Me if You Can 83

    Dawgs Chase and Chase but Cannot Catch CAC

    Ladies, I'd like to take a minute to remind you that Tommy Doyle's in Kendal Sq has $10 pitchers throughout the week 

    Once again, this is Tibbs (aka Mr. Vestal) stepping in for BDubs for a week. Nice to see even more familiar faces in game 2 than I did in game one tonight.  But once again, stop asking me where Billy is! Wouldn't you rather things done this way? I consider myself an upgrade and at least I know one other person does (that'd be Mrs. Vestal Tibbetts for all you wondering).

    Now I was told by the Janitor and the Ref that this game should be handled easily by CAC me if you Can.  I'm not surprised that I know that these women are good (who the hell was the connection to steal away KMac from CTT over the summer?!) but for both the Dr. Jan Itor and Sleepy Floyd (Koz) to know that, well I was surpised.

    They weren't wrong though.  CAC jumped out to an 11-3 lead behind the hot hand of Loren and the steady point guard play of Justine.  Before tomorrow night, she should go find Rondo and show him the highlights of her game tonight.  It's drive and dish, but finish when you had the advantage! How does he not know these things?!

    The Dawgs fought back with their line changes though.  Keeping the Ladies fresh, moving players in and out of the game and getting a number of steals (sloppy CAC is good for no one) kept this close for the first 15 minutes.

    But something clicked in final 5 for CAC. And that something was the inside play of Tory Lyons.  She started beasting down low and even added a couple of 3s for good measure.  Oh and it helps when you have the CAC's tallest female player in history in KMac.  League MVP two seasons running (did Billy give that to her? He should have), Mac was able to alter shots as well as return them to their sender. She's a huge defensive presence and has a nice touch around the basket and free throw line (5-5).  

    In the blink of an eye, CAC was up 20 at the break and they never slowed down.  Daisy Dukes (soon to be Mrs. Orange Slices - hooray CAC Weddings and CONGRATS!) showed that she too, is the better half of her CAC relationship. I want to see Vig hit one shot with bodies drapped all over him, let along 6 like DD did in this one.  

    With Loren and KMac putting the finishing touches on the game, this one was over before the final buzzer.

    But the Dawgs didn't stop fighting.  Allow me to make a few observations about that, if you will.

    Lea (spelling? She doesn't seem to be on the roster), was a smooth shooting lefty who ended up finishing the game with 18 points for the Dawgs.  Why did she come off the bench again? You don't see many Lefty female players (uh, Gripp comes to mind and ?!?) so I think it caught the CAC D a little off guard. But even once they figured it out, they weren't able to slow her down.  

    Shine ('Make'em wonder what you got, make'em wish that they were not, on the outside lookin' bored' - Google it, I'm the son of a preacher damnit) and Meg need to keep bombing threes (each hit 2) for the Dawgs to score more points.  

    I felt for Kerry in this one.  She had great moves down low, did a great job on the glass and on D, but had that thankless job of playing against the reigning MVP and possibly the best women's 5v5 player CAC has seen.  She never gave in and kept fighting all 40 minutes!

    Fico is feisty, let her attack the zone and find open shooters, and most importantly, spread out on offense! It seems like most teams in this league play zone, a little spacing will go a long way towards easy buckets.

    PS - If Lea and Kala (spelling anyone?!) want their stats, send me an email Casey!

    PPS - I expect everyone to be asking 'Where's Tibbs?!' next week! That's how it's done Playboy

    Dirty Dawgs
    Caitlin Casey410011000NA 00NA
    Kerry Casey234322022100% 00NA
    Laila Khanaizir760000000NA 3133%
    Laura Shine611211000NA 8225%
    Lauren Fico624320000NA 00NA
    Megan Richard 621030000NA 5240%
    Sarah Burke632101000NA 00NA

    CAC Me if You Can
    Amanda Vigneau1441101000NA 00NA
    Catherine Brady831500000NA 5240%
    Justine Hill640841000NA 100%
    Katie McNamara19104306055100% 00NA
    Loren Turner194252004250% 8338%
    Tory Lyons177014302150% 22100%

Standings Women's 5v5 S10 Thru Week 13
1CAC Me if You Can8-10.889L1063.9146.18
2Pink Ninja Assassins8-10.889W4049.6036.33
3TENacious Ballers5-40.556L2356.4543.91
5Victorious Secret3-60.333L1528.2241.56
6Dirty Dawgs2-70.222L4627.8958.25
7Challenge: Fresh Meat II1-70.125W1720.2941.63
Points Per Game
1Caitlin Fenn
2Katie McNamara
CAC Me if You Can
3Kristen Lucek
TENacious Ballers
4Tory Lyons
CAC Me if You Can
5Loren Turner
CAC Me if You Can
6Krystin Hickey
TENacious Ballers
7Mary Flaherty
TENacious Ballers
7Jill Downer

Player Rater
1Katie McNamara
CAC Me if You Can
2Caitlin Fenn
3Melissa Jackman
Pink Ninja Assassins
4Kristen Lucek
TENacious Ballers
5Jill Downer
6Rebecca Pelletier
7Amy Relihan
Pink Ninja Assassins
8Loren Turner
CAC Me if You Can
9Catherine Brady
CAC Me if You Can
10Tory Lyons
CAC Me if You Can

Rebounds Per Game
1Katie McNamara
CAC Me if You Can
2Kristen Lucek
TENacious Ballers
3Amy Relihan
Pink Ninja Assassins
4Caitlin Fenn
4Jill Downer
6Tory Lyons
CAC Me if You Can
7Amanda Vigneau
CAC Me if You Can

3s Per Game
1Loren Turner
CAC Me if You Can
2Caitlin Fenn
3Melissa Jackman
Pink Ninja Assassins
4Mary Flaherty
TENacious Ballers
5Catherine Brady
CAC Me if You Can
6Mary Pitek
Pink Ninja Assassins
6Krystin Hickey
TENacious Ballers

Assists Per Game
1Catherine Brady
CAC Me if You Can
2Melissa Jackman
Pink Ninja Assassins
3Loren Turner
CAC Me if You Can
4Kristen Fucarile
TENacious Ballers
5Rebecca Pelletier
6Katie McNamara
CAC Me if You Can
7Jessica Hurt
Pink Ninja Assassins